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Rhode Island Online Traffic School

Enrolling in a Rhode Island driver improvement course is for drivers who are looking to reap benefits such as improving their driving skills, reinstating a suspended license, receiving an insurance discount or reducing points from traffic tickets. A defensive driving course can be taken voluntarily but can also be court ordered. There are different ways to attend traffic school including online and in person. Programs are administered by the Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and court-mandated programs are coordinated by the Driver Retraining Department.

How to Enroll in a State-Accepted Rhode Island Defensive Driving Course

A driver improvement course can be registered for through an online traffic school like GoToTrafficSchool or through the Driver Retraining Department. The Driver Retraining Department is located within the DMV for court-mandated courses that will need to be taken at a Community College of Rhode Island. Information about the defensive driving course will be mailed to a student within four weeks of his or her court date. Defensive driving course, alcohol programs, community service and Colin Foote programs are provided through the Driver Retraining Department. The department only administers court-ordered programs while the DMV can assist with voluntary driver improvement classes. The DMV will provide information on class schedules and will be able to register drivers for classroom courses. The DMV will also have a list of online traffic schools that are state-accepted and meet the driver’s needs.

GoToTrafficSchool is a state-accepted traffic school and a favorite among students. Enrolling in an online defensive driving course is much simpler and convenient. It is also the best priced traffic school, around keeping student budgetary restraints in mind. GoToTrafficSchool has a simple three-step process for driver safety course registration that involves entering some personal information, payment information and selecting a course. It’s that simple! Drivers can sign up for a driving improvement today by clicking here.


Rhode Island Court-Ordered Course

A judge will require a defensive driver course for various reasons including a traffic violation, license reinstatement or for habitual offenders. Traffic citations can be dismissed by taking a traffic course and in some cases, are required due to the severity of the violation. Habitual offenders are drivers who continuously receive citations and driver’s license suspensions and have not corrected his or her behavior. A defensive driving course will be mandatory for these drivers to not have his or her privileges taken away indefinitely. When a license is suspended, there will be several reinstatement requirements including fees and sometimes taking a driving course. The defensive driving course will need to be taken at the Community College of Rhode Island. An online traffic school can be accepted by the judge in certain courts depending on the county and city regulations. The court will issue a deadline for the completion of the traffic school course along with information about the course and other related paperwork. If a defensive driving course is not completed by the deadline provided, the license will be subject to suspension.

Rhode Island Insurance Discounts

Driving course insurance discounts were intended for teens and older drivers but now all driving adults can receive a discount on insurance premiums. A driving school certificate will be issued to graduates of the program and will serve as proof to insurance companies of course completion. eligibility for safe driving discounts depends on driving records and insurance companies. Rhode Island does not regulate insurance discounts and the amount of discount is solely up to the company. Contact the insurance provider before enrolling in a course. A driver improvement course will need to be retaken periodically to maintain and increase the discount. The reason a defensive driving course can lead to an insurance discount is because companies will view the driver as less of a liability. When a driver is not a liability, who gets into various accidents and has several traffic citations, insurance companies have to pay out more money because of the liability the driver brings. In severe cases, a driver can become uninsurable because of the amount of citations received.

Remove Points from Rhode Island Driving Record

A safe driver course in Rhode Island cannot remove points from a driving record because RI does not have a point system. Rhode Island does, however, have a system to ensure drivers are safe on the road and dangerous drivers are not on the road. A point reduction course can instead be taken to dismiss traffic citations and remove the citation from a driving record. Violations remain on a driving record for three years before dropping off completely. Major infractions like refusing chemical testing, any violation involving a school bus or major accidents, will not drop off a driving record. Rhode Island traffic school — taken either online or in-person — can be used to remove violations if the driver has not had any other infractions over a three-year period. The ultimate decision does lie with the DMV and drivers are encouraged to know what his or her driving record includes before requesting a dismissal or removal.

Rhode Island Defensive Driving

All defensive driving courses will offer similar material whether taken online or in the classroom. Voluntary and court-ordered driver improvement courses will require four to seven hours for completion. Some drivers can take more or less time when taking an online course, depending on their pace. The information covered during a driver safety course includes Rhode Island traffic laws, sharing the road with other drivers and pedestrians, how to handle emergencies and defensive driving skills. The safety driving course will also touch base on alcohol and drug violations. By the end of the driver improvement course, drivers will have developed responsible, safe and defensive driving habits. There will be a final examination and a driving school certificate will be issued once the exam has been passed. The traffic school certificate will need to be sent to the court, insurance company or DMV for verification purposes. The driving school certificate of completion is crucial for court-ordered courses and if not received in time, can lead to forfeited credit to a driving record.

Taking a Rhode Island Defensive Driving Online

Completing an internet traffic course is a convenient way to become a safer driver and meet any court requirements for ticket dismissal or license reinstatement. An online defensive driving course can be accessed from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Drivers can log in and out as often as they like when splitting the course into smaller sessions. A defensive driving course can also be taken in one sitting. An online aggressive driving course has access to chapters and quizzes to ensure students are retaining the provided information. GoToTrafficSchool keeps drivers needs in mind when designing courses and ensure students can work on his or her schedule instead of spending a weekend in a classroom or taking a day off work. There is also customer support and a money back guarantee for students. Defensive driving courses are state accepted and meet court appointed class requirements. Drivers will need to verify he or she can participate in an online traffic school before registering as to ensure the court is aware of their selected class provider. Finding a traffic school is easy by conducting a search or by contacting a local Rhode Island DMV.

