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Mississippi Online Traffic School

Mississippi defensive driving courses instruct drivers about local driving laws and the fundamentals of operating a vehicle, while also providing many additional benefits. Attending traffic school in MS can result in a reduction of auto insurance costs and a dismissal of some traffic violations from driving records. GoToTrafficSchool’s online traffic school course, which is accepted by Mississippi courts, is a convenient method to strengthen driving comprehension and gain the other advantages of enrolling in safe driving education.

How to Enroll in a State-Accepted Online Mississippi Defensive Driving School

Traffic school registration in Mississippi is available through GoToTrafficSchool. Online traffic school is the advantageous approach to completing voluntary or court-mandated defensive driving training. To sign up for defensive driving school online with GoToTrafficSchool, click here and follow the simple registration steps. A fast online traffic school course for Mississippi driver license holders can fulfill requirements for reducing auto insurance premiums, infraction dismissals (youths) or not having violations reported to the state (adults).

Mississippi defensive driving classes are available for adults and youths 21 years of age and younger. Traffic classes in MS for youths differ from driver safety education for new drivers, as traffic school is specific to existing driver license holders. Unlike a traffic course, driver safety education is a requirement for new youth drivers. However, MS traffic classes may become a requirement for young drivers after they incur a moving violation for the first time.

Drivers can opt for DMV traffic school in-person, which is typically four hours long at traffic school locations throughout the state. After finishing the defensive driving course in-person or online, participants receive a certificate of completion. Court-ordered traffic school students and drivers with moving infractions present the traffic school certificate to the court clerk’s office. Drivers seeking a reduction on their auto insurance rate can furnish a copy of the certificate to their provider as well. Fortunately, GoToTrafficSchool’s online traffic school programs allow drivers to receive their certificate quickly.

Mississippi Court-Ordered Courses

Judges may mandate defensive driving classes for drivers who receive certain traffic violations. Completion of a defensive driving course may also be an alternative to a conviction for young drivers 21 years of age and younger. However, enrollment in a Mississippi defensive driving school online or in person for this purpose is at the discretion of the court official. Drivers may be able to use GoToTrafficSchool’s convenient online traffic course to meet these court-ordered requirements. Before enrolling, drivers should check with their local court about the acceptability of online traffic courses.

Additionally, attending traffic school online with GoToTrafficSchool can keep infractions off a driving record. Drivers who elect to register for GoToTrafficSchool’s affordable traffic school can furnish a driving school certificate of completion to the clerk of the court for dismissal of a ticket prior to the date listed on the ticket. Drivers who must take court-ordered traffic school online or in person typically must present a driving school certificate within 45 days after the trial date. While a low price traffic school will dismiss an adult driver’s ticket from his or her record, the driver is still responsible for the citation fine. For the sake of dismissing moving infractions, the state limits drivers to one conviction and subsequent defensive driving course every three years.

Insurance Discounts in Mississippi

Registering for GoToTrafficSchool’s cheap traffic school in Mississippi is a great way for drivers to reduce their auto insurance costs. Safe driving courses can instruct drivers on how to maintain a clean driving record, which is one of the biggest influential factors in insurance quotes. Driver improvement courses can also remove or dismiss a moving infraction from a driver’s record. Many insurance providers offer a drivers ed insurance discount for motorists who attended the driver safety education for new drivers. Likewise, drivers who complete a driver improvement course online with GoToTrafficSchool can receive a driving school insurance discount. Some insurance companies that readily accept and refer drivers to online traffic schools for lower insurance premiums include:

  • ALFA


  • Geico

  • Hartford

  • Mississippi Farm Bureau

  • Nationwide Insurance

  • Progressive Direct

  • Shelter Insurance Company

  • State Farm

Motorists who enroll in traffic school for speeding tickets or other moving violations can avoid an insurance premium increase. When auto insurance providers discover a policyholder incurred a moving conviction, the business adjusts the premium rate to reflect the latest amplified risk. Since attending driving safety course for ticket dismissal prevents infractions from being recorded on driving records, drivers can curtail costs hikes for poor driving. GoToTrafficSchool’s convenient online defensive driving school is the easiest way to get an insurance discount and avoid premium increases.

