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North Carolina Online Traffic School

Traffic schools in North Carolina are usually called driving improvement classes, and they are able to benefit state drivers in many ways. A driver improvement class teaches drivers about state traffic laws and driver safety habits, and drivers may take them voluntarily or in accordance with court requirements. Additionally, North Carolina traffic classes may help state residents earn discounts on car insurance premiums, get rid of points on a driver’s license or have a ticket dismissed. In North Carolina, the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) oversees licensing and registration, while also managing traffic school requirements. Convenient NC online traffic school programs, such as those offered by GoToTrafficSchool, are accepted by the courts and provide a better option than in-person courses for most drivers in the state.

How to Enroll in a State-Accepted Online North Carolina Driver Improvement Clinic

Attending a driver improvement course in North Carolina may be required by a court if a driver has accumulated more than seven demerit points on his or her driving record. Other drivers enroll in a driver safety program voluntarily to remove points from a driving record, obtain a discount on insurance premiums or have a ticket dismissed.

Today, NC traffic school registration is made even easier with fast online traffic school programs offered by GoToTrafficSchool. Drivers can simply click here and follow the simple three-step registration process. Any licensed driver can apply for a driving improvement course in North Carolina online without prompting from a third party. Car owners looking for a driving school insurance discount can also do so. Taking an insurance reduction course with GoToTrafficSchool enables drivers to get a lower monthly insurance payment.

North Carolina Court-Ordered Courses

Defensive driving courses in NC may be ordered by the state’s courts in some cases. Drivers might be required to enroll in a safe driving class if they have accumulated seven or more points on their driver’s license or have committed some other eligible infraction. After obtaining the traffic school certificate, these drivers can receive a point reduction from their driving record. This North Carolina defensive driving course point reduction can only be used once every five years. Accumulating too many points will result in the suspension of the driver’s license.

Court-ordered driver safety program requirements may come with a strict deadline, so it is important that drivers get registered, complete coursework and have enough time to deliver the certificate of completion to the court. Since physical traffic school locations in NC can be out of the way for busy drivers, enrolling in GoToTrafficSchool’s online low price traffic school program is the better option for most. Before enrolling, any driver court-ordered to take traffic school should contact the appropriate court or a driver license hearing officer in order to verify his or her personal eligibility for online traffic school.

Insurance Discounts in North Carolina

A North Carolina driving school insurance discount is available to all drivers who would like to lower their monthly insurance payment by attending a traffic course. The insurance reduction course rewards graduates with reduced monthly car insurance.

The defensive driving course insurance discount is a great way for both insurance companies and car owners to save money. Car insurance companies use the driving school insurance discount as an incentive, because completing traffic school demonstrates to insurance providers that the driver is invested in being more cautious on the road. Safe drivers are less likely to get into car accidents, saving insurance companies money. Drivers interested in saving on car insurance can enroll in one of GoToTrafficSchool’s online traffic school programs today.

Remove Points from North Carolina Driving Record

A North Carolina point reduction course allows a licensed state driver to remove some points from his or her driving record. The defensive driving course point reduction can be taken once every five years to remove points from a driver’s license. Each time a driver takes a traffic course in NC, no more than three points will be erased. Some drivers may be required by court to complete a North Carolina safety driving course  if they have seven points or more on their license, and they will also be eligible for this point reduction.

The point reduction class in NC is helpful to drivers with many points on their license. If a driver accumulates too many points within a certain period of time, the driver’s license will be suspended. The online point reduction course offered through GoToTrafficSchool makes removing points from your driving record more enjoyable and convenient, especially for those who may have a suspended license and therefore face a challenge making it to an in-person traffic course at a strictly scheduled time. Drivers should check with the North Carolina DMV before enrolling to ensure that they are personally eligible to have points removed by taking an online driving course.

North Carolina Driver Improvement Clinics

Traffic school in North Carolina, also referred to in the state as driver improvement school, is a traffic course that teaches students how to become safer drivers. NC Defensive driving classes are often taken by drivers because of all of the incentives that they offer. North Carolina driving improvement classes may allow drivers to remove points from a license, dismiss a traffic citation and earn lowered car insurance premiums. Driving improvement courses can be taken online or in a traditional classroom setting with an instructor.

All licensed state drivers are eligible to enroll in DMV traffic school in NC, though it may be required by a court in certain cases. Some drivers elect to take a defensive driving course to receive an insurance discount or to reduce the amount of points on a driving record. The point reduction course is sometimes mandatory for drivers with many points on their license who are in potential danger of suspension.

When drivers are ordered by court to enroll in defensive driving school in North Carolina because of a serious traffic infraction, they have the option of enrolling in a traditional class setting for in-person traffic school. However, these classes may be inconveniently located and set for times that may not work for busy drivers. Taking a defensive driving course online with GoToTrafficSchool lets the driver work according to his or her busy schedule from wherever he or she desires.

Taking a North Carolina Driver Improvement Clinic Online

Online traffic schools in NC are increasing in popularity in recent years. Taking a defensive driving class online is extremely flexible, making it a convenient choice for many students. In fact, students may access the driver safety course 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on most computer devices with internet capabilities.

