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Minnesota Online Traffic School!

Getting a traffic ticket in Minnesota can be a real headache, and quite stressful. Suddenly, you’re on the hook for costly fines and you’re insurance rates will go up as well. Well, no need to panic just yet. GoToTrafficSchool.com will be glad to help you out. If you are in need of a fast, reliable, ‘online traffic school Minnesota course’, you’ve arrived at just the right place!

  • Minnesota DMV Approval
  • Certificate Immediate Upon Completion
  • A Fun, Fast, Interactive Program
  • No Hidden Charges or Fees
  • Great Customer Support

Reasons for Taking Our Minnesota Online Traffic School

One reason why this Minnesota DMV approved course is so popular is because we’ve been at it since 1999. We put a lot of effort into improving the course and making it fun to take, easy, and very user-friendly. We help you to stay out of the classroom, and be able to handle your ticket from the privacy of home. To ensure everybody gets an even chance, we translated it into several different languages. So, with our ‘online traffic school Minnesota course’, you can avoid many of the headaches you were dreading before.

Here’s How Our Minnesota Traffic School Works

The Online Courses - We are much more than just Minnesota DMV approved, we are totally 100% online. You don’t have to leave home to take this course. You will not have to shell out any money for additional software, everything you need is right here. We’ve worked hard to ensure that you won’t be bored to tears with memorizing facts and figures, but have a pleasant and memorable experience. If you need an online course that is Minnesota Superior Court approved, then you’ve found it.

Quizzes - As you work your way through the online traffic school course, approved by the Minnesota Superior Court, now and then you’ll come to a pop quiz. These are just designed as helpful ways to re-enforce what you’ve learned, so it will be easy for you to pass your final exam. They don’t count for or against you in any way.

Final Examination - This is the one you want to get right. All it takes is for you to score a 70 or above on this final exam, and you pass. After getting this far, you should know enough to handle that easily. Even if you should fail it for some reason, you still get another shot at it. You can retake it one more time. But if you fail again, then it’s back to the drawing board, and you’ll have to re-enroll in the ‘online traffic school Minnesota course’ again.

Your Certificate

The Minnesota Superior Court will issue you a Certificate if you score 70 or above on your final. You will have the means to track your COC (Certificate of Completion), by simply going to the website and entering in your driver’s license number and password. Then you can access the page that shows the status of your Certificate, and you can track it as it makes its way through the system.

Engaging, Fun, Interactive Multimedia for Students of Our Minnesota Traffic School
We have taken great pains to make this a fun and exciting program. No boring lectures or student workbooks to deal with. We’ve added videos, animations, and interactive multi-media to help keep you focused while you learn. We’re really proud of how this course is designed, and we believe you’ll enjoy it.

Points and Traffic Violations Have an Effect on Your Record

Traffic tickets do much more than just cause you stress and headaches. They also count against your record. When you accumulate too many of them, they can cause your Minnesota license to be suspended. You can totally avoid these headaches, by enrolling in this online traffic school today. Get registered now and start having fun, while at the same time taking care of your Minnesota traffic ticket.


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