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Wisconsin Online Traffic School

Completing Wisconsin traffic school may help a driver to reduce traffic points, meet mandatory requirements, eliminate a ticket, qualify for an insurance discount and enhance knowledge of local traffic laws. A convenient, state-approved WI online traffic school like GoToTrafficSchool offers a simple way to complete course work at home. The Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is responsible for regulating traffic safety programs in the state.

How to Enroll in a State-Approved Online Wisconsin Traffic Safety School

Completing a WI traffic course online is often the choice for many drivers, whether they are required to complete the class or just voluntarily signing up for educational or insurance-reduction purposes. GoToTrafficSchool is an affordable traffic school that offers a Failure to Yield Right-of-Way course that students can complete entirely online. For fast traffic school registration in Wisconsin, prospective students can simply click here and complete three easy steps to register successfully.

A WI driver improvement program, often referred to as a Traffic Safety School Program, can be beneficial for drivers who want to save money on insurance or clean up their driving record. Wisconsin driver safety training emphasizes safe driving skills and teaches the latest state traffic laws, offering educational benefits to keep them secure on the road.

Many in-person WI DMV driving improvement classes and Failure to Yield Right-of-Way courses are held at private locations and technical colleges around the state. However, taking traffic school online is the top choice for most drivers because it is a convenient and quick way to review the comprehensive curriculum and lessons the course offers. GoToTrafficSchool is a popular internet traffic school due to its simple registration process and interactive user interface.

Prospective students may sign up a classroom-based DMV traffic school course to satisfy court orders, clean up their driving record or obtain an auto insurance discount. Drivers may also attend a classroom-based Failure to Yield Right-of-Way course in order to satisfy the requirements of a failure to yield conviction. However, a convenient online traffic school like GoToTrafficSchool allows students to complete the class without the hassle of commuting to a classroom and disrupting their daily schedule.

Wisconsin Court-Ordered Courses

A court-ordered WI defensive driving course may need to be completed after a driver has committed a serious violation or multiple violations in a short period. Similarly, drivers who receive a citation and conviction for failure to yield the right-of-way will be required by the DMV to take a special two-hour Failure to Yield Right-of-Way course.

A fast online traffic school like GoToTrafficSchool is an easy alternative to an in-person class for drivers required to take a Failure to Yield course. GoToTrafficSchool provides online driver safety courses that instruct drivers on road safety and traffic laws to prevent future violations and accidents from occurring. Once the course is completed, GoToTrafficSchool will conveniently send all completion information electronically to the Wisconsin DMV.

Insurance Discounts in Wisconsin

When WI defensive driving training is completed, the driver may be eligible for a car insurance discount. A defensive driving course insurance discount is offered by many auto insurance companies after they see proof of class completion. Completing a Wisconsin safe driving course not only offers educational benefits, but the student can also take advantage of a helpful auto insurance discount.

With an emphasis on developing safer and more responsible drivers, GoToTrafficSchool helps drivers to prevent accidents, injuries and mishaps on the road. Quickly becoming known as the best internet traffic school because of its interesting lesson content and easy-to-use interface, GoToTrafficSchool is the top choice for drivers needing to complete driving courses.

Remove Points From Wisconsin Driving Record

A WI point reduction class may be attended by drivers who want to eliminate points from their driver’s license. The Wisconsin points system is strict, and after six points have been accumulated, a driver will receive a suspension warning letter in the mail. Twelve or more points within a 12-month period will result in a suspension. Using a point reduction course to delete points from a record may help a driver to prevent a license suspension.

Wisconsin Traffic Safety Schools

A WI DMV defensive driving course is designed to inform drivers on the latest traffic laws while advancing their skills on the road. DMV approved traffic schools that offer these courses can assist drivers in dismissing a ticket from their record or reducing points on their license. Some traffic schools also offer a Failure to Yield Right-of-Way course to help Wisconsin drivers satisfy the requirements of a failure to yield right-of-way conviction.

An internet traffic school like GoToTrafficSchool can help WI drivers to satisfy the requirements of a failure to yield conviction in the most convenient way possible. GoToTrafficSchool allows drivers to earn their traffic school certificate from the comfort of their own home, on their own time. Working at their own pace while learning these concepts can make it easier for drivers to comprehend and grasp these important traffic-related lessons.

GoToTrafficSchool is quickly becoming known as the best online traffic school for its dedication to driver learning and consistently updated curriculum. As an online traffic school that offers comprehensive and interactive content, GoToTrafficSchool is the choice for most drivers to complete their education requirement.

Taking a Wisconsin Traffic Safety School Online

Whether WI traffic classes have been court-ordered or a driver decides to attend voluntarily, completing a course online is often the most popular method chosen by drivers. Enrolling in traffic school online allows a driver the freedom to choose when and where to complete the coursework. Drivers with busy schedules find learning online in the comfort of their own home an easier way to get through the curriculum in a timely manner.