Remove Points From Mississippi Driving Record

Attending driving improvement courses to remove points from a driving record is typically not a concern for Mississippi motorists, since the state does not have a demerit point system. However, out-of-state drivers may consider a point reduction course if they incur a moving violation in Mississippi that will result in points awarded in their home state. Online point reduction courses like those offered by GoToTrafficSchool can eliminate points associated with out-of-state violations. With the Driver License Compact, an agreement between the majority of states to exchange motorists’ infractions, an out-of-state ticket can mean points on your driving record. For instance, a Florida license holder who receives a speeding ticket in Mississippi may receive the associated points as recognized by the state of Florida (three to four points depending on speed). Likewise, if a Mississippi resident moves to Florida and acquires a new license, the issuing state will award points for the violations that occurred in Mississippi. Enroll in a traffic course with GoToTrafficSchool for a fast and fun solution to removing points from a driving record.

Mississippi Defensive Driving School

Defensive driving school in Mississippi is available to adult license holders who have not had a moving violation or attended a driving course in the last three years. Youths who opt for state approved defensive driving must be younger than 21 years of age and have never attended a driving class. However, DMV defensive driving courses are not applicable to commercial driver license (CDL) holders. The driver safety course is a single four-hour class, which is typically available once a month from each location. Venues of driver improvement courses include local police stations, educational facilities, courthouses and even conference rooms of hotels.

Mississippi safe driving classes will cover how to respond to the hazards of driving properly, how to handle emergency situations and other safe driving tips to avoid accidents and collisions. The course will also cover local and state driving laws as well as dangerous driving attitudes and behavior. Students will need to pass a final exam about the dangers of distractions and other driving focuses.

Upon completion of the defensive driver safety course, instructors issue attendees a certificate of completion. The driving school certificate is evidence to course completion and those with pending court cases can furnish the document to court officials. Driving school graduates can also present the certificate to their auto insurance provider for a safe driver discount.

Taking a Mississippi Defensive Driving School Online

Internet traffic school is the most convenient method of completing voluntary or court-mandated defensive driving classes in Mississippi. Online traffic schools instruct on the same material covered during in-person classes. The best internet traffic schools, like GoToTrafficSchool, are more interactive than instructor-led classrooms, using videos, responsive practice tests and presenting material in an interesting format. Students can complete an online defensive driving class at their leisure or in a more rapid pace. However, traffic school students should finish the course before court or ticket deadlines and within the driver improvement school’s enrollment period, typically 90 days. Registered motorists can focus on driver safety training or take practice test in preparation for the final. Additionally, students can pause their progress and return to break up the course duration.

Sign up for the best online traffic school by registering with GoToTrafficSchool and complete the course at your preferred pace. The GoToTrafficSchool program can improve Mississippi drivers’ ability to handle sudden driving situations, enhance the driver’s comprehension of local driving laws and help reduce costs associated with poor driving records. The online insurance reduction course provides enrollees with a certificate of competition to present to auto insurance providers for a discount on premiums.

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MS Defensive Driving School Online vs. in Person

Online driver safety courses, such as those offered by GoToTrafficSchool, provide students with much more flexibility than classes taken in person. Instructor-led driving safety courses in Mississippi require enrolled students to attend, which can mean figuring out transportation. If a student is taking Mississippi driving school for ticket or license suspension dismissal, driving to the location independently may not be feasible. When considering in-person traffic school costs, drivers must factor in the fees for public transportation and time wasted in transit. Likewise, the inconvenient scheduling of DMV driving improvement classes may prevent motorists from completing the course in time for court. While classes may be available in the day and evening as well as during the week and on weekends, these times are subject to the provider and vary throughout the state. The in-person driver improvement class in MS is a four-hour long session taken in one sitting, whereas students can complete the online course with GoToTrafficSchool in multiple sessions as quickly or as leisurely as they desire. Taking the Mississippi defensive driving course online allows motorists with suspended licenses, busy schedules and other restrictions to complete the course conveniently.

