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Florida Online Traffic School

A Florida defensive driving course can be taken by drivers in the state to dismiss a ticket, fulfill a court-ordered requirement or obtain an insurance discount. Defensive driving schools in FL are regulated by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FDHSMV). Students can attend classroom-based FL traffic schools in person, but most drivers in the state prefer the convenience of taking a traffic course completely online. GoToTrafficSchool offers the best online traffic school programs, which are state-approved to fulfill the needs of all Florida drivers. By taking a Florida defensive driving class online through GoToTrafficSchool, students will enjoy an easy-to-use course that is completely interactive.

How to Enroll in a State-Approved Online Florida Driver Improvement Course

Traffic school registration in Florida can be completed easily using GoToTrafficSchool’s easy enrollment process. Drivers can sign up for traffic school online with GoToTrafficSchool in just three easy steps. First, select your state, county and language. Next, you will choose your traffic school course and shipping method, and then enter your personal information. To enroll in FL traffic school for ticket dismissal, students will need a 7-character citation number consisting of four numbers and three letters. To take a court-ordered driving improvement course in Florida, students will need to enter a 13-20 character case number. Then, after students complete coursework, they will receive a driving school certificate, while GoToTrafficSchool quickly and conveniently notifies the FLHSMV electronically.

Simply click here to register and begin the course at GoToTrafficSchool.

Florida Court-Ordered Courses

An FL driving safety course can be court-ordered to help a driver improve his or her driving skills and avoid a license revocation after committing certain violations. A driver will be required to take a driving improvement class in Florida if he or she commits violations such as reckless driving, highway racing, running a red light or causing an accident in which someone was transported to the hospital. GoToTrafficSchool offers a Florida 4-Hour Court Ordered Driver Improvement Class that lets drivers fulfill this requirement in the most convenient, fun and efficient way possible. Drivers can also register for an 8-Hour Court Ordered Intermediate Driver Improvement Course through GoToTrafficSchool if they are mandated by a judge to take this course.

Insurance Discounts in Florida

Voluntarily attending a driver improvement school in FL can come with additional benefits to save you money. When a driver voluntarily completes a Florida driving safety course for ticket dismissal after receiving a ticket for a non-criminal violation, he or she may be eligible to receive a discount on car insurance premiums. FL traffic classes help drivers improve their safety and reduce accidents, which translates to fewer claims and more savings for an insurance company. Extending a defensive driving course insurance discount is up to the insurance company, but most companies will offer the discount. Driving school insurance discounts are not offered for required traffic courses, but attending a required traffic school program can keep a driver’s insurance rates from increasing. GoToTrafficSchool offers online traffic school courses that can help a driver to reduce or maintain current insurance premium rates from anywhere, according to his or her schedule.

Remove Points From Florida Driving Records

While there is no specific  point reduction course in Florida, going to traffic school for speeding tickets and other non-criminal moving violations allows drivers to prevent points from appearing on their license. Before enrolling in the four-hour Basic Driving Improvement course, the driver will need to inform the clerk of courts within 30 days of receiving a ticket that he or she has elected to participate in a Driver Improvement course to dismiss the ticket. Drivers can voluntarily attend a Florida driver improvement program to dismiss a ticket once every twelve months, but they may elect this option no more than five times in their lifetime. Taking a state-approved FL defensive driving course online with GoToTrafficSchool is the most enjoyable and effective way to make sure you keep points off your license to avoid insurance rate increases and license suspensions.

Florida Driver Improvement Courses

Florida driver improvement courses emphasize defensive driving techniques, and they serve as a helpful refresher course for some. A typical defensive driving class will cover specific topics like the rules of the road, traffic laws and sharing the road with bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists. Taking a Florida traffic course is common amongst drivers who receive a speeding ticket or who must fulfill a court order. While in-person driver improvement schools, also known as DMV traffic schools, are still available in Florida, most drivers prefer to attend a state-approved online traffic program these days. GoToTrafficSchool offers the best defensive driving courses in FL that can all be completed according to your own schedule. Register today to complete your court-ordered requirements or to avoid the penalties associated with violations.

