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Santa Maria Online Traffic School!

Few things are ever going to be as stressful as getting a ticket in traffic. In Santa Maria, as well as other places, you will have to pay fines and risk increased insurance if this happens. However, is here to help you out if you are seeking an easy and effective online traffic school Santa Maria course to take.

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Why Online Traffic School in Santa Maria?

Why would you choose to go to The reasons are many! We have been in business since 1999 and are one of the most trusted sites in the nation for Santa Maria online traffic school. Our school is extremely quick and cost efficient, as well as a helpful way to fix a ticket. We keep you out of the classroom and only give you an online place to work. This course meets all California DMV requirements for masking a ticket. This is the best option for traffic school Santa Maria.

Traffic School Santa Maria Eligibility

Most of the time you will have received some type of courtesy notice stating you have two weeks to attend an eligible traffic school after a ticket. Rule 4.104 states a person is eligible if he or she has a valid license, is driving a non-commercial vehicle, was involved in a moving violation, and have received no more than a single citation within 18 months. However, keep in mind that if you did not get this notification that you may not be eligible. Be certain that you find out, though, because if you have the option to attend and do not, you risk higher insurance payments and the payment of expensive fines.
How Does the Online Traffic School Santa Maria Course Work?

This is one of the best and licensed traffic school courses in California (School #E1990). It is also completely online so that you never have to worry about going anywhere to get it, or having to pay for any software. You only need to be sure that you have access to the Internet and a computer to do the program on. We make sure that the program is available in multiple languages, is easy to follow, and is extremely user-friendly. If you want an easy to use Santa Maria course, is definitely the best!

You will receive multiple quizzes throughout the course that will reinforce your knowledge in preparation for the final exam. These are not graded. However, the final exam is graded.

The final exam consists of different questions that you must answer with 70% accuracy. You do not have to get 100% or answer everything correctly, but be sure that you understand if you fail this once you can take it one more time. However, if you fail it again, you will have to re-enroll and do everything over again. This is why the quizzes are so important.

Certificate of Completion

Passing your exam means that you are able to get and track your Certificate of Complete via the Santa Maria Superior Court. After you enter your password and driver license number, you will be given the choice to track your certificate or use expedited services. This means that you can track exactly where your certificate is during its journey.

Traffic Points

Any traffic violation that puts points on your license is never good. The penalties for this can range from your insurance going up, to losing your license, or having it suspended. This is why is so great, and why be sure you that you are happy with the services you receive from us. We can help your ticket disappear!


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