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Georgia Traffic School

Georgia traffic school can be taken by resident drivers to reduce driving license points, qualify for a car insurance premium reduction or reinstate a driver’s license. GoToTrafficSchool’s defensive driving course emphasizes road safety and driver responsibility. These courses are designed to refresh drivers’ memories on the state’s traffic laws and to help them stay safe on the road. The Georgia Department of Driving Services (DDS) also offers in-person traffic school.

How to Enroll in a State-Approved Online Georgia Defensive Driving Program

You can enroll in a GA defensive driving school on GoToTrafficSchool. Signing up for a traffic school course on GoToTrafficSchool is easy, just click here and follow the 3 easy steps.

While GA online traffic school may be a convenient and appealing option for drivers, these courses are intended for those individuals who are interested in lowering their auto insurance premiums. Online traffic school courses in Georgia will not satisfy a driver’s license-related issue in most cases. You will need to contact your local court to see if they accept online courses.

Traffic school online is a great way for drivers to re-educate themselves on the rules of the road and to qualify for potential auto insurance rate discounts. The rules for attending an in-person class are strict, and the class itself can be time-consuming. Taking a Georgia traffic school online, meanwhile, is simple and can be completed at the student’s pace. Drivers who are looking for the best online traffic school to help them brush up on their driving skills can enroll in GoToTrafficSchool today for quick and convenient access.

You also have the option of attending a DMV traffic school in-person.

Georgia Court-Ordered Courses

A Georgia traffic course that has been court-ordered needs to be taken through a school that is approved by the DDS. Enrolling in a GA DMV traffic school course on GoToTrafficSchool may not meet the state’s requirements that satisfy the court order. We highly recommend contacting your court to make sure they accept our course.

Insurance Discounts in Georgia

Georgia traffic school online can be a contributing factor in helping you save money on auto insurance. A defensive driving course insurance discount is often the motivating factor for drivers to sign up for this educational course. Drivers can choose in taking their DMV insurance reduction course on GoToTrafficSchool may receive their  insurance discount once they complete and pass the course. Most auto insurance companies will accept a certificate of completion from any approved driving institution for a discount, but drivers should check with their specific auto insurance company before proceeding. A GA insurance reduction course can be taken online, making it easy for drivers to complete. Signing up for traffic school online is easy and quick with GoToTrafficSchool, and many drivers find this to be the easiest educational option on the road to qualifying for insurance discounts.

Remove Points From Georgia Driving Records

When taking a Georgia DMV point reduction course, be mindful that although most courts accept our courses, contacting your designated court is recommend to make sure they will accept the course before enrolling.

A GA defensive driving course point reduction can be made once the student has completed the course and earned a certificate of completion. To successfully use the completed traffic course as a way to reduce points, the driver must present this certificate of completion to the DDS, either by mail or in person at an office. Only state-approved, in-person courses can be used to eliminate points from driver’s licenses.

Taking a Georgia Defensive Driving Program Online

To obtain a Georgia driving school insurance discount, many drivers will turn to an online option to complete a driver’s education course. While GA DMV traffic school is not currently offered online, there are educational driving courses conveniently offered through GoToTrafficSchool that can be used to learn more about laws in the state and get car insurance discounts. This internet traffic school is a popular way to obtain state driving knowledge because the registration process is fast and simple. Receiving a driving school insurance discount through an online class can be helpful for students who are busy and cannot dedicate time to in-person class hours.

As the best online traffic school in Georgia for convenience, GoToTrafficSchool covers crucial educational material, including the state’s laws and regulations and how to safely share the road with fellow drivers and motorcyclists. Furthermore, as one of the fastest online traffic schools available, GoToTrafficSchool has gained traction with drivers all over the state. The benefit of taking defensive driving classes online is simple: you get the education you need with the convenient schedule you desire.

Enroll in an Online Georgia Defensive Driving Course Today!

