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Arizona Online Traffic School

Arizona defensive driving classes can benefit drivers in several ways. Defensive driving courses in AZ are available in two versions: a Diversion course, which is a voluntary form of traffic school for ticket dismissal, and a Non-Diversion course, which is a court-ordered course that some drivers are required to take. AZ defensive driving schools are approved and regulated by the Arizona Supreme Court, while the Arizona Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) oversees driver license services and vehicle services. Arizona traffic classes can be completed in a classroom setting, but most drivers in the state prefer the fun and convenience of taking state-approved online traffic classes like those offered by GoToTrafficSchool.

Eligibility Requirements to Attend a Defensive Driving Course

A driver is eligible to enroll in a Defensive Driving Course if he or she meets the following requirements:

  • The driver has not attended a Defensive Driving Course within the last twelve months.  Eligibility to attend is based on the date of the current violation not on the date a Defensive Driving Course was last attended.
  • The driver has an eligible traffic violation.  Attendance can only result in the dismissal of one violation.

  • If the driver was involved in an accident that resulted in serious injury or death, he or she is not eligible to attend.

  • Those with commercial driver's licenses are not eligible for the Defensive Driving Diversion program, regardless of whether they were operating a commercial vehicle at the time.

  • The course must be completed at least seven days prior to the court date.

  • If the judge orders the attendance of a specific class, the driver must register for that class.

  • To register for this Defensive Driving Course, the driver must enter information from the traffic citation and government-issued identification.  Payment is only required before the final exam.

How to Enroll in a State-Approved Online Arizona Defensive Driving Course

Traffic school registration in AZ is an easy process when drivers conduct it online through GoToTrafficSchool. Drivers can enroll in a Diversion (Ticket Dismissal) driver improvement course in Arizona if:

  • They have an eligible traffic violation.

  • They complete the course at least seven days prior to their arraignment date.

  • At least 12 months have passed between the date of the violation and the last time the driver dismissed a ticket by taking a defensive driving course.

A Non-Diversion (Court-Ordered) driving improvement course must be referred by a court. To learn more about your eligibility for the best defensive driving courses and get more information on the registration process, simply click here and get started with GoToTrafficSchool’s online programs today.

Arizona Court-Ordered Courses

As mentioned, completing an AZ driver improvement class can be ordered by an Arizona court. A court-ordered Non-Diversion defensive driving school program must be completed by a certain date. Drivers can attend an in-person driving improvement class, but finding the freedom to meet at a certain place and time is difficult for drivers with a busy schedule. Drivers who have to satisfy a court-ordered driver improvement program in Arizona requirement can register today to take GoToTrafficSchool’s state-approved Non-Diversion defensive driving course.

Insurance Discounts in Arizona

Attending a defensive driving class in AZ is a great way to reduce monthly car insurance payments. When a driver presents a driving school certificate to his or her insurance company, most car insurance companies will offer premiums at discounted rates for a certain period. In Arizona, the drivers ed insurance discount can be extended to students who voluntarily complete a defensive driving course. While drivers need to have an eligible violation to attend defensive driving courses in Arizona, a defensive driving course insurance discount can serve as an added bonus. Individuals who take an Arizona driver safety course demonstrate that they are invested in being safe drivers, which gives insurance companies incentive to offer premium discounts.

Drivers who attend an AZ driver improvement school like GoToTrafficSchool can experience lower insurance rates in other ways. A Diversion driving safety course dismisses a ticket and therefore allows drivers to avoid having points added to their driving record, keeping insurance rates down. Drivers who take either type of safe driving course are reintroduced to driving safety concepts that can help them avoid accidents and violations in the future. Ready to enroll in traffic school? Get traffic school for less with GoToTrafficSchool!

Remove Points from Arizona Driving Record

No point reduction class is available in Arizona. Attending traffic school in Arizona cannot remove points from a license once the points are recorded. However, the Diversion driving safety course for ticket dismissal can be used to dismiss traffic citations that would otherwise add points to a driver’s license. If the driver completes the AZ safe driving class no more than seven days before the court date, the ticket will be completely dismissed. The driver will no longer be responsible for any ticket fees, and he or she will not have any points added to their driving record. Attending driving school for ticket dismissal is important, as drivers who receive too many points on their record will get their driver’s license suspended or revoked. If you have an eligible traffic violation, register for a fast online traffic school program at GoToTrafficSchool and be certain that unnecessary points will not affect your record.

Arizona Defensive Driving Courses

Arizona requires and encourages safe driving class attendance as a measure to improve the overall quality of driving on the road. AZ Safe driving courses are for drivers who want to dismiss a ticket or fulfill a court-ordered requirement. Driver safety training in Arizona can be taken by drivers who meet eligibility requirements, and courses will teach drivers how to be defensive on the road while reintroducing them to state road rules. Earning a traffic school certificate from an approved defensive driving school like GoToTrafficSchool is a great way to save money by having a traffic fine dismissed or a car insurance premium lowered. Looking for a low price traffic school in Arizona to help you save money? Register for affordable traffic school now with GoToTrafficSchool!

Taking an Arizona Defensive Driving Course Online

Arizona online traffic school is rapidly growing in popularity because of its convenience and flexibility. Attending traffic school online in AZ is perfectly acceptable to meet court requirements or have a ticket dismissed, as long as the program is approved by the state of Arizona. The curriculum for the defensive driving class online in Arizona is similar to that of the traditional class, but the course comes with many additional advantages. Those who take GoToTrafficSchool’s defensive driving class online will encounter helpful scenarios, diagrams and videos to make the learning process a little easier and more engaging than a classroom-based traffic school experience.

