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Traffic School Frequently Asked Questions

Since I have to take a driver safety course (otherwise this ticket will stay on my record), what do I need to spend for this?
Yes,'s online ticket dismissal courses are not offered for free, but our prices are the lowest in the industry.  If you find a competitor with better prices than what we offer, we will beat it.
How is's defensive driving online course designed? How do I take it?
There are two (2) basic types of internet traffic school courses--one is for ticket dismissal and the other is for insurance reduction. 

Every online auto insurance reduction class is divided up into different chapters.  At the end of each chapter is a short quiz which will help prepare you for the final exam (although the quizzes will have no impact on your overall score for the course). 

You are permitted to take's online class on any computer that is connected to the internet.  You are also free to stop as much as you want and then start up again later right from where you left off. 

After you have completed the course, you will need to take the final exam.  Do't worry if you don't pass it the first time, you will be able to retake the final exam as many times as necessary until you finally pass it.  Then, will promptly send your certificate of completion to you by regular mail or, for an extra charge, by FedEx Express Delivery (you will be asked to choose your shipping preference when you register to take's online course).
Can I take a portion of's internet defensive driving or driver improvement or insurance reduction course now and some of it later?
You are certainly not required to take the entire online defensive driving or driver improvement or insurance reduction or ticket dismissal course all in one day.  You may stop as much as you wish and resume working from where you left off.  You can't do that if you take defensive driving in a brick-and-mortar classroom!
I understand that is only approved in certain areas for point reduction. Is's internet driver improvement class accepted where I live?
When you register on's website, you will be asked to select the state for which you need to take a ticket dismissal course.  Once you choose a state, will provide you with information regarding approval.  If you are still uncertain, it would be best for you to contact the local court which is handling your case and ask if is acceptable in your particular court for point reduction purposes. 
In most states, you may not take an internet defensive driving course or traffic school course more than once every 12-18 months to dismiss a traffic ticket or subtract points from your driver record.
Additionally, more serious traffic violations cannot be thrown out by taking an internet driver safety or defensive driving course.  Such violations may include criminal speeding or any accident in which an injury or fatality is involved.  Although discloses eligibility requirements for its online driver improvement course or defensive driving course at the time you sign up, if you are not certain whether or not you can enroll you should ask your court directly.
Is it possible for me to enroll in's driver improvement internet class instead of signing up to take defensive driving in a classroom?'s online driver improvement course can be taken instead of a driver safety class in a traditional classroom setting.  However you will need to find out from the local court handling your case to see if's program is approved for defensive driving in your state.  Or, if you're looking to take's internet course in order to have your auto insurance costs reduced, you will first need to call your auto insurance agent. 
Can I have two or more tickets dismissed by taking's internet ticket dismissal class?

Unfortunately, no.  Except in very rare cases. most courts only allow one (1) ticket to be removed from your driving record by taking's internet defensive driving course.  Additionally, most states and jurisdictions place a limit on how often you can have a ticket dismissed (i.e.--1 dismissal every 12, 18, 24, or even 60 months). 

For more information on whether your citation is eligible for dismissal, select the state and jurisdiction where you received your ticket on's website and review the eligibility details.  If none are provided, please contact the court which is handling your case to see which of your tickets (if any) are can be dismissed by taking's online defensive driving course.

Will it be necessary for to verify that I am actually the person who is taking your online ticket dismissal course?
It depends on what your local traffic court prefers.  Many traffic courts don't bother verifying the identity of defendants who want to take a defensive driving course.  However, if your state does require identity verification, you may need to have a limited credit check done on you.  These procedures are only to make sure that you are the person who will actually be taking's online auto insurance reduction course.
What about people who are unable to access the internet? Do they just have to take traffic school in a classroom?
Not at all. offers its defensive driving classes in various formats which include online, DVD, workbook, and streaming video.  To see a complete list of classes and available formats, please click "Register Now" and select the state where you received your ticket.
How strict is when it comes to online class expiration?
Actually, is very lenient about expiration.  Most of our auto insurance reduction courses do expire, but not until 180 days have passed after you first sign up with  However, will send you reminder notices via e-mail when and if your online course has been idle for a long period of time.