GA Defensive Driving Program Courses Online vs. in Person

When comparing a Georgia driving safety course for ticket dismissal (which is taken in person) with an online course, drivers will not find many curriculum differences. Traffic school online courses still offer the same pertinent education and information about the state’s road laws and enforcements that are discussed during the in-person classes. However, there is no GA online point reduction class because the state only accepts credits from certain schools, where education is obtained in the classroom. However, traffic classes conducted in a classroom setting can be hard to schedule for many drivers who have a busy agenda or a family at home. Conveniently, a driving school insurance discount can usually be obtained through the completion of an easy and convenient online defensive driving course.

Dismissing a Traffic Ticket in GA

Georgia driving school ticket dismissal is not always as easy as simply completing the Defensive Driving Program. Drivers who are looking at ways to get their driving ticket dismissed will first need to consult with the court to find out what their options are. If the court allows you to complete a GA traffic course online to dismiss a ticket or remove demerit points, you may take this course on GoToTrafficSchool.

Remember, tickets and points on a license can increase car insurance rates and add up to an eventual suspension, so the options for dismissal and point reduction need to be explored by all drivers. By taking a point reduction course, a driver can erase points from his or her record and possibly get a ticket dismissed completely, thus improving his or her standing and preventing suspension.

If driving school ticket dismissal is the only option given by the court, the student will need to complete the six-hour in-person course at an approved driving school. A certificate of completion will be given to the graduate, and he or she will need to present this to the state’s DDS.

Internet traffic school is a convenient way to gain necessary information on safe driving practices, and in some circumstance, may be used for ticket dismissal. Drivers looking for cheap traffic school options for an educational and convenient experience can enroll with GoToTrafficSchool online to improve their driving habits and possibly receive an auto insurance discount.  

Georgia Defensive Driving Program Benefits

A GA defensive driving course point reduction is an important benefit of traffic school as it allows a driver to eliminate points (or tickets) from his or her record. Beyond that, a point reduction class is a great way for drivers to refresh their memory on the laws and rules of the road in Georgia. These defensive driving classes also prepare students to handle spontaneous and dangerous situations that can easily arise while driving. Furthermore, a traffic school completion certificate, as mentioned before, can also lead to car insurance rate discounts. In any case, all GA traffic classes are referred to interchangeably as the Defensive Driving Program or the Driver Improvement Program.

Traffic school registration in Georgia can be completed through the chosen school’s website or by phone, making it easy to sign up. Defensive driving school teaches students the critical skills they need to know to safely drive and responsibly operate a motor vehicle. The benefit of online courses is that they are available to be taken from the comfort of your home.

Enroll in a Georgia traffic school course today.

What types of defensive driving programs are offered in Georgia

There are several types of Georgia defensive driving courses offered in the state. GoToTrafficSchool however, offers  an online traffic school course, as well as an insurance reduction course.

For a GA driving school insurance discount, students can take the course online. GoToTrafficSchool offers online traffic courses in GA that are affordable, convenient and helpful for drivers. A drivers ed insurance discount can usually be applied after the regular defensive driving class has been completed and proof has been sent to the insurance company.

For defensive driving course point reduction, a driver will need to complete the Defensive Driving Program, which consists of a six-hour in-person course. This GA point reduction class will cover the basic rules and laws of the state’s road system, including the specific highway laws that need to be followed.


Georgia Point System    

A GA DMV point reduction course should be completed if a driver wants to reduce and eliminate points from his or her driver’s license. A defensive driving course certificate of completion can only be used by a driver once every five years to reduce a maximum of seven points from his or her driver’s license. Assigned violation points can range from two points for a minor offense to six points for a major conviction, like aggressive driving. A Georgia online point reduction course is currently not an option for point removal, as the classes must be taken in person at a state-approved school. In any case, a point reduction class can be taken to eliminate points from many violations, some of which include:

  • Failing to obey a traffic-control device.

  • Operating a vehicle while text messaging.

  • Traveling 15 to 18 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Once the Defensive Driving Program has been completed, the graduate can turn in the certificate of completion to the DDS for a reduction in points.



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