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Eligibility: You are eligible to take this course if you have been ordered and approved to take the course by Hayti Municipal Court. You need to wait 36 months between each time you take a defensive driving course. Even though GoToTrafficSchool.com is a Missouri DOT approved Driver Improvement Program (DIP), not all courts in Missouri accept DIP's, so be sure to check with your court prior to enrolling in this course.
Details: Hayti Municipal Court has APPROVED GoToTrafficSchool.com! However, you should check with Hayti Municipal Court to make sure that online courses is acceptable for your case. Please note that the Hayti Municipal Court requires all online courses to be timed and that they take at least 8 hours to complete After finishing the internet course, you will need to score at least an 80% on the final exam in order to pass.
Final Exam: If you fail the final exam, you will have two (2) re-takes. If you do not pass the final exam after 3 attempts, you will fail the course.
Certificate Delivery: We will send the original certificate (Form 4444) to you. It is your responsibility to deliver Form 4444 to Hayti Municipal Court. You select the shipping method for your certificate when you register. If you are unable to complete the course at least 10 days before your due date, then you should choose one of our expedited shipping methods.
This online traffic school can be taken from any home computer with internet access. Once you complete the course, we will process and send out your certificate of completion.
This online insurance reduction course may qualify you for a safe driver discount. Please check with your insurance agent to make sure that you are eligible for a safe driver discount.