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Traffic School Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to spend a lot of money to have a ticket dismissed when I take's defensive driving internet course?
No, of course not!'s driver improvement online course prices vary from state to state, but we do offer high-quality internet defensive driving courses at the lowest rates in our industry.  In fact, if you are able to find a competitor with a lower price that what we offer, please let us know and we will beat that competitor's price (and get your business!).
How are's traffic school internet courses set up to work? offers two (2) basic types of defensive driving classes--ticket dismissal and insurance reduction.  Whichever course that you specifically decide to take, you will enjoy the convenience of being able to take your ticket dismissal class online (instead of going somewhere to take it in a classroom).  First off, you will be able to take your online course on any computer that has internet access.  Second, you have the liberty to stop any time you need to and be able to start again later right from where you left off.  You can even take the course over a period of a week if you wish!'s online ticket dismissal courses are divided up into chapters, and each chapter is sub-divided into different sections.  You are required to complete a short, multiple-choice quiz at the end of each chapter.  Although these quizzes will have no bearing on your final grade for the class, they will greatly help you to prepare for the final exam which you will need to take and pass at the end of the class.

After you have completed your internet driver safety course and passed the final exam, will promptly send your certificate of completion to you by regular mail or FedEx (an additional fee would apply).  You will be asked to choose your preferred shipping method when you first register for's internet course.
Can I take some of's online defensive driving or driver improvement or insurance reduction course now and some of it later?
It is not necessary for you to take the entire online defensive driving or driver improvement or insurance reduction or ticket dismissal course all in one sitting.  You may take breaks as often as you wish and start up again from where you left off.  You can't do that if you take defensive driving in a brick-and-mortar classroom!
Will taking's online driver improvement course get my ticket dismissed?
It depends on where you live.  When you sign up with, you will first be asked for which state & county you need to take a traffic school course to get a ticket removed from your driving record.  At that point, will give you approval information regarding the particular online defensive driving class that you want to register for. 

However, to be absolutely certain that your court accepts online defensive driving for ticket dismissal purposes, you may wish to call the traffic court that's handling your case and ask if's online defensive driving classes are accepted for ticket dismissal in the state where you received your traffic ticket.
Am I eligible to have my auto insurance premiums lowered by taking's defensive driving course online?
Am I allowed to have my auto insurance premiums reduced by taking's driver improvement course online?
Would taking’s online defensive driving class suffice for getting my ticket dismissed?
Possibly.  You will need to ask your local traffic court which is handling your case whether or not's program is approved in your jurisdiction for defensive driving.  If so, you may take your defensive driving class through from any computer which has online access instead of spending half your weekend taking defensive driving in some classroom.
Can you tell me exactly how many traffic tickets can I have thrown out from my driving record if I'm only taking one (1) of the internet ticket dismissal courses?
In 99.9% of cases, your jurisdiction will only permit you to have one (1) traffic violation thrown out from your driving record by taking and passing the internet defensive driving course.  So if you have received multiple traffic tickets in recent months, you will likely only be able to have one (1) of them dismissed.

Also, if you have had other traffic citations removed in the not-so-distant past, you may not be eligible to have ANY of your current traffic citations dismissed.  Most states limit the number of traffic tickets that you can have dismissed to 1 about every 12-24 months (and in some states, only once every 5 years).  Therefore, if you are not sure as to whether your current traffic ticket(s) is eligible for dismissal, we recommend that you contact the traffic court that is handling your case to see which, if any, of your current traffic citations are erasable (from your driving record).
How will go about confirming my identity if I register to take the defensive driving online course?
It depends on what your local court wants to do.  Most traffic courts do not require identity verification at all.  When you register to take the defensive driving class that offers over the internet, we will inform you if the court in your particular jurisdiction requires identity verification.  If so, you may have to submit to a limited credit check.  These procedures only exist to make sure that you are actually the person who is taking the final exam.
Are's auto insurance reduction classes only available over the internet? Can I get them on DVD or in some other alternative format?
Yes. offers several alternatives to its internet ticket dismissal class.  The class is also available on DVD or workbook or by streaming video.
Do's internet ticket dismissal courses expire after a certain amount of time?
Yes,'s traffic school internet classes do expire, but most will not do so until 180 days after you first sign up.  In any case, will send you a reminder notice via email if your class has been inactive for a long period of time.