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Arkansas Online Traffic School

Traffic school in Arkansas helps drivers to maintain the safety of the roadways. An AR defensive driving course is available to drivers who would like to improve their driving skills, earn a car insurance discount or dismiss current traffic citations. While drivers can take AR traffic classes in person, most prefer the convenience of taking classes with an online traffic school like GoToTrafficSchool.

Enroll in a State-Accepted Online Arkansas Defensive Driving Course

Defensive driving training in Arkansas is available in a few different formats. Online traffic school is available to students who would prefer to complete the course outside of a classroom setting. Taking an Arkansas defensive driving course online allows drivers to finish quickly or complete the class in several short sessions. Traffic school registration is easy when drivers choose to enroll with GoToTrafficSchool. Drivers can simply click here to begin a state-accepted defensive driving course that suits their needs.

Arkansas Court-Ordered Courses

Enrolling in an AR defensive driving school may be mandatory for drivers who were ordered by the court to complete a traffic course. A driver improvement course is sometimes required for drivers who have received multiple traffic citations or have committed certain violations. Defensive driving classes in Arkansas are offered to drivers who need to relearn safe driving skills and brush up on their knowledge of traffic laws. Completing a defensive driving class online through GoToTrafficSchool allows drivers to fulfill mandatory driver retraining requirements set by an Arkansas court in the most efficient and comfortable way possible. Before enrolling in an AR driver safety course, drivers should check with the court to see if they are personally eligible to fulfill their court order with an online traffic course.

Insurance Discounts in Arkansas

A defensive driving course insurance discount in Arkansas is available to drivers who want to save on their car insurance premiums. Completing an AR insurance reduction course allows drivers to receive reduced rates on car insurance, because insurance companies know that these drivers will be unlikely to cause costly accidents. After completing a course, students receive a driving school certificate, which they can submit to their insurance company in exchange for a better premium rate. Obtaining an Arkansas driving school insurance discount is even easier when drivers take an internet traffic course. GoToTrafficSchool offers the best online traffic school course for insurance reduction. The program lets drivers work on getting their discount using any internet-connected device from anywhere they wish.

Remove Points from Arkansas Driving Record

Defensive driving school in Arkansas may be an option for drivers who want to avoid damaging their driving record. Completing traffic school for ticket dismissal can help drivers prevent the consequences of a recent traffic violation. Typically, an AR driving school ticket dismissal will allow drivers to avoid the associated points on their driving record. In Arkansas, these points are added to a driver’s license for traffic offenses. Insurance rates can increase as drivers earn points, and a total of 14 points can result in a driver’s license suspension in Arkansas.

A driving improvement course can help drivers to dismiss points associated with a ticket. Even if a driver is ineligible for ticket dismissal, a driver improvement class will enhance his or her safe driving habits and prevent him or her from committing traffic offenses. Enrolling in an Arkansas internet traffic school course with GoToTrafficSchool provides best way to a clean driving record. To see if they are eligible to attend driving school for ticket dismissal, drivers should check with their court in Arkansas before enrolling.

Arkansas Defensive Driving Courses

The best traffic schools in AR provide training to individuals who want to improve their driving, receive discounts on car insurance premiums or avoid receiving points on their driving record. A driving safety course teaches current traffic regulations in Arkansas and shows drivers how to follow various road patterns and conditions safely. The AR safe driving class curriculum focuses on avoiding bad driving habits that could potentially be fatal to drivers on the road. Traffic courses usually include a final exam that students must pass to get course credit. Students receive a traffic school certificate after successfully passing the exam.

Taking an Arkansas Defensive Driving Course Online

Taking traffic school online in Arkansas allows drivers to meet course requirements in the comfort of their home, office or anywhere else with a device and internet connection. Fast online traffic school in AR allows drivers to meet the requirements of the course to take care of a traffic ticket before it negatively impacts their driving record.  

