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Eligibility: If you qualify for a Plea in Abeyance and successfully complete this course, there will be no conviction entered on your driving record. In order to enroll in this course you must meet the following criteria: 1) You have not been cited for more than one class C misdemeanor; 2) You were not involved in an accident; 3) You are not a commercial drivers license holder; 4) You do not have more than one (1) traffic violation on your driving history during the past year; 5) You have not had a Plea in Abeyance in the Kane County Justice Court during the past 2 years; 6) If you were cited for speeding, it was not more than 20 miles over the posted speed limit, except for a school zone where Plea in Abeyance is not offered. Please check with the Kane County Justice Court for additional terms and conditions related to Plea in Abeyance.
Details: The Sevier County Justice Court has APPROVED the course! Please make sure to read the qualification details below before signing up to take this course.
Final Exam: After completing the online course, you must pass a brief final exam with a score of 75%. If you fail the final exam, you will have two (2) re-takes. If you do not pass the final exam after 3 attempts, you will fail the course.
Certificate Delivery: We will submit the original certificate to you. You may select the shipping method for your certificate when you register. If you are unable to complete the course at least 10 days before your due date, then you should choose one of our expedited shipping methods. We will also send you an email confirmation and a page to print upon completion of the course, to retain for your records. You may also order a Student Certificate Copy for your records. Certificates are mailed the same day you finish the course if you finish before 4:00 pm PST. If you finish the course after 4:00 pm, your certificate will be mailed out on the following morning.
This online traffic school can be taken from any home computer with internet access. Once you complete the course, we will process and send out your certificate of completion.