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Connecticut Online Traffic School

Connecticut traffic school retrains drivers on the rules of the road as well as how to prevent accidents. CT defensive driving classes are under the management of the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Enrolling in online traffic classes with GoToTrafficSchool is the easiest way to complete driver retraining.

How to Enroll in a State-Accepted Online Connecticut Operator Retraining Program

Traffic school in Connecticut goes by the legal name of Operational Retraining Program, but many refer to the curriculum as defensive driving or driver improvement. CT defensive driving school is available for motorists who wish to improve their driving skills or need to fulfill legal obligations. Signing up for CT online traffic school is a convenient method to complete court-ordered or voluntary instruction. Court-mandated traffic courses are common for drivers cited with too many traffic violations. Likewise, state motorists opt for DMV approved traffic schools voluntarily to dismiss tickets, reduce points or receive a discount on auto insurance. DMV approved online traffic schools are the most convenient method to capitalize on the benefits of driver retraining.

The best traffic schools in Connecticut provide comprehensive driver training in a fun and interactive manner. Completing a driver improvement course online offers students a way to review the material by video, audio or simply reading the chapters. After signing up with GoToTrafficSchool using the digital traffic school registration form, operator-retraining students have the option to take the course in one sitting or in multiple sessions. Drivers looking for the fastest online traffic school in CT can complete the course at an expedient pace. Once enrolled students finish the defensive driving course, they will receive a traffic school certificate of competition by mail to furnish to court, driving authorities and insurance companies.

Connecticut Court Ordered Courses

A CT defensive driving course may be mandatory for some state drivers. The CT DMV may order DMV traffic school for motorists convicted of multiple moving violations. DMV driving improvement classes are obligatory for drivers 24 years of age and younger who have obtained two or more violation convictions or suspension violations. Similarly, a driving improvement course is a requirement for motorists 25 years of age and older with three or more inciting incidences.

Drivers required to take a DMV defensive driving course have a deadline for completion. Students will receive a driving school certificate of completion at the end of the course, which they must present to the DMV or court. Failure to complete a CT driver improvement program within the allotted time can result in a driver’s license suspension. DMV driver improvement classes are available in person at a local DMV office or online. Drivers should verify that they are eligible to take DMV approved online traffic school courses from GoToTrafficSchool to meet court ordered requirements.

Insurance Discounts in Connecticut

Enrolling in an affordable traffic school in Connecticut may result in a lower auto insurance rate. Similar to the drivers ed insurance discount for new drivers who learn safe driving habits initially, most providers offer discounts for drivers who take the Operational Retraining Program. A defensive driving course insurance discount can range from five to 20 percent, depending on the insurance company. The reason drivers receive a driving school insurance discount is because insurance companies know drivers become more knowledgeable and safer after taking a course. This means less accidents and claims, saving money for all parties involved while keeping drivers safe. The insurance reduction course available from GoToTrafficSchool can save policyholders hundreds each year following completion of the course. By furnishing a driving school certificate to insurance companies, drivers are demonstrating a commitment to safe driving practices and improving their driving record.  Delivery of the online traffic school certificate of completion can go directly to the student within 24 hours.

Remove Points from Connecticut Driving Record

Driver improvement school in Connecticut cannot remove existing points from a driving record but can dismiss traffic tickets. Taking defensive driving for ticket dismissal in CT can prevent new points from adding to a driver’s accumulative total. To take traffic school for speeding tickets and moving violations, a driver will need to attend the court date for his or her violation and ask the judge to enroll in a course. Since traffic violations acceptable for driving school ticket dismissal and point avoidance are minor infractions, offenders should ask if their violation is suitable for dismissal by completing online traffic school with GoToTrafficSchool. DMV online traffic school can help keep driving record clean and driving points low by dismissing new tickets. Online driver safety training can also prevent future points by teaching drivers about local driving laws and appropriate driving behaviors. The state valuates points from moving violations for up to 24 months from the assessment date.  

Connecticut Operator Retraining Program

Defensive driving training in Connecticut teaches drivers how to be safer on the road, following all signs and local laws as well as how to avoid future tickets and accidents. CT DMV traffic school focuses on principle vehicle operation, safe driving practices and subduing aggressive driving behavior. Since the safe driving course in CT is mandatory for resident drivers who acquire too many moving violations, the curriculum’s intent is to produce conscious motorists who respect traffic laws and other drivers on the road. The driver safety program is a four-hour course that has multiple chapters with section quizzes and a final exam. A Connecticut safety driving course will also refresh drivers’ knowledge on operating vehicles in hazardous weather like driving in snow, navigating over black ice and hydroplaning. Drivers who take a driver improvement class will know how to avoid accidents and traffic violations, which can save money in the long run. Upon completion of traffic school in CT, enrolled students receive a copy of their driving school certificate and a copy is available for delivery to courts, if required. Drivers court-ordered to complete a defensive driving course must complete the course before the deadline or risk suspension in addition to late restoration fees. Drivers who complete mandatory the Operator Retraining Program must refrain from additional moving violations for 36 consecutive months following completion or risk suspension. The CT online driver safety course with GoToTrafficSchool offers the lowest price traffic school for state drivers.

Taking a Connecticut Operator Retraining Program Online

Enrolling in traffic school online rather than in person presents different opportunities for drivers. While online defensive driving training covers the same material as instructor-led classes, an online driver safety course has videos, read along texts and interactive tools. Internet traffic school courses are the most convenient option for state motorists. The defensive driving course online is easy to understand so students can complete and pass the course promptly for court cases, ticket dismissals and safe driving discounts. Online courses allow students to learn with the method that best works for their needs by providing multiple formats like acoustic and visual.  

