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Traffic School Frequently Asked Questions

What is the required charge when I take's online defensive driving course?
The prices of's internet driver improvement classes fluctuate depending on which state you live in.  However, rest assured that offers online driver improvement courses at the lowest prices in our industry.  If a competitor offers you an even lower price, just let us know and we will beat their price.
What is the process involved in taking's internet defensive driving class?

First, you register to take the particular class you want on's website.  You will be asked at that time to decide which shipping method you want to use (regular mail or FedEx) to send your your completion certificate after you are done with and have passed the course. offers two (2) basic types of internet driver safety courses:  ticket dismissal and insurance reduction.  Whichever course that you choose to take, you'll find that the convenience of being able to take your course over the internet blows taking a classroom course away.  You are allowed to take's defensive driving internet course on any computer which is connected  to the internet.  You are free to stop as much as you want to and start up again right from where you left off--even days later!'s point reduction online class is divided into about a dozen or so chapters, with each chapter concluding with a brief, multiple-choice quiz.   These chapter quizzes are simply designed to help prepare you for the final exam you will take at the end of the course, and they will not count towards determining whether or not you pass the overall course.

After you have finished the course, will promptly send you your completion certificate using the method you selected during registration.

What happens if something comes up while I’m taking's online defensive driving or driver improvement or ticket dismissal or insurance reduction internet course and I have to stop? Would I have to start all over again later?
No worries.  We understand it is often impossible for someone to take our entire defensive driving or ticket dismissal or driver improvement course over the internet all at once.  That’s why with, your completed work is automatically saved.  Therefore, you are allowed to stop whenever you need to and come back and pick up from where you left off--it could even be days later!
Will taking's internet defensive driving course get my ticket dismissed?
It depends on where you live.  When you register with, you will first be asked for which state & county you need to take a defensive driving course to get a ticket removed from your driving record.  At that point, will give you approval information regarding the particular internet defensive driving class that you want to register for. 

However, to be absolutely certain that your court accepts online defensive driving for ticket dismissal purposes, you may wish to call the traffic court that's handling your case and ask if's online ticket dismissal courses are accepted for ticket dismissal in the jurisdiction where you received your traffic citation.
Can anyone take a defensive driving course or driver improvement course or ticket dismissal course online to get a ticket dismissed regardless of where they live?'s internet defensive driving course or driver improvement course is approved for ticket dismissal in numerous states and jurisdictions across the country. will provide eligibility information during registration, however if you are still not sure if you qualify to take internet defensive driving or driver improvement, we recommend that you contact the court which is handling your case and ask if taking’s online defensive driving or driver improvement course will suffice for having your ticket removed from your driving record.
Can I receive the same credit if I take driver safety over the internet as I would have received it if I took it in a six-hour weekend seminar?
The ticket dismissal class that offers online can be taken in place of a traffic school course given in a traditional classroom setting.  However, you will need to contact your local court to see if's online class is approved in your jurisdiction for driver improvement.  If you want to take defensive driving to save money on auto insurance, please call your local insurance agent to find out if's internet course will suffice. 
Could I take's internet defensive driving class to have more than one (1) traffic citation thrown out?
No.  Except in extremely unusual cases, traffic courts will only permit you to have one (1) ticket dismissed from your driving record by taking's online ticket dismissal course.  That's assuming that you haven't had any other tickets dismissed recently.  Most of the states only permit one (1) ticket to be dismissed every 12, 18, or 24 months (and in some states, it's even longer). 

If you have questions about whether any of your recent traffic citations are eligible for dismissal, you probably should contact the local traffic court which is handling your case to see which, if any, of your recent traffic citations can be taken off your driving record.
How does verify that I am the person taking the final exam for the driver safety online class?
If your local traffic court does not require identity verification, then will not require any form of ID for you to take the online defensive driving class. 

However, if the court in the jurisdiction where you received your ticket does require identity verification, will let you know when you sign up to take our internet course.  Your court may require you to submit to a limited credit check.
What about people who don't have online capability? Does offer any alternative formats for its ticket dismissal course?

Yes, also offers ticket dismissal classes through DVD or workbook or streaming video formats. 

For a complete listing of's courses and available formats, please click "Register Now", and choose your state of residence or the state where you received your ticket (if different from state of residence).

How fast will my registration with expire? What if I don't complete the course in time?
Most of's online defensive driving classes don't expire until six (6) months after you finish your initial registration.  So, unless you think you may need more than six (6) months to finish the course, you probably don't need to worry about it.  Nevertheless, does send reminder email notices to customers whose accounts have been inactive for a long period of time.