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Indiana Online Traffic School

An Indiana driver safety course, also known as a defensive driving course, can allow enable drivers to remove penalty points from their license, satisfy a court-ordered requirement, obtain an insurance discount and get a refresher on proper driving skills. As a top state-approved IN defensive driving school, GoToTrafficSchool offers a valuable curriculum that covers the pertinent issues drivers need to learn. The Indiana’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) regulates driver safety programs, which are also assigned to drivers who have committed certain violations.

How to Enroll in a State-Approved Online Indiana Driver Safety Program

Indiana traffic school registration is simple with GoToTrafficSchool. To enroll in an IN driver safety course, a driver can click here and begin the fast and easy three-step registration process. GoToTrafficSchool offers online Indiana defensive driving classes that cover useful knowledge for drivers and have become a top choice for students. Drivers can take an online point reduction course or an online court-ordered course and potentially qualify for an insurance discount.

An in-person, classroom-based defensive driving school, commonly referred to as a DMV traffic school, is also an option for students who intend to voluntarily or involuntarily enroll in a traffic class. However, traffic school locations offered through the Indiana BMV can be difficult for students to access, and furthermore, busy students will need to find the time to attend a four-hour course at a certain time. Taking a defensive driving class online is the preferred option for most students these days. Attending an affordable traffic school like GoToTrafficSchool gives students the ability to complete coursework according to their own schedule.

Indiana Court-Ordered Courses

Indiana courts may require a driving safety course for tickets and violations as an alternative to a license suspension. Similarly, the BMV requires completion of an Indiana state approved defensive driving course for drivers who commit two or more traffic offenses within a period of 12 months. Mandatory driving safety course completion will also be required for drivers under age 21 who are responsible for two or more traffic violations or accidents. Drivers will be notified by the BMV, and they will have 90 days to complete the course. If an IN driving school certificate is not received by the BMV in the allotted time, the driver could face a suspension of driving privileges.

Taking a defensive driving course online is the best way to ensure that drivers get their requirements completed in time and avoid further penalties. GoToTrafficSchool’s online Court-Ordered Driver Safety Program is an engaging and easy-to-use state-approved course that satisfies traffic school requirement for courts and the BMV.

Insurance Discounts in Indiana

An Indiana defensive driving course insurance discount can help a driver reduce his or her monthly auto insurance bill. The driving school insurance discount is provided by most insurance companies to drivers who attend traffic classes. Insurance companies know that drivers who have attended traffic classes are familiar with the state’s laws and likely to avoid accidents and violations, saving the company money in payouts.

Remove Points From Indiana Driving Record

An Indiana defensive driving class can be taken to remove demerit points from a driver’s license or record. A point reduction course is important, because points can accumulate and lead to penalties like a license suspension. These points also increase auto insurance rates for drivers. In Indiana, drivers can take a state-approved safe driving class to remove up to four points or receive a credit of up to four points from their driving record. Drivers are eligible for a defensive driving course point reduction once every three years, and they must attend a state-approved traffic school. If a driver attends defensive driving school in Indiana for point reduction again before the three years is over, the three-year credit period will be extended from the new date.

GoToTrafficSchool provides the best defensive driving course approved by the Indiana BMV to let drivers clean up their driving record. Click here to get started on the road to a better driving record today.

Indiana Driver Safety Programs

A state-approved Indiana safety driving course must be taken by a driver who has received two or more violations in a 12-month period. Requiring an IN traffic school to be taken forces these drivers to learn more about driving safely and responsibly, and may prevent further violations from occurring. The driver must cover the traffic school cost, even if the BMV requires the class to be completed. If course completion notification is not received by the BMV before the driver’s deadline, he or she can face penalty fees or escalated consequences, like extra points or a suspended license. Fortunately, GoToTrafficSchool reports a student’s completion to the BMV promptly and free of charge for the student.

Drivers not required to complete an Indiana driver safety program may still be interested in GoToTrafficSchool’s courses because of their educational value and the ability to remove points from a driving record or receive a helpful point credit. A driving school insurance discount can be another benefit of completing a course.

Taking an Indiana Driver Safety Program Online

Several Indiana driving improvement course options are approved by the BMV. However, completing an IN online aggressive driving course is usually an easy choice for drivers to make because it allows them to set their own schedule and complete the lessons on their own time. The courses take a minimum of four hours total in length, but drivers may pause and return to the course whenever they wish, allowing them to complete it when convenient.