Online traffic school registration with GoToTrafficSchool is a simple one-step process. The biggest benefit of enrolling in the best online traffic school is being able to work at your own pace from anywhere with an internet connection. Students are able to finish the course in one or multiple sessions at a steadfast or leisurely pace. The low price traffic school course is simple to complete, even for drivers who are not technically skilled. Getting a driving school certificate of completion is also easy, as enrollees can choose a delivery method and receive the certificate within 24 hours.

Enroll in an Online Connecticut Defensive Driving Course Today!

CT Operator Retraining Program Online vs. in Person

An internet driving course has more benefits than an in-person course. Drivers who attend a defensive driving class must remain for the full four hours of class time, whereas online courses allow students to stop and start instruction when opportune. Fast online traffic schools also permit enrollees to speed through the material to finish faster or take their time for better comprehension. When taking an online traffic school, drivers can work at their preferred pace. Likewise, drivers can complete online courses during times that fit their work or school schedule. Correspondingly, online driving safety courses are not subject to cancellations and rescheduling due to inclement weather.

Drivers with suspended licenses need to consider transportation to traffic school locations. Traffic school costs are lower with online courses when considering public and hired transportation to attend the in-person classes. As such, enrolling in online courses through GoToTrafficSchool is the affordable, conducive and user-friendly option.  

Dismissing a Traffic Ticket in CT

Internet traffic courses in Connecticut can dismiss a traffic ticket and avoid the associated points. Drivers can voluntarily enroll in a traffic school for ticket dismissal after pleading not guilty to a minor traffic violation. A cheap traffic school may be an option depending on the infraction and the discretion of the court. Electing defensive driving school is one of three ways drivers can have a ticket dismissed in addition to going to court and paying the fine. Instructions for paying a ticket are on the ticket itself. The ticket will also have a court date where Connecticut residents can attend and dispute the ticket.

Whenever possible drivers should elect to take a CT DMV defensive driving course to dismiss a ticket, as fines are typically more expensive than classes and court hearings are subject to additional fees if found guilty of the charge. Drivers should confirm with the court about opting to dismiss moving violations from their record by competing a fast online traffic school course with GoToTrafficSchool. Offenders can sign up for convenient and fast online classes here.  

Connecticut Operator Retraining Program Benefits

Taking a CT driving improvement class has several benefits for resident drivers. State approved defensive driving training can be a substitution for fines and points earned through a ticket dismissal. In addition, the best defensive driving course teaches motorists how to avoid incurring a ticket in the future. A safe driving class can instruct students on basic driving principles they may have missed during initial instruction as well as comprehensive preventative measures made standard by the state. Many mature drivers learn how to operate a motor vehicle from parents, family members and friends who may not know the fundamentals or best driving practices for the state of Connecticut. In some cases, traffic school can refresh drivers on how to handle emergencies and make them aware of local driving laws. New residents of the state can learn how to handle driving in New England’s winters like operating a vehicle in low visibility due to snow, rain and fog. Since the best defensive driving course instructs motorists to avoid accidents and violations, auto insurance providers are apt to give enrollees discounts on premiums. Enrolling in GoToTrafficSchool’s defensive driving course online allows drivers to take advantage of the above benefits from the convenience of their home, school or workplace.

What types of driving courses are offered in Connecticut?

Connecticut driver improvement courses are available online at GoToTrafficSchool or in person at local DMV offices. Drivers can elect to take an insurance reduction course or the CT Operator Retraining course.  The insurance reduction course is specifically for discounts on auto insurance premiums whereas the other available courses can fulfill other legal requirements. Depending on the court and the violation, offenders can take a defensive driving class online to dismiss tickets or meet court mandates. The mandatory CT driver safety training for offenders is different from the drivers education program for teenage and first-time adult drivers. While the traffic school course for operator retraining is four hours, the initial drivers education is approximately 30 classroom hours and 40 hours of driving practice. The CT driver improvement course is for drivers who have multiple moving violations including driving more than 75 miles per hour in work zones. The classes are for drivers of all ages and are available on a voluntarily basis. During a CT defensive driving course, drivers will learn about accident prevention, safe following distances, proper passing, vehicle safety features and Connecticut traffic laws. In all cases, drivers will need to verify with the DMV or insurance office if the online defensive driving course meets the intended purpose.

Connecticut Point System

Although there are no specific point reduction courses in CT presently, drivers can prevent DMV officials from adding new points to their license. Drivers will need to enroll in a driving school for ticket dismissal to avoid having points added to their driving record. Registering for traffic school classes with GoToTrafficSchool may be able to prevent points from accumulation to a driver’s total.

Every ticket infraction is worth a predetermined amount of points. For example, speeding is worth one point while passing a stopped school bus is worth four points. All points stay on a driving record for two years in Connecticut. A defensive driving course can remove a ticket and the associated points from a driving record but having too many points can lead to a license suspension. The Connecticut DMV point system for suspensions is as follows:

  • At six points drivers receive a written warning

  • At ten points driver’s license suspension for one month

  • 20 points within 24 months drivers lose driving privileges for two years

Connecticut considers reckless driving, vehicular assault, refusing to stop and driving with a suspended license as immediate grounds for suspension for one month to five years. A point reduction course cannot be used for serious infractions or reinstating a suspended license.



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