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Traffic School Frequently Asked Questions

Since I have to take a traffic school class (otherwise this ticket will stay on my record), what do I have to pay for this?
Yes,'s online driver improvement classes are not offered for free, but our prices are the lowest in the industry.  If you find a competitor with better prices than what we offer, we will beat it.
What happens between the time I first register to take's internet defensive driving class and the time that I complete the class?'s internet defensive driving courses are usually taken for one of two reasons:  to get a traffic ticket taken off your record or to save some money on your auto insurance. 

Our classes are offered over the internet so you can take your course on any computer which is connected online.  You can stop as often as you like and start up again right from where you left off.  The class is split up into chapters, and each chapter is split into different sections.  There is a short, multiple-choice quiz given at the end of each chapter.  They are not graded, they are simply designed to help you prepare for the final exam at the end of the internet defensive driving class.  After you pass your final exam, will promptly ship out your certificate to you via regular mail or by expedited delivery (you get to choose which shipping method you would like when you first register with
Is it necessary to take's internet ticket dismissal or point reduction or defensive driving class non-stop, straight-through from beginning to end? Can I stop in the middle and do the rest the next day if I get tired?
It's not required that you to complete the entire defensive driving or point reduction or ticket dismissal online course from beginning to end all in one fell swoop. automatically saves your work as you move through the course so you may stop anytime you need to and start up again right from where you left off--even if it's days later!
Will my local court accept's internet driver improvement courses for removing a traffic citation from my driving record?
On's registration page, when you select the state for which you need to take defensive driving, will provide information regarding approval, about the specific class that you want to register for.  However, if you're still uncertain you may wish to call the local court which is overseeing your case and ask if they accept's online driver improvement class for ticket dismissal.
My state allows ticket dismissals, but how can I know with certainty that they will dismiss my ticket if I take's defensive driving online course?

You can find detailed information regarding approval by clicking "Register" and then choosing the state where you received your ticket.  If you are still unsure, then it would be best for you contact the local court which is overseeing your case directly and ask if you are eligible to have your ticket dismissed by taking's ticket dismissal online course. 

Please know that most states will only allow one (1) traffic violation to be removed from your driving record every 1 to 2 years (some states are much tougher, and only allow one (1) violation to be erased every 5 years).

Also, major infractions may not ever be removed from your driving record (for example, speed racing on a public street, or causing a fatal accident by gross negligence).

Is it necessary for me to take my ticket dismissal class in a classroom setting? Would taking it online be okay?
Yes, you can take's defensive driving course over the internet in order to have your auto insurance reduced instead of taking it in a traditional classroom setting.  However, we recommend that you first call your insurance agent to make sure that your insurance provider accepts for insurance reduction purposes.
Is there a restriction to the number of traffic tickets that I can have dismissed by taking's defensive driving online course?
Yes.  In nearly all cases, your state will only allow you to have one (1) traffic ticket dismissed by taking's online driver improvement course.  Also, if you have had a prior traffic citation thrown out recently, you may not be eligible to have your current ticket taken off of your driving record.  Most states & jurisdictions will only allow you to have one (1) traffic citation removed per year (or several years, depending on which state you live in). 

If you are uncertain if your current traffic ticket is eligible for dismissal, select the state and local jurisdiction where you received your traffic ticket.  Eligibility information will be provided to you.  If not, you will need to contact the local traffic court which is handling your case and ask if your current traffic citation can be removed from your record.
I would like to sign up to take's internet driver improvement class. Do you need some form of ID from me?
Not unless the court which is handling your case needs to have your identity verified.  When you sign up to take's point reduction online course, we will inform you at that time as to whether the court in your jurisdiction requires identity verification.  If your court does, you may need to submit to a limited credit check.

Please do not take it personally if your court orders that your identity be confirmed.  This is only to help safeguard against fraud by making sure that you are actually the person taking the course and the final exam.
I would like to register for a defensive driving class with, but unfortunately, I have no online access at my house. Are there any alternative options?
Absolutely!  ?website offers its auto insurance reduction classes in several different formats including online, workbook, DVD, and streaming video.

For a complete list of's courses and the available formats for each, please click "Register Now" and choose the state for which you need to take driver improvement.
If I stop working in the middle the auto insurance reduction course, will the class expire on me?
Fortunately, most of's internet point reduction courses do not expire for about 180 days after you sign up to take the course.  If your class is inactive for a long period of time, will send you a reminder email.