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Louisiana Online Traffic School

Louisiana traffic school is available for drivers who would like to dismiss a ticket, remove a misdemeanor traffic violation from their driving record, lower their monthly insurance premiums or simply enhance their driving abilities. The traffic classes offered by GoToTrafficSchool help drivers to improve their road safety and understanding of state traffic laws. Traffic courses can also equip drivers with the skills and knowledge needed to avoid costly violations in the future. Although the Louisiana Department of Public Safety’s Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) oversees driver and automobile services in the state, traffic penalties and traffic school requirements are handled by the state’s local courts. The defensive driving classes offered by GoToTrafficSchool are accepted by these Louisiana courts. Furthermore, the Baton Rouge City Court has an exclusive contract with GoToTrafficSchool, so drivers who are going to traffic school for an infraction in this court’s jurisdiction will have to meet unique enrollment qualifications and abide by certain policies.

How to Enroll in a State-Accepted Louisiana Driver Improvement Program

Traffic school registration in LA is simple when drivers enroll through GoToTrafficSchool. To start the best traffic school today, just click here and follow the easy steps to begin the registration process.

GoToTrafficSchool’s fast online traffic school, which includes lessons, practice quizzes and a final exam, will be available for you to begin as soon as you complete the quick sign-up process. You can obtain a driving school certificate upon successful completion of the course, which will take just four to eight hours from start to finish. Along the way, you will learn to improve your driving skills and gain a better understanding of the state’s traffic laws.

Drivers can also choose to attend a DMV traffic school in person, but most find GoToTrafficSchool’s online classes to be a much more convenient option. Online driver improvement courses in Louisiana provide an effective and simple way for drivers to brush up on their safety and awareness of traffic rules. As one of the lowest price traffic schools, GoToTrafficSchool is also the best option for saving money, especially for drivers already dealing with court costs, high insurance premiums or expensive traffic fines. Drivers who work with GoToTrafficSchool will have several different types of available courses, including basic traffic school and an insurance reduction course. A driver can work on the course at his or her own pace, as everyone has the option to save and continue his or her progress in the course.

Louisiana drivers can attend traffic school once every 24 months. To attend a driver safety course for infractions under the jurisdiction of the Baton Rouge City Court, drivers will have to meet a few additional criteria:

  • Have an eligible moving violation scheduled with the Baton Rouge City Court

  • Appear on the Court’s list of eligible students, which is provided to GoToTrafficSchool

  • Be 17 years of age or older

  • Have at least 10 days until the court due date  

Louisiana Court-Ordered Courses

Traffic school in Louisiana may be a court-ordered requirement, depending upon the rules of the local court and the driver’s specific situation. Online traffic school with GoToTrafficSchool may be the perfect option for Louisiana drivers required by a local court to attend traffic school. The driver can submit the driving school certificate of completion to courts in order to fulfill the traffic school requirements. Be sure to first verify with the court handling your case that online courses will satisfy the requirement for traffic course completion, prior to enrolling. For Baton Rouge City Court scheduled cases, GoToTrafficSchool will send the driving school certificate directly to the Baton Rouge Parish Attorney’s Pretrial Diversion Division. Enrollment in GoToTrafficSchool is easy, so a court-ordered traffic offender can begin fulfilling his or her driving improvement obligations immediately. GoToTrafficSchool offers multiple expedited shipping options for certificates, so drivers can satisfy these court-ordered requirements as soon as possible.

Insurance Discounts in Louisiana

The Louisiana driving school insurance discount is a popular reason why drivers to take part in traffic school. A defensive driving course insurance discount is offered by insurance providers in the state of Louisiana. GoToTrafficSchool’s insurance reduction course allows Louisiana drivers to earn a certificate that they may then present to a participating insurance company in exchange for a safe driver discount applied to the monthly insurance premium.

Additionally, defensive driving courses can help drivers to avoid tickets and accidents, and thereby avoid higher insurance premiums. With an awareness of safety and the rules of the road, drivers are less likely to commit moving violations that cause insurers to raise their premiums. A Louisiana driver who currently has misdemeanor traffic convictions can also use a traffic school certificate of completion to have these charges dismissed from his or her record.

Registering for traffic school online with GoToTrafficSchool is an easy and effective way to lower your monthly auto insurance rate.

Remove Points From Louisiana Driving Records

A point reduction course allows a driver to clear “points” from his or her driving record in states that use point systems for keeping track of traffic violations. The driving school certificate of completion, which the driver can obtain after successful completion of a course, can be presented to the appropriate court in order to have some of these points cleared. While Louisiana OMV does not use a point system, an LA driver can use GoToTrafficSchool’s online traffic class to eliminate misdemeanor Title 32 moving violation convictions from his or her driving record. Some examples of these misdemeanors include running a stop sign, driving under suspension or speeding less than 25 miles per hour (mph) over the speed limit. However, Louisiana drivers cannot use this option to eliminate Title 14 convictions, including driving while intoxicated (DWI), reckless operation or hit and run. Drivers may note that in the state of Louisiana, several violations that arise from the same incident are grouped together as one offense. Completion of a defensive driving class for moving violations registered with the Baton Rouge City Court will turn a moving violation into a nonmoving violation and thereby prevent an increase in insurance rates.