Enroll in an online Rhode Island Defensive Driving Course Today!

RI Defensive Driving Course Online vs In Person

Drivers can attend a driver improvement course online or in person. For most drivers, an internet traffic school is the most convenient and affordable option. A classroom session consists of an instructor presenting information through videos, presentations and exams. The driver improvement course will be at a DMV location during specified times which are typically inconvenient. The majority of DMVs offer driver safety courses on a weekend, such as a Saturday all-day course. Most drivers are not willing to spend their day off stuck in a classroom. Some drivers find the classroom session better due to their learning style. For drivers who prefer an easier and more convenient course structure the, online option is the way to go. The GoToTrafficSchool driver improvement program is a fun, easy and convenient way for drivers to learn defensive driving skills. The traffic school can be accessed from any device, including a computer, smartphone or tablet. It has many interactive components such as quizzes, videos, text and read-alongs, in which the student follows along as the text is read. Students taking an online traffic course will also have the option of completing the course via DVD format.

Dismissing a Traffic Ticket in RI

After receiving a traffic ticket, completing a defensive driving course is the best way to have the ticket dismissed. Drivers will have 30 days to decide how to handle a traffic ticket. Pleading guilty involves paying the ticket and facing penalties. Pleading not guilty means drivers will need to prove his or her innocence in court and potentially have the ticket dismissed. If the ticket is dismissed, drivers will not need to pay any fines, fees or face any penalties. Driving school for ticket dismissal is an option for drivers who want to avoid going to court and having to pay for an attorney or court fees. Traffic court attorneys can help get a ticket dismissed for a price, alternatively, drivers can attend online driving school for ticket dismissal at a more affordable rate than that of hiring a lawyer. Interested drivers must first ask the judge in their case if taking a convenient online traffic course is something they would be interested in. Point reduction traffic courses do not exist in Rhode Island because the state does not work on a point system. Citations are recorded on a driving record and after receiving too many violations, a license can be suspended or revoked. After receiving a citation and participating in a driver improvement course, drivers should order a copy of his or her driving record to ensure the violation has been removed and does not show up. This also helps drivers know how far he or she is from potential suspension.

Rhode Island Defensive Driving Benefits

A RI defensive driving course provides benefits for every driver who participates in the course. Students will learn how to become a better and safer driver. A driver improvement course can also help drivers obtain car insurance premium discounts at the discretion of the insurance company. Even though traffic school can sometimes be court ordered, this provides the benefit of ticket dismissal and point reduction. Rhode Island traffic school is a great option for drivers who receive a traffic citation and want to have the ticket dismissed. By electing to participate in online traffic school, drivers will be able to dismiss minor traffic violations and any earned points that would come along with it. GoToTrafficSchool has insurance discount driver improvement courses for drivers of all ages. Insurance companies want to do business with responsible drivers, and customers can help prove that they are safety-minded by attending a traffic course. Customers who are considered safe drivers are less of a liability and file less claims, whereby saving the insurance company and driver money. A driver improvement course for insurance discounts can be taken voluntarily — online or in person. Drivers will need to ensure his or her insurance company offers safe driving discounts before enrolling in a course.

What Types of Defensive Driving are Offered in Rhode Island

Rhode Island defensive driving courses are either court ordered or voluntary and are offered both online and in person. There are also basic and refresher courses for insurance discounts. A court-ordered driver improvement course will be administered by the Driver Retraining program and is taken in person at a Rhode Island Community College. Voluntary defensive driving courses can be taken online and in person and are used for ticket dismissal and insurance premium discounts. A basic driver improvement course is a longer and more extensive course administered so that first-time students to enhance their driving skills and knowledge. Refresher courses are taken within three years of a basic driver improvement course to maintain insurance discount and a clean driving record. The course is shorter than the basic defensive driving class and serves as a way to refresh students on what they previously learned. Online traffic school can be used for voluntary enrollment and for court-issued cases, while a classroom course is strictly reserved for court-ordered cases. Drivers should discuss their options for taking a DMV online traffic school with the judge in their case prior to registering for a course with GoToTrafficSchool. All driver improvement courses can range between four and 12 hours depending on the method and course type. Students will learn alongside classmates that are taking a defensive driving course for various reasons — from insurance discounts to reinstating a driver’s license.

Rhode Island Point System

Several states offer point reduction courses to remove points off a driving record, Rhode Island is unique in that realm because it currently does not have a point system. However, citations do still carry weight and will be included in a driver’s record. A defensive driving course can be taken to remove citations and the driver will not face further consequences. Common violations that lead to suspensions, revocations or cancellation include:

  • Vehicular manslaughter

  • Evading an officer

  • Driving on a bike path

  • Not stopping after an accident resulting in death

Traffic school cannot remove these major infractions but can be appointed to help reinstate a driving license. After a licensee suspension, some courts will require drivers to participate in a driver improvement course before paying fines and being able to reinstate their license. Every citation that appears on a driving record will also be reported to car insurance companies, resulting in higher rates.  Find a point reduction or driver improvement course by clicking here and enrolling today.



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