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Texas Online Traffic School

Completing a Texas defensive driving course, also known as a driver safety course, can prevent an eligible traffic conviction from appearing on a driver’s record. In Texas, attending defensive driving classes for ticket dismissal will keep points off a driver’s record, and therefore prevent costly surcharges, potential license suspensions and increased auto insurance rates. Completing a convenient, state-approved online traffic school like GoToTrafficSchool teaches drivers more about the state’s traffic laws and can qualify them for a car insurance discount. Texas defensive driving programs are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), while the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) assesses points on driving records in the state.

How to Enroll in a State-Approved Online Texas Defensive Driving Course

Texas Traffic school registration with GoToTrafficSchool is easy for prospective students. By simply clicking here, interested drivers can instantly begin the simple three-step process to register. Choosing to attend a Texas defensive driving class online makes it easy for a driver to move through the course at his or her own pace, without having to visit a classroom. A state-approved TX online driver safety course like GoToTrafficSchool can be completed entirely on the school’s website using any internet-connected computer, tablet, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. By completing GoToTrafficSchool’s defensive driving class, drivers can save money on their auto insurance premiums, in addition to having tickets dismissed and becoming safer drivers. Once the course is completed, turning in the traffic school certificate to the respective car insurance company can be all that is needed for a driver to begin receiving this discount.

Texas Drug and Alcohol Awareness Programs

Students seeking a Texas Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program have many options. Online Texas DADAP (Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program) classes offer several advantages over in-person classes. For one, online classes are more convenient as they can be taken from any location with internet access and at any time, whereas in-person classes typically have set schedules and locations. Additionally, online classes may be less expensive as they eliminate the need for renting physical classrooms and paying instructors. Furthermore, online classes can be more accessible to individuals with disabilities or transportation issues. Additionally, online classes may offer more flexibility and interactivity, as well as multimedia content that can be more engaging than traditional in-person classes.

Texas Court-Ordered Courses

A TX driver improvement course may be ordered by the court for completion by a driver who has received a major violation or multiple minor violations. If a safe driving course was ordered by the court, the driver must complete a state-approved course within the time allotted by the court to prevent further consequences, such as a driver’s license suspension. Drivers may also request to complete defensive driving school in Texas for the dismissal of a ticket from their record. A driving school certificate of completion must be submitted to the court before the deadline for successful removal of the ticket from a driver’s record. Registering for a convenient internet traffic school like GoToTrafficSchool ensures that drivers have the time to complete their coursework and promptly receive their certificate.

Insurance Discounts in Texas

Successful completion of a safe driving course in TX can qualify drivers for a car insurance discount. Most insurers provide a defensive driving course insurance discount for drivers who complete a traffic school course. Drivers can obtain the driving school insurance discount quickly and conveniently by attending online traffic school.

In defensive driving school, students learn about updated traffic laws and how to stay safe and focused while driving. Drivers who have completed the GoToTrafficSchool program are known to be safer drivers on the road, allowing insurance companies to offer them a money-saving safe driver discount. The GoToTrafficSchool program is the best internet traffic school, allowing students to complete the curriculum on their own time. Completing the state approved defensive driving course through the online GoToTrafficSchool program is a simple and efficient way to qualify for a lower car insurance rate.

Remove Points From Texas Driving Record

A Texas driving improvement course may be taken to keep points from a driver’s record. A TX defensive driving course can be taken once every 12 months to dismiss a single violation and prevent points from appearing on a driver’s record. Attending traffic school for speeding tickets and other eligible violations lets drivers avoid the consequences of penalty points on a record. In Texas, drivers receive two or three points for every traffic conviction. Drivers must pay a surcharge of $100 for the first six points on their record, and they must pay $25 for each point after these first six. Points remain on the record for three years, and drivers will be subject to this penalty for every year in which they have six or more points. Attending a Texas traffic school for ticket dismissal is clearly the better option for drivers faced with point assessment. The GoToTrafficSchool program is a favorite among drivers, because it offers an easy and quick online platform to complete a course and ensure that they do not face surcharges and the other consequences of demerit points, such as increased insurance rates.

Texas Defensive Driving Courses

Completing a traffic classes in Texas can allow drivers to have a ticket dismissed from a driving record. Enrollment in a driver safety program can easily be completed once a driver has received a ticket for an eligible offense. The TDLR allows driver safety training to be completed either online or in-person. Most drivers choose an internet traffic school for enrollment, because it is a convenient and simple way to finish the coursework. Choosing an online affordable traffic school allows drivers more scheduling freedom and the ability to complete the course at their own pace and on their own time.

Some eligible drivers may want to attend a Texas driver safety program to further their driving education or receive an insurance discount. Most drivers register for a fast online traffic school like GoToTrafficSchool to learn more about the state’s traffic laws and how to avoid committing violations. The online driver improvement class offered through GoToTrafficSchool is completely online and offers students an easy-to-use interface with enriching content.

