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New Jersey Online Traffic School

New Jersey state approved defensive driving classes are available for eligible drivers who would like to remove points from their driving record. Drivers can also take a defensive driving course to receive insurance discounts and improve their driving skills. NJ defensive driving classes are regulated and selectively approved by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) for point reduction. Drivers can take traffic classes in a traditional classroom setting, but most in the state prefer the convenience of online traffic courses with GoToTrafficSchool.

How to Enroll in a State-Approved Online New Jersey Defensive Driving Course

Enrolling in an NJ defensive driving school is easy when you choose to do it online. Traffic school registration with GoToTrafficSchool is a particularly quick and simple process. Students can click here and enroll in GoToTrafficSchool’s MVC-approved traffic course, which allows students to clear points from their record, become safer drivers and potentially qualify for an insurance discount. Like in-person traffic school, the course is a required minimum of six hours. However, drivers find traffic school online with GoToTrafficSchool to be a more convenient method of course completion, as they can work on the course in increments if they wish.

New Jersey Court Ordered Courses

A judge may require a New Jersey defensive driving class for drivers who have received a moving violation or have been given a speeding citation. Taking a defensive driving class online in NJ is a much more efficient way to satisfy court requirements when compared to the in-person alternative. The freedom of an online driver safety course ensures that the class is completed by the court’s due date. GoToTrafficSchool has convenient online classes that students can enjoy while completing their court requirement. Before enrolling, drivers should consult the court to make sure they are personally eligible to take online traffic school to satisfy their court requirement.

Insurance Discounts in New Jersey

GoToTrafficSchool’s NJ driver safety program may also serve as an insurance reduction course, allowing successful graduates to pay a lower monthly car insurance premium. Insurance companies extend the defensive driving course insurance discount to traffic school graduates because these drivers are less likely to cause an accident, saving the company money. GoToTrafficSchool offers a great way to obtain a driving school insurance discount in New Jersey, whether or not the student is taking the course to remove points. Additionally, eligible drivers will get points removed from their record while preventing the accumulation of future points, which keeps insurance rates low. Drivers can contact their insurance company to make sure that it extends the discount before enrolling in online traffic school or selecting GoToTrafficSchool’s convenient Insurance Certificate Copy course upgrade.

Remove Points from New Jersey Driving Record

Every five years, drivers can voluntarily enroll in a point reduction class, like GoToTrafficSchool’s Defensive Driving Course for Point Reduction, to remove accumulated points from their driving record. By completing defensive driving training, eligible drivers can have two points removed from their record. To be eligible for a defensive driving course point reduction in New Jersey, drivers must currently have points on their record. Drivers can attend a traffic class for point reduction once every five years.

Taking an NJ online point reduction course with GoToTrafficSchool is the easy way to make sure that points do not impact your driving record. In New Jersey, a total of 12 points on a record will result in a license suspension. Six points accumulated in three years will result in a surcharge of $150, in addition to $25 for each additional point. Drivers must pay these surcharges annually for three years. Taking a point reduction course cannot prevent a surcharge, as point removals are not considered when the MVC calculates points for surcharges. However, drivers who take GoToTrafficSchool’s affordable traffic school course for point reduction will be much less likely to accumulate additional points and can therefore avoid potential surcharges.

New Jersey Defensive Driving Courses

In New Jersey, defensive driving classes are different from driver improvement classes. An NJ driver improvement course, which may also be referred to as DMV traffic school, is a class for drivers who have had their licenses suspended for accumulating between 12 and 14 points in more than two years. Drivers must attend a driver improvement school in person, as they are all classroom-based programs. A defensive driving class is a voluntary option for drivers who would like to clear points from their record, get an insurance discount or both. Classroom-based defensive driving schools exist, but the best traffic school experience comes by taking the class online with GoToTrafficSchool.