A defensive driving course point reduction can be useful in other ways, as well. For instance, if a driver is licensed in a different state that uses a point system but is convicted for a traffic violation in Louisiana, he or she will receive points for the Louisiana violation in his or her home state. An online point reduction course, once successfully completed, can eliminate these points from an out-of-state motorist’s driving record. Conversely, if a Louisiana resident with a moving violation conviction on his or her driving record chooses to move to a state, such as Texas or Florida, that uses a point system, the Louisiana charges will be converted to points on the new driving record. Taking a point reduction class in a state that uses a point system can eliminate these convictions and prevent them from becoming points in the event of a move to a new state. Louisiana drivers may use a traffic school certificate to remove a conviction just one time within a two-year period.

Louisiana Driver Improvement Programs

Traffic school in Louisiana, also known as driving improvement class, is different from driver’s education courses. Experienced motorists attend traffic school for ticket dismissal, elimination of charges on a driving record or an insurance premium reduction, while new drivers take driver’s education courses in order to learn the basics of driving and ultimately qualify for a first driver’s license. Driver’s education courses take a much longer time to complete, and they are usually attended only by first-time driver’s license applicants.

Driver improvement courses may also be referred to as defensive driving courses or driver training courses. Driver improvement schools offer helpful lessons and coursework about driving and traffic laws for drivers to study and memorize. Typically, driver improvement classes will require enrolled drivers to take a series of practice quizzes. At the end of a driver improvement program, the driver will have to pass an exam successfully in order to obtain a certificate of completion. In-person driver improvement programs may require participants to attend multiple class sessions in one or more locations, whereas online driver improvement programs allow participants to complete coursework at any time, from any location.

For the best online traffic school experience, register for GoToTrafficSchool’s classes and work on getting your traffic school certificate of completion at your own pace.

Taking a Louisiana Driver Improvement Program Online

While the OMV does not directly offer a DMV traffic school in LA online, drivers can take GoToTrafficSchool’s convenient, low-cost online driving courses to improve their driving skills and knowledge, reduce insurance rates and remove charges. Online driver improvement courses offer a popular alternative to traditional traffic school programs. Drivers who have been court-ordered to attend traffic school as well as those attending voluntarily for insurance purposes all tend to prefer the convenience of an online experience.

Once enrolled in online traffic school through GoToTrafficSchool, students have up to 90 days to complete the traffic course. Defensive driving school for violations registered with the Baton Rouge City Court, however, must be completed within 30 days from enrollment in the course. The entire course can be completed within a total of four to eight hours, and students will have more than one opportunity to re-take the final exam if they fail on the first attempt.

Drivers attending a diving safety course for violations under the jurisdiction of the Baton Rouge City Court must pass with a score of 80 percent or higher. Additionally, these drivers with Baton Rouge violations will have two additional attempts to take the exam if they fail the first time, with each re-take costing $5. After this final attempt, these drivers must re-enroll within 24 hours to avoid having the account disabled and marked “failed.”

At GoToTrafficSchool, Louisiana drivers have multiple ways to receive the traffic school certificate, including several expedited shipping options for quick access. For those who complete defensive driving training for violations under the jurisdiction of the Baton Rouge City Court, GoToTrafficSchool will send the traffic school certificate directly to the Baton Rouge Parish Attorney’s Pretrial Diversion Division.

Enroll in an Online Louisiana Defensive Driving Course Today!

LA Driver Improvement Programs Online vs. in Person

Traffic school locations in Louisiana can often be inconvenient and out of the way for many drivers, especially for those drivers who may be dealing with a suspended license. Online traffic schools in LA, however, allow anyone with access to a computer and internet connection to take driving courses right from home or any other suitable location, at any time of the day or night.

In-person defensive driving schools also require the driver to be present in class at certain times that might conflict with the driver’s work schedule or other obligations. GoToTrafficSchool’s internet traffic school allows drivers to conveniently start and stop the program to suit their unique needs. If something else comes up, the student can simply save his or her progress in the course and resume when ready.

Dismissing a Traffic Ticket in LA

Driving school ticket dismissal in Louisiana is an option for motorists who want to avoid higher insurance premiums and additional charges on a driving record. Attending a defensive driving for ticket dismissal in Louisiana is addressed in Article 892.1 of Louisiana’s Code of Criminal Procedure, which gives local Louisiana courts the permission to dismiss a conviction for Title 32 moving violation misdemeanors. In Louisiana, the traffic school certificate can only be used once within a two-year period to remove a charge from a driving record.

Drivers looking for an affordable traffic school option to remove a charge can enroll in GoToTrafficSchool and get on the road to a clean driving record today.

Louisiana Driver Improvement Program Benefits

Driver improvement programs have several benefits for any Louisiana driver who enrolls. The Louisiana driving school insurance discount may allow drivers to pay a lower monthly insurance premium. Additionally, Louisiana drivers can take a driving improvement course to eliminate a moving violation from their driving records. Most importantly, driving improvement classes provide every driver with the knowledge and skills needed to improve his or her safety and the safety of others on the road. While keeping the roads safe, these drivers will continue to avoid moving violations that can cost them significant amounts of money in auto insurance, court fees and tickets.

What types of driver improvement programs are offered in Louisiana?

Louisiana driver improvement classes are available for drivers to attend in person, but these programs usually have strict rules and inflexible schedules. Being one of the best internet traffic schools, GoToTrafficSchool allows every driver to work on the course at his or her own pace.

No matter what your needs as a driver, GoToTrafficSchool’s courses offer choices that will meet your needs and improve your driving record, insurance rate and personal safety. Register today to get on the road to becoming a better driver.



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