Drivers find GoToTrafficSchool to be the best online traffic school choice because of the easy online platform and engaging curriculum. An emphasis on the newest laws throughout the lessons allows drivers to be prepared to get on the road confidently. GoToTrafficSchool’s Indiana online driver safety courses are the best way to complete required traffic school, obtain a point reduction, receive insurance discounts and learn defensive driving techniques and offers simple registration.

Enroll in an Online Indiana Defensive Driving Course Today!

IN Driver Safety Programs Online vs. in Person

Deciding between an Indiana online traffic school and an in-person course is an important decision for drivers to make. Taking traffic school online is beneficial for drivers who want to learn on their own time and need a course that fits into their schedule. An in-person IN traffic school program will need to suit a driver’s agenda and may take an entire day to complete. Those taking driving school for ticket penalties will need to find an approved course that is available within certain time constraints.

GoToTrafficSchool is a great choice for any driver who wants or needs to attend traffic school. Courses offer students the ability to work through the course at any time, day or night, using any internet-connected device, such as a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Dismissing a Traffic Ticket in IN

Attending an Indiana traffic school for speeding tickets and other infractions may be required by the BMV or a court if you have received two or more infractions within a 12-month time period. The completion of a driver improvement course will be legally required by the BMV if a driver is under 21 years old and has been in two accidents or charged with two violations over the past 12 months. When choosing a traffic school for tickets in Indiana, a driver will need to ensure the course, whether online or in-person, is approved by the BMV. GoToTrafficSchool offers a convenient and simple way to complete the driver safety program for ticket penalties.

Indiana Driver Safety Program Benefits

Taking a convenient online Indiana traffic course like GoToTrafficSchool has a wealth of benefits for drivers. Not only is an internet traffic school a way for drivers to learn important defensive driving concepts at their own pace, it can also qualify them for helpful car insurance discounts. Drivers who opt to complete DMV approved traffic schools due to court or BMV order will prevent themselves from facing further penalties, like hefty fines or a license suspension. The IN driving improvement class is a requirement for drivers who have received frequent infractions, accidents or tickets, and completing the class successfully can avoid further actions taken by the court.

Voluntary enrollment in a driver improvement class that is approved by the BMV can also allow drivers to reduce license points. These Indiana point reduction courses are important for drivers who want to keep car insurance rates low and do not want to risk the possibility of a license suspension for point accumulation.

Driver improvement school also teaches critical road management skills to drivers so they can stay safe on the road. This defensive driving training is a great way for drivers to increase their confidence behind the wheel and stay calm in dangerous situations that can occur while driving. Driver safety training is a great refresher course for even the most experienced drivers. State laws are constantly changing, so taking a class can help drivers stay on top of new laws and obtain preparation skills for roadway emergencies. Online courses provided by GoToTrafficSchool are a popular way to learn these crucial skills because drivers can complete these classes from the comfort of their home, on their own free time.

What types of driver safety programs are offered in Indiana?

GoToTrafficSchool offers both types of traffic school courses recognized by the Indiana BMV in a convenient online format. The IN Driver Safety Course can be taken by any Indiana driver once every three years in order to receive a four-point reduction or credit on their driving record. The Court-Ordered IN Driving Safety Course is designed for drivers who have been required by the Indiana BMV or a court to attend a traffic school program.

Drivers usually choose GoToTrafficSchool as their school of choice because it is a fast online traffic school dedicated to educating students. Registering for GoToTrafficSchool is simple, and the course itself offers useful information on staying safe on the road.

Indiana Point System

Drivers should consider taking a point reduction class in IN if they have points on their license, because these points can accumulate and lead to penalties such as suspensions. Points can also increase car insurance rates. After an Indiana driving school certificate of completion is received by the BMV, four points will be taken off a driver’s record. One defensive driving course point reduction can be taken by an Indiana driver every three years to eliminate these four points. In Indiana, moving violations will earn the driver between two and eight points, depending on severity. The following are examples of moving violations and their associated point penalties:

  • Driving one to 15 miles per hour (mph) over the speed limit – 2 points

  • Failure to use brake or signal lights – 2 points

  • Driving 16 to 25 mph over the speed limit – 4 points

  • Failure to stop or yield for a sign – 6 points

  • Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle – 8 points

Completing a DMV point reduction course in Indiana to eliminate the most points possible can help drivers to clean up their record, avoid further penalties from the BMV and receive a better auto insurance rate.



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