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Massachusetts Online Traffic School

Traffic school in Massachusetts is primarily referred to as the Driver Retraining Program. An MA driver improvement course can be taken voluntarily, or it may court-ordered for completion. Drivers can take defensive driving classes in person, but most prefer the convenience of taking online traffic courses with GoToTrafficSchool. In Massachusetts, the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) oversees traffic school programs, driver services and vehicle services.

How to Enroll in a State-Accepted Online Massachusetts Driver Retraining Program

Traffic school registration in MA is easy when drivers enroll through GoToTrafficSchool. Motorists interested in taking Massachusetts traffic school online can simply click here to begin GoToTrafficSchool’s simple registration process. Once enrolled, drivers can work toward a driving school certificate using GoToTrafficSchool’s engaging lessons and accessible user interface.

Court-Ordered Courses

A Massachusetts defensive driving class may be required by a court or the RMV. The RMV will send a driver improvement class notice to motorists who have committed three or more surchargeable events (traffic violations for which the driver was at fault) in a two-year period. Courts may order a driving improvement class in MA for other specific reasons. Drivers must complete a mandatory safety driving course by a deadline, or they will face license suspension. Choosing to take a defensive driving class online ensures that a driver has the time to complete traffic school requirements according to his or her own schedule. After completing a course with GoToTrafficSchool, graduates will receive a traffic school certificate that they can then submit to the court or RMV as proof of class completion. Before enrolling in GoToTrafficSchool’s affordable traffic school program, drivers can contact the RMV or the appropriate court to make sure they are eligible to take online classes.

Insurance Discounts in Massachusetts

The defensive driving course insurance discount is an incentive to take a driver retraining course in MA. Many insurance companies offer a driving school insurance discount to graduates of traffic school, since they know that these drivers are less likely to cause accidents. Taking an online Massachusetts insurance reduction course with GoToTrafficSchool is a simple and effective way toward a lower auto insurance rate. Before enrolling in the best internet traffic school in MA, drivers can consult their insurance company about a traffic course insurance discount.

Massachusetts uses a unique system, the Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP), which assigns certain insurance increases for a driver’s at-fault violations and discounts for incident-free time periods. Companies may choose to use the SDIP as its merit plan when determining insurance rates, or they may come up with their own system. In any case, insurance companies will increase rates for drivers who have violations on their driving record. No matter how a driver’s insurance rates are calculated, attending online driver improvement school through GoToTrafficSchool will make students into safer drivers, ensuring that they avoid accumulating points and remain incident-free.

Remove Points From Massachusetts Driving Record

No point reduction course in MA is available to drivers. However, drivers can enroll in defensive driving training as an effective step toward avoiding future infractions and points. Drivers who complete a Massachusetts driving safety course will become familiar with Massachusetts state traffic laws and defensive driving techniques, ensuring that they avoid infractions and points. The low traffic school cost of GoToTrafficSchool’s programs is well worth the help it provides students in avoiding potential suspensions and much more expensive insurance increases.

Massachusetts Driver Retraining Programs

The standard driver safety course in Massachusetts is referred to as the driver retraining course. MA driver safety training courses cover a variety of helpful topics, including MA traffic laws, safe driving habits, the importance of not driving under the influence and how to handle dangerous situations on the road. Defensive driving courses can be used to earn an insurance discount, enhance understanding of driving safety or to avoid license suspension or revocation. Drivers can register now for a low price traffic school program through GoToTrafficSchool, which offers the most efficient and convenient way to accomplish a course.

Taking a Massachusetts Driver Retraining Program Online

Online traffic school is a relatively new option that allows students to take a traffic course without ever having to step foot inside a classroom. Students who take an MA defensive driving course online will learn the same concepts as in-class students, such as general road safety, MA traffic laws and safe driver habits. Drivers can take Massachusetts traffic school online to earn a discount on car insurance premiums and gain the knowledge and defensive attitude needed to avoid traffic violations. Drivers who have been court-ordered to enroll in a safe driving course in MA can need permission from a judge or the RMV to take the class online.