GoToTrafficSchool offers Wisconsin defensive driving classes that can be started and completed entirely online. With the absence of a classroom commute, drivers find this program easier to fit into their everyday life, without completely rearranging the daily schedule. The Failure to Yield Right-of-Way course offered by GoToTrafficSchool is a timed course that takes a total of two hours to complete. Students can conveniently start-and-stop the course, however, so they do not need to set aside a two-hour block of time if they prefer to get a few lesson pages done here and there. GoToTrafficSchool is a low price traffic school that offers engaging content that drivers find useful to apply to their everyday driving habits.

The online driver improvement course focuses on developing drivers’ skills and knowledge of local laws so they can avoid future accidents and traffic tickets. When searching for WI DMV approved online traffic schools, many drivers choose GoToTrafficSchool for its easy registration process and interactive user interface. As one of the fastest online traffic schools on the market, the GoToTrafficSchool program has become a top choice for drivers who want to complete coursework quickly, while still obtaining useful knowledge they can use to stay safe on the road and satisfy requirements.

Enroll in an Online Wisconsin Traffic Safety School Today!

WI Traffic Safety School Online vs. in Person

Wisconsin traffic school is offered as an online course or can be attended in-person. Most drivers opt to complete their defensive driving course online because it is an easy and quick way to finish this advanced driver education. An online driver safety course is beneficial for drivers who cannot rearrange their busy schedule to include hours of time in a classroom to complete the in-person Traffic Safety School Program.

Many WI traffic school locations offer in-person classroom-based programs for drivers who prefer this method of learning. To attend, a driver must schedule the class and devote time in the classroom for completion. Many driver safety program students are drawn to an online safe driving class like GoToTrafficSchool because of its convenience and engaging curriculum. GoToTrafficSchool offers an easy-to-use interface and simple online registration process.

Dismissing a Traffic Ticket in WI

Completion of a Wisconsin driver improvement course can help a driver to dismiss a ticket. When a ticket is eliminated from a driver’s record, the traffic points from this ticket are not recorded on the driver’s license. Traffic school for ticket dismissal can be taken online or in-person to delete a ticket from a driver’s record. Before registering for a driving school ticket dismissal course, drivers can consult with the court on the ticket dismissal procedure.

Attending DMV approved online traffic schools makes completing a course simple for most drivers. GoToTrafficSchool is becoming the best online traffic school on the market today because of its comprehensive curriculum and interactive method of teaching.

Wisconsin Traffic Safety School Benefits

A WI driving safety course enhances a driver’s knowledge of traffic laws in the state while sharpening his or her defensive driving skills. Registering for an aggressive driving school can be the first step for a driver who is interested in dismissing a traffic ticket, reducing traffic points or qualifying for an auto insurance discount. Completion of a Wisconsin defensive driving school may also be court-ordered for a driver who has committed a violation, while a Failure to Yield Right-of-Way course is required for any Wisconsin driver who has earned a conviction for failure to yield. Completing the class by the court’s deadline can allow the driver to avoid a license suspension or other serious legal consequences.

A thorough online driver safety course like GoToTrafficSchool will cover pertinent topics, including:

  • Defensive driving skills.

  • Sharing the road with fellow motorists and motorcyclists.

  • Updated state traffic laws.

Learning these important concepts can help drivers to avoid accidents, injuries and traffic tickets. The GoToTrafficSchool driver improvement course is completely online and emphasizes safety procedures for different driving scenarios, preventing drivers from committing future violations and accumulating more points on their license.

What types of traffic safety schools are offered in Wisconsin?

WI driver improvement school was developed to enhance drivers’ knowledge of the traffic laws and expand defensive and responsible driving skills. State approved defensive driving can be completed online or in-person. GoToTrafficSchool is a trusted third-party provider of online courses that drivers prefer to enroll in for convenience. The internet traffic school offers an exciting curriculum that covers important topics relevant to the situations drivers face on an everyday basis.

In addition to defensive driving classes, Failure to Yield Right-of-Way courses are offered in Wisconsin. Any Wisconsin driver who fails to yield under WI statute 346.18 must complete a failure to yield right of way course. The course is designed to provide the driver with an overview and refresher on right-of-way laws and safety awareness. Drivers who have their licenses suspended for a failure to yield violation that resulted in the harm or death of another will need to take the course in order to have their license reinstated after the period of suspension.

A driver improvement class or failure to yield course can be attended in-person by signing up for a program at a local technical college or other facility offering the course. Completing a defensive driving course online, however, is the most popular method for attending the class. GoToTrafficSchool’s Wisconsin Failure to Yield course is an online-only program that allows students to take their time engaging with the important topics covered throughout the class.

Attending a fast online traffic school is the first priority for busy drivers who need to complete required courses. A GoToTrafficSchool online traffic course is the top choice for drivers because of its useful content and easy registration process.

Wisconsin Point System

Taking a WI point reduction class is an option for drivers who have accumulated traffic points that they want to eliminate. When six traffic points are accumulated within a 12-month period, a driver will receive a warning letter. Without the attendance of a DMV point reduction course, more violations can lead to a driver’s license suspension.

Violations that can cause points to accumulate include:

  • Failure to yield.

  • Speeding.

  • Making an illegal U-turn.

A Wisconsin defensive driving course point reduction will eliminate three points from a driver’s license, and can only be completed once every three years.


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