The best internet traffic schools present a course that is easy to understand and navigate on all devices, including a driver’s laptop, home computer, tablet or phone. Registering for an affordable traffic school course with GoToTrafficSchool is a quick and simple way to begin a seamless driving course experience. GoToTrafficSchool’s driving improvement classes do not require specific computer software, and drivers can complete the easy-to-follow traffic course on their own time. Drivers who wish to enhance their safe driving skills but have a busy schedule will benefit from an online traffic class.

Enroll in an Online Arkansas Defensive Driving Course Today!

AR Defensive Driving Courses Online vs. in Person

Drivers can take traffic school classes online or in a classroom setting. An AR defensive driving class, also referred to as DMV traffic school, will require drivers to meet with a group and instructor at a certain time that may be inconvenient for some drivers. Furthermore, traffic school locations in Arkansas may be located too far out of the way for many drivers.

An Arkansas online driver safety course is an option for busy drivers who have a schedule that conflicts with attending a class. Drivers can take GoToTrafficSchool’s low price traffic school courses on their own time while easily meeting the course requirements. Using GoToTrafficSchool’s start-and-stop capabilities, drivers can exit the course at any moment and continue where they left off at another convenient time.

Dismissing a Traffic Ticket in AR

Arkansas safe driving courses may be beneficial to drivers who wish to improve their safe driving skills and have a pending traffic ticket thrown out. Defensive driving for ticket dismissal in AR can help drivers to keep points and violations off their driving record while gaining necessary skills to prevent future traffic offenses. Enrolling in traffic school for speeding tickets and other violations can help drivers to relearn defensive driving habits and keep the roadways safe. Before enrolling in a driving safety course for ticket dismissal through GoToTrafficSchool, drivers should contact the Arkansas court handling their case to see if they are eligible to take online traffic school for ticket dismissal.

Arkansas Defensive Driving Course Benefits

Driver improvement programs in Arkansas offer many benefits to drivers looking to improve their safe driving skills. A safety driving course covers defensive driving habits, updated Arkansas traffic laws and how to share the roadway with other vehicles. Completing driver safety training in AR can prevent drivers from developing dangerous driving habits and giving in to road rage. In addition, completing an Arkansas driver safety program can even lower a driver’s car insurance premium and may allow drivers to dismiss traffic citations and tickets.

Online traffic classes offer drivers flexibility when it comes to completing a course where and when it is most convenient. The low traffic school cost at GoToTrafficSchool is well worth the many benefits to drivers of all ages and experience levels.

What types of defensive driving courses are offered in Arkansas?  

Driver improvement schools in Arkansas offer a few course varieties. General defensive driving classes may help a driver fulfill court-ordered traffic school requirements or have a pending ticket dismissed. Depending on a driver’s insurance company, these defensive driving courses may also help drivers to lower their insurance rates. An AR insurance reduction course is available to drivers who specifically want to receive car insurance discounts. After completing this course, drivers can receive a driving school certificate of completion that they can then submit to their auto insurance company in exchange for a reduced premium rate. Taking a defensive driving course online is an option for drivers who prefer some flexibility and convenience.

Arkansas Point System

Arkansas uses an Administrative Point system that allows law enforcement to recognize if someone needs driver retraining. Depending on the severity of a traffic violation, drivers receive anywhere between three and fourteen points for each infraction. A minor speeding ticket can assess three points to a driver’s record, whereas a reckless driving violation can cause a driver to accumulate up to eight points. Penalties for accumulating points include the following:

  • 10-13 points – Driver receives a warning letter

  • 14 or more points – Driver receives notice of a proposed suspension and hearing

  • 14-17 points – Driver may face three-month license suspension

  • 18-23 points – Driver may face six-month license suspension

  • 24 or more points – Driver may face one-year license suspension  

Enrolling in an AR traffic school for less, like GoToTrafficSchool, can help a driver to prevent an accumulation of points and avoid consequences such as a higher insurance rate or a license suspension. Completing a cheap traffic school course online through GoToTrafficSchool allows drivers to improve their driving record in the comfort of their own home at a comfortable pace.


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