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Walnut Creek Online Traffic School!

Only a few things are as stressful in Walnut Creek as getting a traffic ticket. You will undoubtedly be facing expensive fines, increased insurance premiums, and perhaps losing or having your license suspended. However, try not to worry too much if you are in a tough spot! GoToTrafficSchool.com is here to save the day. If you seek a quick and easy way to take online courses for traffic school, you are in the right place.

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Take an Online Traffic School Walnut Creek Course Today

Why would you wish to choose GoToTrafficSchool.com? Well, for one we have been in business since 1999. That is a decade and a half of time that we have dedicated to creating the fastest and most cost-efficient way to handle tickets. We are also 100% California DMV certified. The entire course is done online so it makes it easier than ever to mask a ticket.

Online Traffic School Walnut Creek Course Eligibility

In most circumstances, you will get some type of notice within a couple of weeks of the violation that informs you of your eligibility for traffic school. According to Rule 4.104, you have to meet the following requirements to attend.

  • Have no more than a single citation in 18 months
  • Your violation must be traffic related
  • Must have been driving your personal vehicle (noncommercial)
  • Have a valid driver’s license

If you have not received any notice and were involved in an infraction, you probably are not eligible. However, even if you are eligible, please consider visiting GoToTrafficSchool.com! You might save yourself a huge deal of money by not paying fees or increased insurance. This means never having to face the Walnut Creek Superior Court.

How Does Our Online Traffic School Walnut Creek Course Work?

The course is 100% online based and licensed by the California DMV and Walnut Creek Superior Court. We are school E#1900. What this means is that everything is done online without you needing to visit any building or classroom. You will be able to access the program immediately. It is available to you in multiple languages, is easy to follow, efficient and guaranteed to help you. After all, we did make sure that we have the best course in the nation for your traffic school related needs! This is a promise that GoToTrafficSchool.com will always stand by.

There will be a few quizzes throughout the exam. These do not count for or against you at all in terms of a final score. However, they are suggested because they can help you ace your final exam! This means they are in place as a learning guide.

The final exam is what this is all about. You need to be sure that you get at least a 70%. You do not have to ace it, but have to get no more than 30% of the exam wrong. If you fail the first one, not to worry! You can take it a second time. This has to be passed, though, or you have to completely re-enroll in the course.

Completion Certificate

Upon passing the final exam either the first or the second time, you will receive your Certificate of Completion! This means that you can use your license number and password to track your certificate. Expedited orders can track where it is until it reaches the receiver, which is a nice way to go. It means you can see exactly where your precious certificate at any given time, right up until it gets to your door.

About Traffic Violation Points

Each time you are involved in a traffic violation you will have points put against your license. This means that eventually with enough points you might have your license revoked. Before this happens, though, you will receive fines, increases in insurance and even suspension of your license. GoToTrafficSchool.com hates to see this happen! This is why our priority is getting that ticket besmirched so you can get back to having a perfect record.


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