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Illinois Online Traffic School

An Illinois traffic course can allow drivers to learn more about state road laws, achieve car insurance discounts and potentially dismiss a traffic violation. GoToTrafficSchool’s online defensive driving classes provide a convenient and quick way for drivers to become familiar with roadway rules and handling dangerous situations while driving. In Illinois, county courts often determine defensive driving course eligibility for drivers facing traffic violations. The Office of the Illinois Secretary of State manages driver’s license administration throughout the state.

How to Enroll in a State-Accepted Online Illinois Traffic Safety School Course

Traffic school registration is easy when drivers enroll through GoToTrafficSchool. To begin an IL defensive driving course online, drivers can simply click here and follow the three easy steps to for enrollment.

GoToTrafficSchool’s online Illinois driver improvement course may be used by certain eligible drivers to eliminate points from a driver’s license or remove a ticket and conviction. Taking an IL safe driving course online can reduce a driver’s car insurance rates, because many auto insurance companies offer a discount for graduates. Whether a driver is looking to fix legal issues, save money on car insurance or simply brush up on his or her driving skills, choosing the best online traffic school is easy with the GoToTrafficSchool program.

Illinois Court-Ordered Courses

An Illinois driving improvement course may be required as part of a court diversion or court supervision process after a motorist receives a traffic violation. Drivers will need to turn in a driving school certificate to the court within a certain time frame, which can be a challenge for busy drivers. Completing IL traffic school online with GoToTrafficSchool is simple, and may be an option for drivers who were court-ordered to take a course. Before enrolling in a defensive driving class, a driver should check with the court to see which course will satisfy the court order. When it comes to traffic classes in Illinois, each county in the state has its own requirements and laws about which schools are acceptable and situations in which course completion can help with a conviction.

Insurance Discounts in Illinois

An Illinois insurance reduction course, like the one offered by GoToTrafficSchool, offers a wealth of benefits for students. Many insurance companies provide defensive driving course insurance discounts to drivers who attend traffic school, because these drivers are less likely to cause expensive accidents. Obtaining an IL driving school insurance discount can be a great way for drivers to save money on their monthly premiums while learning more about operating a vehicle safely in their state. With GoToTrafficSchool, finishing a defensive driving class online for an auto insurance discount is quick and easy for all drivers.

Remove Points From Illinois Driving Record

Taking a safe driving class in IL as part of a court diversion or court supervision program also allows a driver to prevent demerit points and violations from appearing on his or her driver record. Although it may depend on the county and driver, most Illinois drivers can go to traffic school for speeding tickets and other violations once every twelve months in order to have the ticket dismissed and avoid potential suspension and higher insurance costs. Before enrolling in Illinois defensive driving training in, drivers should verify their eligibility with the court. GoToTrafficSchool provides the best internet traffic school courses for drivers to take and ensure that their record does not fill up with traffic violations and demerit points.

Illinois Traffic Safety School Courses

Completing Illinois defensive driving school can help a driver in several ways, depending on his or her goals. Working toward a traffic school certificate can allow a driver to sharpen his or her vehicle operating skills for safe and responsible driving. IL driver improvement program options include in-person classroom-based courses and online classes. Signing up for driver safety training is quick and easy with GoToTrafficSchool, and students can complete coursework on their own time.

Taking an Illinois Traffic Safety School Course Online

Internet traffic school is an appealing option for drivers because of its ease and convenience. GoToTrafficSchool’s low price traffic school courses are a popular choice among drivers due to the simple registration process, engaging course content and flexibility. Completing an Illinois safety driving course online with GoToTrafficSchool allows drivers to take their time during sections with new driving laws or concepts and move quickly through the sections with which they are already familiar. This driving improvement class is popular with drivers because it offers crucial information on the latest laws of the road, along with specific techniques for defensive driving and staying safe while operating a vehicle.

Receiving an Illinois driving school certificate of completion is easy when using GoToTrafficSchool’s engaging materials and easy-to-navigate interface. As one of the fastest online traffic schools available today, many drivers are turning to the GoToTrafficSchool program to help them finish their traffic safety course quickly and easily.

Enroll in an Online Illinois Traffic Safety School Course Today!

IL Traffic Safety School Courses Online vs. in Person

Attending an online driver improvement school in IL is the best option students who appreciate completing the instruction in the comfort of their own home or another convenient location according to their schedule. Classroom-based driver safety programs, also referred to as DMV traffic schools, will require students to find a meeting time that works for their schedule. Furthermore, traffic school locations in Illinois may be inconvenient for many drivers. GoToTrafficSchool’s affordable traffic school courses let drivers work from anywhere, using any internet-connected device, including a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Additionally, GoToTrafficSchool’s courses have start-and-stop capabilities that allow drivers to save their course progress and resume their work at a future date.

Dismissing a Traffic Ticket in IL

Taking an Illinois traffic school for ticket dismissal may be an option for drivers who have an eligible traffic violation and have been given permission by the court system with jurisdiction in the case. If completing IL driving school for ticket removal is an option for a driver, it is important for him or her to take advantage of the opportunity. Without a driving school ticket dismissal, violations and demerit points can accumulate on a record, leading to negative consequences, such as a license suspension or increased auto insurance rates. A driving safety course for ticket dismissal can also offer critical information on new laws in the state, so drivers can prevent further violations. Drivers who are eligible to complete defensive driving for ticket dismissal tend to register with GoToTrafficSchool so they can finish the course quickly and on their own time.

Illinois Traffic Safety Course Benefits

The low traffic school cost is worth the benefits for drivers. Attending a defensive driving school can help drivers to avoid infractions and steer clear from legal consequences, such as license suspension. An IL defensive driving class can dismiss a ticket from a driver’s record. In addition, a driving school insurance discount is available from many auto insurance companies in the state. The GoToTrafficSchool online traffic school program makes it fast and easy for online students to complete a traffic safety course and receive a discount with their auto insurance company. An Illinois online driver safety course can also be a convenient way for drivers to complete this educational requirement, or to refresh their knowledge of the state’s highway legalities.

What types of traffic safety courses are offered in Illinois?

Several IL traffic school courses are available for drivers to complete. Drivers can take certain defensive driving training courses to fulfill court orders or have an eligible traffic violation dismissed. Drivers can take an insurance reduction course, like the one provided by GoToTrafficSchool, if they are only interested in an insurance discount. Sometimes, drivers take an Illinois traffic school online just to gain the benefits of being educated on local laws and how to handle stressful driving situations.

The GoToTrafficSchool program is a popular online driver safety course among drivers who want to become knowledgeable and responsible on the road, because the program emphasizes real-life driving scenarios and the proper ways to react. A cheap traffic school can be hard to find, but the GoToTrafficSchool program is an affordable option chosen by many drivers in the area. Known as the best online traffic school by its students, the GoToTrafficSchool program is a common option for potential driving students.

Illinois Point System

The Illinois state driver’s license point system is administered by the Office of the Secretary of State, which assigns points to a driver’s record for traffic violations. Drivers who earn three or more violations in a year will face a license suspension. The length of the suspension will depend on the severity of points assigned for the violation. Some common violations and their points include the following:

  • Speeding one to 10 miles per hour (mph) over the limit: Five points

  • Headlight, tail light or side light violation: 10 points

  • Failing to yield at an intersection: 20 points

  • Speeding more than 25 mph over the speed limit: 50 points

  • Reckless driving: 55 points

When a driver attends an approved defensive driving course, he or she can prevent points and violations from affecting his or her record. Once the driver receives a traffic school certificate, he or she will need to turn it into the court to reduce points on his or her driver’s license.



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