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Traffic School Frequently Asked Questions

When I take the online defensive driving course, what will I have to pay?
If you take internet driver improvement with, it won't cost you much at all!  We offer the lowest prices in our industry--guaranteed.  If you find a competitor with a better price, just let us know and we'll beat it.
This is my first time taking an online class. How do's online point reduction courses actually proceed?
First, you register for the specific defensive driving online class you wish to take on's website.  Whichever class you choose, you will really enjoy the advantages of taking it over the internet instead of in a classroom. 

With, you are allowed to take your internet course on any computer which is connected online.  You also can take as many breaks as you want for however long you want, because allows you to resume the class right from where you left off.'s internet ticket dismissal classes are split up into separate chapters (with each chapter composed of different sections).  Quizzes are given at the end of each chapter to help you prepare for the final exam which you will take at the end of the course.  Once you have finished the class and passed the final--congratulations, we will send you your course certificate of completion via regular mail or if you want it delivered faster, via FedEx (this option incurs an extra fee).'s defensive driving or traffic school internet class looks very long. Do I have to take it all at once?
No, you don't.'s online defensive driving or ticket dismissal or insurance reduction class is designed so you are free to stop as as often as you want and then resume from where you left off.  There is no limit to the lengths of your breaks, either.
How can I find out if my state approves's online defensive driving courses for dismissing a ticket?
When you select the state where you want to register for an internet traffic school course, will give you approval details and any other relevant information about the ticket dismissal class that you selected.  However, to be safe, you may want to contact the local court which is handling your case to see if ?website's online class would suffice for having your ticket dismissed.
How can I find out if I am eligible to get a ticket thrown out by taking's internet defensive driving course or ticket dismissal course or point reduction course?
In most states, you are only allowed 1 ticket dismissal every 12-24 months (and sometimes longer) by taking's internet defensive driving course or ticket dismissal course or driver improvement course.  Also, some traffic violations can never be taken off your driving record (like street racing or reckless driving which results in your killing somebody). explains eligibility requirements during the registration process.  However, to be absolutely certain, you should check with your local court to make sure that taking's online defensive driving course will get your ticket dismissed.
Is it possible for me to take's driver improvement course over the internet in lieu of having to go and take it in a traditional classroom setting?
Yes,'s defensive driving course online can substitute for taking traffic school in a traditional classroom.  However you must
contact your local court to see if is approved for driver improvement in your jurisdiction.

If you are looking to have a reduction in your auto insurance, then you will need to call your local insurance agent to see if is accepted by your carrier for point reduction purposes.
So whenever I get a traffic ticket, can I just take's ticket dismissal course and have it removed?
No.  Usually jurisdictions will only permit you to have a traffic ticket dismissed from your driving record once every 12-24 months (or longer, depending on which state you live in).  If you have a traffic citation which is eligible for removal, taking's online point reduction course will only get one (1) traffic ticket off of your driving record.  If you have several recent traffic citations, then you cannot have them all collectively thrown out by signing up with

For more information, please choose the state and jurisdiction where you received your traffic citation and read the eligibility details.  If none are given, please call the traffic court which is handling your case to see if your ticket is eligible for dismissal.
Is required to confirm my identity if I sign up to take your defensive driving class which is offered over the internet?
It's up to the state which is handling your case.  Most traffic courts do not require to verify your identity.  However, if the court in your particular jurisdiction does, will inform you when you first sign up to take our online ticket dismissal class.  Your court may want you to submit to a limited credit check. 

If your court orders that your identity be verified, please understand it is only to make certain that you, and not somebody else, will actually be the one taking's online class.
May I take driver improvement through if I don't have online access?
Yes. offers its ticket dismissal classes online, as well as through other formats, such as DVD or workbook or streaming video.  For a complete listing of available courses and formats, please click on "Register Now" and choose the state where you received your ticket or are looking to have your insurance premiums reduced.
How long do I have to finish's online defensive driving class before it expires on me?
Most of the auto insurance reduction online classes that offers don't expire until after 180 days.  Chances are you will have long since completed your class by then!  Even so, will send you reminder emails if your class has been idle for a long period of time.