When attending in-person defensive driving classes, which are also commonly referred to as DMV traffic school programs, drivers are required to be present for the entire length, which ranges from four to 4.5 hours. Many people interested in taking a defensive driving course may be concerned about the lack of flexibility in their schedules to devote to a class. Applying for an AZ online driver safety course is a great solution for prospective students with busy schedules. While GoToTrafficSchool’s internet traffic school programs comply with Arizona’s four- to 4.5-hour defensive driving school length requirements, students who choose GoToTrafficSchool can save their progress at any time, stop the course and re-start whenever they wish. This internet traffic school benefit allows students to work on the course whenever it is convenient for them to do so, without requiring them to cut out a large block of time from a busy schedule or make it on time to an inconvenient location. The material may be accessed at anytime, anywhere, as long as the student has an electronic device with access to the internet.

Enroll in an Online Arizona Defensive Driving Course Today!

AZ Defensive Driving Courses Online vs. In Person

Most drivers would prefer to take an AZ defensive driving course online instead of in a traditional classroom setting, because they will not have to adjust their schedules, and they can complete the class at home or some other convenient location with internet access. Traffic school locations in Arizona may be inconvenient for many students to access. The driver safety training certificate of completion must be turned in to the judge seven days before the driver’s court date. Registering now with the best online traffic school in AZ, GoToTrafficSchool, ensures that you have the time to get your coursework done before your court date. GoToTrafficSchool conveniently sends the traffic school certificate directly to the student and promptly notifies the appropriate court about the student’s completion.  

Dismissing a Traffic Ticket in AZ

An Arizona driver improvement course can be used to dismiss outstanding traffic citations, as long as the violation is eligible for ticket dismissal. Drivers can attend a state approved defensive driving school once every twelve months to dismiss a traffic citation. In Arizona, attending traffic school for speeding tickets and other eligible violations will dismiss only one infraction at a time. If the driver is able to complete a driving school ticket dismissal course and present a driving school certificate of completion to the court, the charges will be dropped. Drivers must submit the driving school certificate at least seven days before the court hearing to avoid the point penalty. Take a state-approved defensive driving course online with GoToTrafficSchool and ensure that you get your coursework completed on time while learning and having fun.

Arizona Defensive Driving Course Benefits

AZ Defensive driving training programs provide incredible benefits for students who pass the final exam. Students who complete state approved defensive driving school can be eligible to earn a driving school insurance discount, and they can prevent points from being added to their driver’s license record. Those taking a court-ordered traffic course will ensure that they meet court requirement while avoiding violations and accidents down the road. Most drivers approach Arizona driving improvement courses as a preventative measure that provides the immediate benefits of ticket dismissal or fulfilling court requirements with the long-term benefit of becoming a safe driver. Apply for traffic school with GoToTrafficSchool today to earn all of these benefits and more!

What types of defensive driving courses are offered in Arizona?

Arizona defensive driving courses come in two different types. A Diversion (aka Ticket Dismissal) driver safety program is a four-hour traffic safety course that drivers can take once every twelve months to have an outstanding ticket dismissed for an eligible violation. The Diversion driver safety course must be completed no more than seven days before the court date listed on the violation. A Non-Diversion driving safety course is also a four-hour traffic course, but drivers must be court-ordered to attend. Both defensive driving training programs help drivers to become familiar with state traffic laws and become safer drivers. Additionally, drivers may be eligible for a defensive driving course insurance discount after they present the traffic school certificate of completion to their auto insurance company. No matter your reason for attending, GoToTrafficSchool’s online traffic school programs will provide an engaging traffic school experience that lets you accomplish your goals on your own time.

Arizona Point System

Arizona traffic school programs can be used to prevent points from being added to a driver’s license. There is no point reduction course in AZ, and points cannot be removed from a license once they are confirmed. However, if a driver attends a driver improvement class after committing a traffic violation, he or she can have the associated points waived. The Arizona MVD assesses points for infractions on a driver’s record, and the amount of points assessed will depend on the severity of the violation. The following are some examples of some infractions and their corresponding weight in points:

  • Three points: Speeding, driving over a gore area

  • Four points: Running a stop sign or traffic light

  • Six points: Hit-and-run, fleeing the scene of an accident

  • Eight points: Driving while under the influence, reckless or aggressive driving

Traffic school in AZ cannot be used for certain traffic violations. Defensive driving for ticket dismissal in Arizona is not an option when it comes to felonies that are committed in a vehicle. Arizona traffic course completion is not able to save a license from suspension after a driver commits a severe traffic infraction. Serious traffic violations are grounds for immediate license suspension in Arizona. These violations include:

  • Vehicular assault or homicide.

  • Engaging in a drive by shooting.

  • Committing a felony with a vehicle.

  • Driving under the influence of illegal drugs.

  • Hit-and-run accidents.

To prevent any eligible violation from making its mark on your record, enroll in one of GoToTrafficSchool’s online traffic school programs today.

Refund Policy

Once you have agreed to the terms of the course and have submitted payment, the State of Arizona requires that there be no refunds for any court or state fees unless:

  • An officer fails to file a citation with a court and the cited person attends a diversion course for that citation.
  • When a citation is dismissed by a jurisdictional court on its own motion, for technical problems that are not correctable under civil traffic rules (rules of the court).
  • The court requests the refund to be granted.

Refunds for the defensive driving course fee may be given at our discretion or if system problems that are not related to the student's computer and or Internet service cause the student to be unable to complete the course. If a course fee refund is granted, it will be sent by the same method as the original payment.

Arizona Supreme Court

For more information, visit the Arizona Supreme Court website or call their toll-free number at 1-888-334-5565.


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