One of the biggest benefits of enrolling in the best online traffic school in Massachusetts, GoToTrafficSchool, is that students are able to complete assignments on their own time. Internet traffic school students enrolled in GoToTrafficSchool can save, pause and resume their course progress at any time.

Enroll in an Online Massachusetts Defensive Driving Course Today!

MA Driver Improvement Programs Online vs. In Person

Classroom-based driver improvement schools in MA, commonly referred to as DMV traffic schools, require students to be present in class for four- or eight- hour blocks at a specific time, which can be difficult for drivers with busy schedules. Furthermore, Massachusetts traffic school locations may be out of the way or inaccessible for many drivers. With online traffic school, the driver safety program is more accessible than ever. Anyone with access to an internet connection can take a driving improvement course in Massachusetts in the comfort of his or her own home or even on the go. 

Taking traffic school online is the better option for drivers who do not have the extra time to take a class lasting several hours. The online driver safety course can be accessed on any computer, tablet or smartphone. With GoToTrafficSchool’s start-and-stop capabilities, online students are able to pause and resume their progress at a more convenient time.

Dismissing a Traffic Ticket in MA

Attending MA traffic school for ticket dismissal may be an option for some drivers, depending on the local court handling the case. In these cases, obtaining a driving school ticket dismissal is easy with the online traffic courses offered through GoToTrafficSchool. Motorists interested in attending Massachusetts traffic school for speeding tickets and other violations can ask their judge about their eligibility for online traffic school.

Massachusetts Driver Retraining Program Benefits

Drivers can take traffic courses in Massachusetts for immediate benefits like avoiding a driver’s license suspension and reducing car insurance premiums. However, an MA driver improvement program can help drivers immensely in the long term, as they become aware of unsafe driving habits that endanger their safety and the safety of others. For the best traffic school experience, drivers can enroll today in a traffic course through GoToTrafficSchool.

What types of driver retraining programs are offered in Massachusetts?

Several types of traffic classes in MA are available for drivers. Massachusetts offers a standard safe driving class, commonly referred to as a driver retraining program, that enables drivers fulfill court ordered requirements. Some standard defensive driving courses, like the one offered by GoToTrafficSchool, can be taken voluntarily. Drivers who wish to take the defensive driving course online to fulfill mandatory traffic school requirements must first contact the court dealing with their case. Any driver who is interested in a Massachusetts defensive driving course insurance discount can enroll in an insurance discount course. GoToTrafficSchool’s online insurance reduction course lets drivers work toward a lower insurance premium on their own schedule.

Massachusetts Point System

The point system in Massachusetts is different from the point systems of most other states. The SDIP, which is overseen by the Merit Rating Board (MRB), assigns percentage-based insurance increases for each surcharge point assessed onto driver records for at-fault violations. The SDIP also mandates insurance discounts for drivers who have been incident-free for certain periods of time.

Examples of violation categories and their associated surcharge points include the following:

  • Minor traffic law violations: Two points

  • Minor at-fault accident: Three points

  • Major at-fault accident: Four points

  • Major traffic law violation: Five points

Surcharge points remain on a driver’s record for six years. A driver who has not committed any surchargeable violations within the past six years will have a surcharge points score of (00). The following are additional credit codes that the MRB will add to a driver’s record:

  • Excellent Driver Discount Plus: Six-Year Credit (99), to a driver who has not been assessed surcharge points in the last six years of his or her driving experience

  • Excellent Driver Discount: Five-Year Credit (98), to a driver who is ineligible for the six-year credit and who has not been assessed surcharge points in the last five years of his or her driving experience

  • Excellent Driver Discount: Five-Year Credit with One Incident (98), to a driver who has at least five years of driving experience and has committed only one qualifying surchargeable violation  

Not every auto insurance company will use the SDIP guidelines to calculate insurance premiums, but all insurance companies will consider a driver’s history when determining premiums. Enrolling in an MA defensive driving school program is an important step for drivers to begin their journey to a clean driving record. Drivers interested in online traffic school for less can enroll in one of GoToTrafficSchool’s helpful and engaging courses.



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