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Alabama Online Traffic School

Traffic school, known as defensive driving school in the state of Alabama, is a series of courses that are offered to help residents become better drivers. A defensive driving course may be taken on GoToTrafficSchool to get rid of a traffic ticket or to improve car insurance premium rates. Alabama traffic school registration is available for DMV-accepted online traffic school, or for courses that are taken in person.

How to Enroll in a State Approved Online Alabama Defensive Driving Course

Enrollment for defensive driving classes in Alabama is available for most drivers who have a license. DMV-accepted traffic schools are available for registration for either online, as a quick and convenient option, or in person. The three main methods of enrolling in defensive driving courses in AL are through the court system, through a car insurance company, or through the Alabama Department of Public Safety (DPS). Alternatively, for best online traffic school in Alabama, register online with GTTS.
To begin the traffic school registration process for general purposes, contact the Alabama Department of Public Safety. Please note that some counties in Alabama only offer traffic classes to individuals who have appeared in court for a traffic ticket. If this is the case, more information on how to enroll in a defensive driving course will be given on the court date. In some instances, an infraction may be too severe to be waived.

If lowering a monthly car insurance payment is the main reason why defensive driving school is needed, please contact the insurance company. Individual insurance providers will have more information on the insurance reduction course in AL and who is eligible to receive lower premiums. 
Traffic school is also an option if removing points on a license is your biggest concern. There are online point reduction courses in AL that are accepted by courts throughout the state. Upon completing such a course, points can be erased from your state driver’s license. Let the judge in your case know that you would like to take a GoToTrafficSchool online course to settle your traffic violation in order to verify that the court will accept an online class.

Court Ordered

Alabama state-accepted defensive driving courses are sometimes offered to drivers who have gotten traffic citations, usually for minor infractions. Traffic classes improve the driver’s abilities while dismissing the traffic ticket from his or her record, if successfully completed. The first appearance date for court is usually printed at the top of the ticket. If recommended by the judge, more information about Alabama traffic school registration will be relayed after appearing in court. In some counties in Alabama, traffic school enrollment may only be completed through the court, but most allow the course to be taken online. Before enrolling in your traffic school course on GoToTrafficSchool, it is recommended you ask the court if the course is accepted.

When traffic school is offered by a judge, the court will provide information on how to register. A judge will decide if defensive driving training will be effective at correcting a driver’s behavior. Defensive driving school is typically recommended if the offense was minor. The driver will have to present the driving school certificate to the judge after completing the defensive driving course within a set time limit in order to have the traffic infraction waived.

Defensive driving courses in AL may be offered even if the driver failed to appear for the first court trial date. DMV traffic school may be used to reduce the charges associated with failure to appear, including Contempt of Court, an arrest warrant and an additional fine. 

Insurance Discounts

By taking a defensive driving course insurance discount in Alabama through GoToTrafficSchool, you may be eligible to reduce the monthly costs on your insurance premiums. 

The driving school insurance discount is beneficial for both drivers and insurance companies. DMV defensive driving courses create safe drivers, who are less of a liability for car insurance companies. In turn, the driver will pay less in insurance premiums by demonstrating that he or she is taking the necessary steps to reduce the risk of an accident.

To register for defensive driving school in Alabama for the drivers ed insurance discount, contact your car insurance provider. The insurance reduction course may be available in your county. 

Enroll in an insurance discount course with GoToTrafficSchool and start saving money today.

Remove Points from Alabama Driving Record

Residents have different defensive driving course point reduction options available in Alabama. In addition to state-accepted defensive driving for ticket dismissal, the points associated with the citation may be dismissed through online traffic school courses, as well. 

When using traffic school in Alabama to get rid of a traffic ticket, completion of defensive driver training waives the fine. Point reduction courses, on the other hand, remove the points on a license earned from a traffic infraction. Otherwise, once a driver earns points on a license, the points will remain for two years. Therefore, the best way to get rid of points on a license in Alabama is to take an online traffic school course through a state-accepted provider. You can take this course online through GoToTrafficSchool.

Please note that even when enrolled in the best traffic school in AL, GoToTrafficSchool, points can still accumulate on a license if the driver keeps receiving citations. If a driver earns too many points, defensive driving courses may or may not be used to reinstate a suspended license.

Alabama Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive driving school in Alabama is generally used to further educate drivers about traffic safety. DMV traffic school has plenty of incentives that may address a variety of needs. A driving school certificate demonstrates that the driver has a strong understanding of traffic safety and it even provides some cash benefits. Traffic school cost is a small price to pay considering what a driver can be saving in traffic citations and car insurance premiums.

Alabama drivers choose to take state-accepted defensive driving classes because of the many advantages. Traffic school in Alabama can absolve drivers from small citations that require court hearings.  A driving school insurance discount on monthly premiums is offered by some car insurance companies. In some states, traffic school qualifies as a DMV point reduction course, such courses are accepted by courts to remove points from a driver’s license in the state of Alabama.

There are many affordable traffic school options available statewide. Traffic school locations can be found throughout Alabama. Alternatively, state-accepted online traffic school is available to anyone with a stable internet connection. Whether someone chooses internet traffic school or a traditional classroom setting, the best traffic school and can be found in Alabama. For the fastest online traffic school in Alabama, register online now with GoToTrafficSchool.

Taking an Alabama Defensive Driving Course Online

Online traffic school is a great alternative for people who do not have a lot of free time to attend an in-person class. DMV online traffic schools in AL, like GoToTrafficSchool,  provide its students with the same curriculum taught in a traditional classroom, as given by the Alabama Department of Public Safety. Just as it would be with the in-person traffic course, students will be given a test at the end of the course. The student will receive a driving school certificate of completion if he or she receives a passing score.