Taking a Florida Driver Improvement Course Online

Online FL driving improvement classes simplify the process of traffic school registration and course completion. GoToTrafficSchool’s online defensive driving training programs are entirely interactive, and students can complete the whole process from any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. A major benefit of attending GoToTrafficSchool’s internet traffic school in FL is taking the course at your own pace with the ability to start-and-stop the course as needed. GoToTrafficSchool’s easy-to-navigate interface and engaging lessons will prepare students for the final GTTS exam, which they have five attempts to complete with a score of 80 percent or higher.

Enroll in an Online Florida Defensive Driving Course Today!

FL Driver Improvement Course Online vs. in Person

Florida defensive driving classes can be taken online or in person. However, classroom-based traffic school locations can be inconvenient for many Florida drivers, especially those who may currently have a license suspension. Classroom-based driver safety training programs also require students to be present in class for long blocks of time that might not be possible for busy drivers who need to meet a court deadline. An FL online driver safety course from GoToTrafficSchool will require the same minimum time requirements set by the state, but students can work on the material whenever they want, in blocks of time as short or as long as needed. With a variety of exercises and the option to upgrade to an audio-based read-along format, GoToTrafficSchool’s programs match students’ unique learning styles.

Dismissing a Traffic Ticket in FL

Can defensive driving remove tickets in Florida? Yes, a defensive driving course can be used to dismiss a ticket for a non-criminal moving violation, thereby preventing a driver from receiving points on his or her license and facing higher insurance rates. Drivers can elect to take a state-approved FL driving school for ticket dismissal once every twelve months, for a lifetime total of five times. GoToTrafficSchool’s four-hour Basic Driver Improvement program is approved by the FLHSMV for the dismissal of eligible violations. Get your driving school ticket dismissal in the most convenient way possible by enrolling with GoToTrafficSchool today.

Florida Driver Improvement Course Benefits

Florida state approved defensive driving courses have many benefits for new and experienced drivers. During a safe driving class in FL, drivers will learn to identify unsafe behaviors, understand defensive driving skills and avoid common driving errors. By taking an FL safe driving course, drivers will learn how to prevent accidents and steer clear of future moving violations. A safety driving course will also explain the various Florida traffic laws that drivers must know to stay safe.

Taking a driver safety course brings many additional benefits. Students who receive a driving school certificate of completion will be able to receive insurance discounts. Insurance companies offer a discount for safe drivers who present a traffic school certificate as proof that they have taken the appropriate steps to practice safe driving and to avoid costly accidents. Certain defensive driving courses can also help drivers to reinstate a suspended license. Eligible drivers can attend FL defensive driving for ticket dismissal, which keeps points off a driving record and prevents insurance premiums from becoming more expensive. Traffic school costs are worth these benefits, and GoToTrafficSchool’s affordable traffic school program will exceed every driver’s expectations, as it can be used to meet all of the above requirements.

What types of driver improvement courses are offered in Florida?

The Florida driving improvement courses offered by GoToTrafficSchool include the four main types. The Florida four-hour Basic Driver Improvement course is taken by drivers voluntarily to dismiss eligible traffic violations and obtain an insurance reduction. Another online traffic school program offered by GoToTrafficSchool is the Florida four-hour Court Ordered Driver Improvement course. This driving safety course is required for drivers who have received violations for certain offenses, such as reckless driving, highway racing or passing a stopped school bus. Additionally, the 12-hour Advanced Driver Improvement class is required for certain drivers, including those who have had their license suspended by court order or due to repeated non-DUI traffic offenses. If mandated by a judge, drivers can also register for an eight-hour Intermediate Driver Improvement course.

No matter which online traffic school program Florida drivers must take, GoToTrafficSchool is the best when it comes to convenience and affordability.  

Florida Point System

An FL traffic course from GoToTrafficSchool can help you to avoid getting points on your record. Once a driver has points on his or her record, insurance rates increase, and the driver runs the risk of having his or her license suspended. The length of suspension depends on the amount of points earned. Penalties for having too many points on a FL driving record include the following:

  • A 30-day suspension for 12 points earned over 12 months

  • A three-month suspension for 18 points earned over 18 months

  • A one year suspension for 24 points earned over 36 months

Drivers accumulate points quickly, as each citation in Florida is worth three to six points. This means that two six-point citations can put drivers over the threshold for a suspension. A driver safety course can be taken to reinstate your license. Drivers can attend GoToTrafficSchool’s low price traffic school program to reinstate a license or to avoid paying traffic tickets and facing license points in the first place.



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