Taking a New Jersey Defensive Driving Course Online

New Jersey internet traffic school provides the convenience and accessibility that drivers desire when looking to take a defensive driving course. With GoToTrafficSchool, drivers can easily enroll in a driving safety course and get immediate access to interactive tools and easy-to-use course materials. Students can log in and out of GoToTrafficSchool’s NJ safe driving course at any time and as many times as they may need. After successful completion, GoToTrafficSchool will send the student a driving school certificate that he or she can send to the MVC within 10 days of course completion.

Enroll in an Online New Jersey Defensive Driving Course Today!

NJ Defensive Driving Courses Online vs. In Person

The NJ MVC accepts traffic school certificates from online and classroom-based traffic schools, as long as the schools are approved by the MVC. The major difference between online traffic schools and their classroom-based counterparts involves accessibility and convenience. Classroom-based traffic school locations in New Jersey may be out of the way and pose a difficult problem for drivers. Furthermore, drivers will need to complete the course during the allotted times offered by the driving school, and these times may not work for many busy drivers.

An online traffic school in NJ is more convenient for most students. Taking a defensive driving class online gives students the flexibility of accessing the course at any time and from any device. With GoToTrafficSchool, students can save their progress in the course and return at a later, convenient time to resume the course. Students can take GoToTrafficSchool’s New Jersey low price traffic school course on any internet-connected device, including a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Fortunately, GoToTrafficSchool gives students three chances to complete the final exam with a passing score of at least 80 percent. Additionally, students can choose a course upgrade that allows them to take the final exam as many times as they need to complete the course.

Dismissing a Traffic Ticket in NJ

Eligible drivers will often attend traffic school for speeding tickets and other violations, in order to  dismiss the points associated with the ticket. When considering NJ traffic school for ticket point removal, drivers should enroll in GoToTrafficSchool. GoToTrafficSchool offers the best defensive driving course in New Jersey, and it can be taken online from the convenience of the driver’s home. Accumulating points quickly can result in a suspension of driving privileges, making a minor mistake into a bigger hassle than it needs to be. Sign up today, and get on the road to a clean driving record.

New Jersey Defensive Driving Course Benefits

NJ traffic school benefits include a two-point reduction on a driving record, lower insurance premiums and the development of driving skills that will keep you safe from accident and violations. A defensive driving course point reduction keeps a driving record clean and helps prevents consequences like higher insurance rates or suspensions. A New Jersey safe driving class can also be used to reduce car insurance premiums, as insurance companies view the driver as less of a liability. Generally, a safety driving course is designed to educate drivers on driving techniques that keep them safe. The best defensive driving courses will make sure every student knows the proper way to avoid accidents and reckless drivers. Driver safety training courses will also refresh drivers on the New Jersey laws. For the best online traffic school experience for these benefits and more, enroll in GoToTrafficSchool today.

What types of defensive driving courses are offered in New Jersey?

New Jersey has one basic defensive driving course, which is six hours in length. Students must take a state approved defensive driving course in order to receive credit from the MVC. Drivers can complete a defensive driving course online or in person using a commercial driving school. After finishing the course, students will receive a driving school certificate of completion that they must turn in to the MVC. GoToTrafficSchool sends out traffic school certificates promptly, and it even allows students the opportunity to upgrade to Same Day processing to get the certificate even sooner.

New Jersey Point System

In New Jersey, drivers have points assessed onto their record for committing violations. A New Jersey driver’s license will be suspended after a driver receives 12 points, and drivers will have to pay surcharges after receiving six points within three years. Passing an NJ point reduction class will result in the removal of two points from a driving record. Every year that passes without any new violations or points added will result in three points being removed from a driving record. The following are examples of New Jersey violations and their associated point values:

  • Two points - Unlawful use of median strip; failure to give proper signal

  • Four points - Improper passing on right or off roadway; speeding in excess of 15-29 miles per hour (mph) over the speed limit

  • Five points - Improper passing of school bus; speeding in excess of 30 mph over the speed limit

A defensive driving class from GoToTrafficSchool will help drivers reduce points as well as stay safe and aware on the road. Maintaining a clean driving record has the added benefit of lower insurance premiums and no potential driver’s license suspensions.



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