Dismissing a Traffic Ticket in MS

Most students enroll in defensive driving for ticket dismissal and as a means to avoid moving infractions reported on driver records. Completing traffic school for ticket removal is especial crucial for young motorists, as moving convictions can increase auto insurance rates, contribute to loss of driving authorization (licenses suspended or revoked) and affect professional opportunities. Taking a safe driving class in MS after your first ticket is the best approach to incurring too many tickets, since defensive driving school will only remove tickets of enrolled motorists under certain conditions. Youths younger than 21 years of age can attend a driving safety course for ticket dismissal only if they have never had a ticket before. Likewise, adults can have a moving violation removed from their driver’s record only if they have not received a previous ticket in the last three years.

At the conclusion of the driver improvement class, the instructor will issue students a certificate of completion. Motorists who take the MS defensive driving class online with GoToTrafficSchool can receive a competition certificate by mail or via email for a printable copy. Students can present the court with the evidence of completion to request ticket dismissal from driver record. It is important to keep in mind that while youths may have fees waived for dismissed traffic tickers from attending defensive driving school, adults are required to pay the fine for the violation. In fact, a subsequent fee for having the ticket removed is a requirement for adult offenders.

Mississippi Defensive Driving School Benefits

MS defensive driving class online and in person helps motorists in the state enhance their driving skills, improve their driving records and lower insurance premiums. The foremost priority of a driving improvement class in Mississippi is to develop drivers’ abilities and behavior. The best defensive driving courses will refresh motorists about driving fundamentals as well as how to handle emergencies and avoid distracted driving. Driver safety programs in Mississippi cover the consequences of driving without a seatbelt, operating a vehicle while under the influence of substances and driving while distracted by texting and electronic devices. An aggressive driving course can curtail a driver’s tendencies to speed or operate automobiles in a hostile way.

There are numerous financial benefits for completing defensive driving courses. Insurance reduction courses can reduce auto insurance premiums between 10 and 20 percent, depending on the provider. Motorists who take a driving school ticket dismissal course can avoid the consequences of a conviction including an auto insurance increase and costly license suspensions. By keeping a clean driving record, motorists can take advantage of employment that requires a company vehicle and driving duties. GoToTrafficSchool offers different courses specific to the intent of the student. Enrolling in safety driving course with GoToTrafficSchool can save drivers hundreds in the long run.

What types of defensive driving schools are offered in Mississippi?

MS DMV defensive driving courses are for either adults or youths younger than 21 years of age. The state does not provide defensive driving courses that offer insurance discounts or moving violation dismissals. Traffic school students, regardless of intent, must take the same standard course if they register for an instructor-led class. However, GoToTrafficSchool offers online traffic school programs specific to each student’s needs. With four courses to choose from, students can pick the class and add-ons best suited to their requirements. For instance, motorists who want a discount on auto insurance can take the lowest price traffic school program, the Insurance Reduction Course, rather than the courses specific to violation removals with mandatory exams. Online defensive driving courses available for Mississippi drivers through GoToTrafficSchool include:

  • Insurance Reduction Course

  • Standard Traffic School

  • Premium Traffic School with audio narration and same day processing

  • Deluxe Traffic School includes premium with unlimited course attempts and insurance reduction copy

An additional benefit to utilizing GoToTrafficSchool’s online driver improvement program is that material is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean. By registering for a defensive driving course in your native or preferred language, you are best able to absorb the content and instruction. Sign up for GoToTrafficSchool’s Mississippi traffic school courses here.



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