Taking a Texas Defensive Driving Course Online

Taking a TX defensive driving class online is the preference for most drivers interested in registering for a course. An online driver safety course, like the one offered through GoToTrafficSchool, allows drivers to work at their own pace, without the hassle of commuting to a classroom. As a firmly established Texas internet traffic school, GoToTrafficSchool is becoming a top choice among students who need to complete a driver education course.

Many drivers jump at the chance to take a Texas traffic course online, because it allows them to work at their own pace. When drivers take a TX defensive driving course online, they have the convenience of taking their time to review driver education concepts that they find intriguing or need to focus on more intently to understand. An in-person driving improvement class does not afford that luxury to its students, and classroom students are forced to stay at the pace of the instructor.

The GoToTrafficSchool program is quickly becoming known as the best online traffic school because it offers a simple registration process and covers many interesting driving concepts that are useful in day-to-day driving. With a fun and interactive user interface, GoToTrafficSchool’s programs makes learning about driver safety interesting and entertaining for students. An online low price traffic school like GoToTrafficSchool can also help students to qualify for an auto insurance discount. Learning important defensive driving training concepts has never been so easy and convenient than with the GoToTrafficSchool online program.

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TX Defensive Driving Courses Online vs. in Person

A Texas driving improvement course must be completed by a certain date for a ticket to be dismissed, so prospective students will need to complete the class in a timely manner. A classroom-based TX traffic school, often referred to as a DMV traffic school, is one option for drivers, but these schools may be in an inconvenient location and require students to attend at a certain time. Attending in-person Texas traffic school locations is not a popular choice made by prospective students, as scheduling conflicts and the dedication of time to a classroom setting make it a less-than-ideal choice for drivers with busy lives.

An online driver safety course is a popular choice among drivers, because it allows students to complete coursework when it is convenient for them. A popular online traffic school is GoToTrafficSchool, because the program offers a helpful curriculum and a simple registration process. The TX driver improvement program encourages drivers to take their time learning this important content so they can truly become more knowledgeable drivers by the time the course is completed.

Dismissing a Traffic Ticket in TX

Attending a Texas driving school for ticket dismissal is an option for drivers who want to eliminate an eligible ticket from their record. Completing TX driver improvement school before the deadline is critical for a driver who wants a ticket to be dismissed from his or her record.

Completing traffic school for ticket dismissal online is usually the preferred method for Texas drivers. An online driver safety course like GoToTrafficSchool covers the same helpful curriculum as an in-person course, but allows drivers to work through at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home.

When a defensive driving course is offered online and accepted by the court, drivers are excited to opt for this convenient method of learning. Quickly becoming known as the best online traffic school, the GoToTrafficSchool program offers a simple-to-use interface and interactive lessons. Drivers who attend online driving school for ticket dismissal usually choose the GoToTrafficSchool program because of its interesting curriculum.

Texas Defensive Driving Course Benefits

A Texas defensive driving class prevents points from appearing on a driver’s record, which is a helpful benefit for many drivers. Completing a TX driver safety course is a great way to reduce or eliminate points from a driving record once they have been accumulated. An online driving safety course is often found to be the most convenient option.

A safe driving class educates drivers on the state’s traffic laws and violations. Once they complete a driver improvement class, drivers generally feel more confident in their driving skills and are less likely to commit violations or be involved in accidents. The successful completion of a TX safety driving course can also usually qualify the driver for a car insurance discount that sticks with the policy for years to come. Since graduates of defensive driving training have newly sharpened driving skills and know the rules of the road, insurance companies have more confidence that they will not be involved in future accidents.

What types of defensive driving courses are offered in Texas?

A TX Defensive Driving course, like the one offered by GoToTrafficSchool, will stop an eligible violation and its respective points from appearing on a driver’s record. Driving school ticket dismissal can help to prevent violations from appearing on a record, so a driver can avoid further legal consequences, such as surcharges and suspensions.

Drivers can also enroll in a Texas Online Adult Driver Education program through GoToTrafficSchool’s trusted partner, GetDefensive. The course is required for adults between 18 and 24 years of age who have moved to Texas and are applying for their first Texas driver’s license.

Whether a driver is interested in the Defensive Driving course or the Online Adult Driver Education course, the GoToTrafficSchool program is a fun and simple way to complete traffic school.

Texas Point System

Completing a TX aggressive driving class to prevent points from a driving record is a great way for drivers to keep their insurance rates down and avoid future consequences. The point system, also referred to as the Driver Responsibility Program (DRP), assigns a number of points to a driver when a certain violation has occurred. Getting points requires the driver to pay surcharges, and the accumulation of these points can lead to a driver’s license suspension or other penalties.

Completing a driving safety course for ticket dismissal can remove the citation and the points from a driver’s record. The points assigned to violations are as follows:

  • Moving violation: Two points

  • Violation that resulted in an accident: Three points

Completing a driver improvement course to dismiss a ticket from a record can save a driver from a license suspension or car insurance rate increase. Presenting a driving school certificate to the court within the deadline assigned will remove the respective points from a driver’s record. An online traffic school like GoToTrafficSchool is the top choice for most drivers because it makes learning safe driving concepts easy and enjoyable.


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