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Temecula Online Traffic School!

Receiving a traffic ticket is one of the most stressful things in case of California. This is because it means that your insurance rates would get bumped up and you’ll also need to pay expensive fines. Thankfully, you don’t have to be perturbed for long because Gototrafficschool.com can help you! The website offers the best, quickest and easiest online traffic school Temecula course in California, so be sure to make the most of it!

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Attend Traffic School Temecula via GoToTrafficschool.com

Gototrafficschool.com is one of the most trusted online traffic schools in not just Temecula but California too. Established in the year 1999, the primary objective of this online traffic school is to help the people in California out by teaching them how to deal with the stressful traffic ticket in an affordable and quick manner. There is no boring classroom lectures as it is completely an online traffic school Temecula course. The course teaches you how to mask your ticket while meeting the requirements of the California DMV. What more could you want from a traffic school course?

Eligibility Criteria

If you have committed a traffic offence then the Temecula Superior Court would contact you by sending a courtesy notice informing you of your eligibility to enroll yourself in a traffic-school Temecula. Rule 4.104 of the California Rule of Court states that an individual is eligible if he/she fulfills the following conditions:

  • Should possess a driver’s license that is valid
  • Should drive a vehicle that is not commercial
  • Infraction should be a moving violation
  • Should not have got more than a single notice within a time period of eighteen months

In the event that you do not receive a notice you aren’t eligible to attend the traffic school. However, if you do get such a notice from the court then ignoring such a notice and not attending a traffic school course would only be foolishness on your part because you’ll be exposing yourself to expensive fines and also bumping up your insurance rates!

Online Traffic School Temecula Broken Down — 3 Main Components

Online Courses — Gototrafficschool.com’s online traffic school Temecula course has been given license (school number: E1990) by the California DMV. A computer with internet connectivity is the only prerequisite for this course. The traffic school course is very user-friendly and it is available in a multitude of languages, so you can choose one you’re comfortable with.

Quizzes — Short quizzes are conducted from time to time in order to help the students reinforce what they have learnt. The scores of these quizzes do not contribute to the student’s overall course score, but the quizzes themselves are very useful for preparing for the final exam.

Final examination — It all boils down to this. At least 70% marks should be scored in order to pass the examination and obtain the Certification of Completion approved by the Temecula Superior Court. Each student gets two chances to crack the examination and in case he/she fails in both the attempts then re-enrollment can be taken.

Certificate on Completion of the Course

After learning how to deal with traffic tickets while observing California DMV requirements and passing the examination successfully, you will be awarded a completion certificate from gototrafficschool.com. You can track the status of your delivery by keying in your driver’s license number and a password. There is also an option of expedited delivery service available to students who have passed the final examinations.

Traffic Violations and You

Traffic ticket is not a problem in itself but it causes points to be added to one’s driving record, which only bumps up one’s the premium amounts of one’s insurance. When you get too many points, your driving license would be suspended. The best solution to avoid such dire consequences is to attend Gototrafficschool.com. We can help you make that pesky traffic ticket disappear!


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