Students who take GoToTrafficSchool’s affordable traffic school online will be taught the standard North Carolina driver safety training curriculum, including tips for defensive driving, NC traffic laws and how to react appropriately in dangerous situations on the road. Students will take the online driver safety course exam at the conclusion of the class, and all students will have at least two additional attempts to take the final exam if they do not pass on the first attempt. A driving school certificate of completion will be awarded to students who earn passing exam scores. A copy of the NC driving school certificate can be given to car insurance companies for discounted premiums rates or turned into a court or driver license hearing officer to earn credit for points or court-ordered requirements.

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NC Driver Improvement Clinic Online vs. In Person

Taking a defensive driving course in a traditional classroom setting at a designated time may be inconvenient or even impossible for some drivers, and this can be a particular problem for drivers who face a deadline for traffic school completion. In-person traffic school locations in North Carolina can be far away from work or home, and they require students to be present for long blocks of time. When taking traffic school online through GoToTrafficSchool, drivers can work from anywhere, save their progress at any moment and return to continue whenever they have time. GoToTrafficSchool also offers more than the traditional lecture, as its easy-to-use interface combines various types of lessons and even audio-based read-along options to accommodate drivers with various learning styles.

Dismissing a Traffic Ticket in NC

Drivers also attend traffic school for ticket dismissal in NC when a supervising court extends the opportunity. Driving school for ticket dismissal is a way for eligible drivers to attend traffic school and thereby avoid paying the fine or accumulating the driver record points associated with a traffic violation. Some courts may allow drivers to take a North Carolina driving safety course for ticket dismissal, but drivers should first check with the appropriate court to make sure they are personally eligible for online driving school. Drivers eligible for a driving school ticket dismissal can enroll in GoToTrafficSchool’s online traffic school program.

North Carolina Driver Improvement Clinic Benefits

One of the advantages of the driver improvement program in NC is that it gives drivers rewards for improving their driving. Driver improvement classes can be used to dismiss traffic tickets, reduce the amount of points on a license and earn car insurance discounts. In addition, the emergence of internet traffic schools like GoToTrafficSchool has made defensive driving classes even more accessible to most drivers.  

Enrolling in traffic school for speeding tickets and other traffic infractions is a simple and effective way to get citations dismissed and points removed from a license. Drivers are eligible to take a driver improvement course every five years to reduce their driver’s license points. Each time a driver successfully completes a driving improvement class in NC, three points will be erased from the driver’s license.

The driving school insurance discount in North Carolina is another great incentive to enroll. The insurance reduction course allows car owners to earn a temporary reduction in their car insurance premiums. Taking a safe driving course demonstrates to insurance companies that the driver is being proactive with staying safe on the road.

Also, taking the NC defensive driving class online makes the course much more accessible. Instead of having to put aside time in a busy schedule to take an aggressive driving course, internet traffic school allows students to make progress on the class from anywhere with an internet connection.

What types of driving improvement clinics are offered in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, prospective students are able to enroll in either online traffic school or traditional classes. Both in person and online driver safety courses in NC teach drivers how to drive more cautiously, how to make quick decisions in a road crisis and what the state traffic laws are. Students who enroll in a traditional defensive driving school in North Carolina will take the course in a classroom at a specific time and place with an instructor. Regardless of whether a driver opts for traditional or online aggressive driving courses, the amount of time that it should take to complete the class should generally be the same. Standard driving safety courses in NC should take about four hours to complete. Internet traffic schools like GoToTrafficSchool allow students to complete the course at their own pace. Online, driver safety training progress can be paused and resumed at any time. The course can be accessed anywhere with a stable internet connection. The best online traffic school in North Carolina can be found at GoToTrafficSchool; register now!

North Carolina Point System

One of the incentives of successfully completing a driving improvement course in North Carolina is that it can give drivers a chance to remove points from a license. Defensive driving school can help drivers who are in danger of losing their license to reduce the amount of points on their license. This is particularly important because a driver’s license can be suspended or revoked in North Carolina if a driver accumulates 12 points in three years or less or eight points in the three years after a license reinstatement. Defensive driving training in NC may be mandatory for drivers who have received more than seven points or more within a short period of time.

North Carolina traffic courses cannot be taken to reinstate a driver’s license. The first driver’s license suspension will last for 60 days, with the second lasting six months and every subsequent suspension lasting one year or resulting in a revocation. In North Carolina, severe traffic infractions result in the immediate suspension of a driver’s license.

The DMV point system in North Carolina is as follows:

  • One point: Littering while driving

  • Three points: Speeding in a school zone, driving without car insurance, ignoring traffic lights or stop signs, failure to report an accident, failure to yield right of way for another vehicle, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle

  • Four points: Reckless driving, tailgating, driving on the wrong side of the road, failure to yield for pedestrians, leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in the destruction of public property

  • Five points: Aggressive driving

Drivers can take a North Carolina online point reduction course with GoToTrafficSchool if they are court-ordered due to accumulating points or voluntarily interested in removing points from their driving record. Before enrolling, drivers should be sure to check with their court about the acceptability of online traffic school for their specific cases.



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