The defensive driving course should take about eight hours to complete. In a classroom setting, this is an incredibly long time to be sitting in a traffic class, even with periodic breaks. Even with the fastest online traffic school, it will still likely take this amount of time. However, online traffic school gives the student the advantage of breaking the class up at his or her own convenience. GoToTrafficSchool offers online traffic school courses that can be done at your own time.

To find the best online traffic school in Alabama, it is recommended to contact the Alabama Department of Public Safety, a car insurance company or the court that is in charge of the traffic citation case. There are some online traffic schools that fraudulently claim to be associated with the DPS. Beware of these schemes by only enrolling in accredited classes. 

Are you ready to get to work? Enroll in an Online Alabama Defensive Driving Course Today!

Alabama Defensive Driving Courses Online vs. In Person

A fast online traffic school sounds like a great deal to many people at first. With internet traffic school, there is no having to set aside time to appear in a classroom and the curriculum can be completed at a comfortable pace. However, the truth of the matter is that as convenient as online traffic school may seem, many people cannot handle the lack of structure.

If you think internet traffic school is right for you, enroll now with GTTS.

Dismissing a Traffic Ticket in Alabama

Can defensive driving remove tickets in Alabama? Indeed, defensive driving classes may be used to get rid of minor traffic citations. When drivers demonstrate that they understand the principles of driving safety, Alabama courts recognize that they are likely less of a threat on the road.

The driving safety course for tickets in AL waives the citation and any related fines. Defensive driving classes may also be taken to remove points from a license. Point reduction classes in Alabama can be made available to drivers who verify its acceptance with their traffic court judge.

Defensive driving courses in Alabama may also be used to waive secondary charges related to failure to appear in court for a traffic citation. If a driver does not appear in court on the date on the ticket, he or she may receive additional charges. However, agreeing to enroll in traffic school for speeding tickets or other infractions will cause these new charges and fines to be dropped.

Alabama Defensive Driving Courses Benefits

Defensive driving courses hold a wealth of benefits besides educating the driver about traffic safety. Traffic school in Alabama may be used to take care of minor traffic tickets, and can even erase existing points on a driver’s license. Individuals who complete DMV traffic school may also be rewarded by having their car insurance premiums lowered. 


Going to driving school for ticket removal is a great solution when it comes to small traffic citations. The DMV defensive driving course in Alabama can eliminate the fines associated with a traffic ticket. To achieve this, the student must receive a passing score on the traffic exam. He or she will receive a driving school certificate of completion which must be turned into the judge to remove the traffic citation.

Additionally, the defensive driving course insurance discount is a program in which many car insurance companies participate. By attending traffic classes in AL, an individual can earn a discount on his or her car insurance. This is an incredible incentive considering how being involved in a car accident can raise an insurance premium. With traffic school prices in mind, the driving school insurance discount is sure to save a driver a significant amount of money each year.

Defensive driving point reduction courses in Alabama are especially useful as they can help a driver avoid severe penalties such as a suspended driver’s license for excess point accumulation. Take an online point reduction course to continue to enjoy your driving privileges.  

Save even more money and go to traffic school for less – register with GoToTraffic School today!

What Types of Defensive Driving Courses are Offered in Alabama?

Alabama residents interested in enrolling in defensive driving courses may register for traffic school online with GoToTrafficSchool or in a traditional classroom setting with an instructor. 

Both DMV traffic school types teach the same curriculum: 

  • Basic driver safety
  • Alabama road rules
  • How to drive courteously with other cars on the road

In person and online traffic school in AL both take about eight hours to complete, including a test at the end of the class. A driving school certificate will be given if the student receives a passing score on the exam. This driving school certificate of completion is an official document that can be given to an Alabama court or a car insurance company for benefits. 

State-accepted defensive driving class online is a great way to relearn a few safety rules when on the road. Although internet traffic school may be different from learning from an instructor in a hands on environment, the curriculum and results are the same. Online traffic schools are accepted by the Alabama Department of Public Safety as well as the Department of Motor vehicles, meaning it is no less valid than attending a physical class. When enrolling in an online traffic school course like those on GoToTrafficSchool, you have added benefits like same day processing and taking the course at your own pace.

GoToTrafficSchool offers accredited, DMV endorsed traffic courses in Alabama – register now with GTTS!

Alabama Point System

Many states offer traffic school classes as a means to remove points from a driver’s license. By earning a driving school certificate of completion, drivers are able to remove points from their records. Drivers with a court order can, in fact, take DMV point reduction courses in Alabama. After two years, however, points are automatically dropped from an AL driver’s license, though the violations will remain on record.

The Alabama point system is enforced as follows:

• Two points: speeding no more than 25 mph over the speed limit, making incorrect turn, coasting, operating a vehicle unsafely, not using turn signal

• Three points: Ignoring traffic signs or lights, driving too closely behind another car, ignoring construction zones

• Four or more points: speeding 26 mph or more over the speed limit, driving on the wrong side of the road, driving while under the influence of alcohol, reckless driving, passing stopped school bus

Drivers can take a point reduction course in Alabama to avoid accumulating too many points over a two-year period, which may result in the revocation or suspension of the license:

• 12-14 points: license suspended for 60 days

• 15-17 points: license suspended for 90 days

• 18-20 points: license suspended for 120 days

• 21-23 points: license suspended for 180 days

• 24 points or more: license suspended for one year


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