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Maine Online Traffic School!

You can really get stressed after getting a traffic ticket, especially in Maine. There will be financial loss due to fines, and also higher insurance premiums to pay. However, there is a way to make things a whole lot easier. is a website designed to help people just like you to take the sting out of getting a traffic ticket. If you’d like an easy and quick way to take an ‘online traffic school Maine course, then you have landed on the right page.

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  • It is Maine Superior Court Approved
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Take Your Maine Traffic School on Our Websites at

You might be asking why you would choose this online traffic school Maine course as your best option. Well, it’s because we’ve created a program that actually makes it fun to be taking an online traffic school course. It is interactive, fast, and extremely easy. We’ve been at it since 1999, and are highly favored all across the great state of Maine. We give you a way to meet all the Maine DMV requirements, without even having to leave home. There is no way you’ll find a better option than us.

How Maine Superior Court Approved Course Works

Our online courses have been approved and licensed by the Maine DMV. We also allow everything to be done totally 100% online. Nobody will have any extra costs for additional software or any type of hidden out-of-pocket expenses. If you have access to the Internet, you can take this course right this minute. We put a lot of time, money, and effort into designing something that is helpful, fun, and easy for our students. This will not be just some boring hours spent memorizing facts and figures. It is extremely user-friendly, and has also been made available in several different languages. We are absolutely your best shot for making things as painless as possible regarding your ticket.

There will be some pop quizzes as you navigate through this course. They will not count against you, or for you, they are for re-enforcing what you’ve learned. We designed this course in a way that enables anybody to pass their final exam if they just have fun and pay attention. You’ll be totally qualified to meet all the Maine DMV requirements.

Your Final Examination will be the deciding point, it is what you’ve been working for when you signed up for the course. All it takes is a 70% score or higher, and you have passed. It should be a simple thing for anyone. However, some people freeze up at test time, even though they know the material. We understand that. If you happen to fail it on your first try, don’t hit the panic button. You’ll be allowed to take a ‘do-over’ and try to get it right on the second try. If you fail again, then you’ll be back to where you started, needing to enroll to an online traffic school course in Maine.

Certificate of Completion

If you passed your final, then congratulations! Now you can keep track on the status of your Maine Superior Court approved Certificate of Completion. To do this, simply pull up your web browser and locate the site, punch in your driver’s license number as well as your password, and you can check your certificate status. You’ll be able to track it all along its course from start to finish.

A Fun and Engaging Program

We spiced up our program with multimedia. This course is interactive and a lot of fun. It even has some driving simulation in it. It is not boring, for sure. There are videos, some animation, and engaging games to keep things interesting. It is the most user-friendly ‘online traffic school Maine course’ you’ll find anywhere.

Points and Violations Affect You Seriously

A traffic ticket is more serious than just an aggravation. It leads to other types of repercussions, like points being put against your record. That causes insurance costs to go up. Getting too many points and violations can result in a suspension of your Maine driver’s license. You don’t have to go through all of this aggravation. Just complete this Maine traffic school online on, and let us help you make that ticket disappear. Get registered today!


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