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Santa Cruz Online Traffic School!

If there is one thing that is stressful to have to deal with, it is a traffic ticket in Santa Cruz. This problem causes you to have to pay fines, see an increase in insurance, and can lead to you losing your license. Luckily, we at are looking out for your best interests! If you seek a quick and easy way to fix a ticket, we have just the program for you. We also promise the following!

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Convenient Customer Support
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Interactive, Fun, & Fast
  • Same Day Certification
  • Santa Cruz Superior Court and California DMV Approved

Choose Our Online Traffic School Santa Cruz Course!

We have been in business since 1999, giving us a decade and a half of experience. This means that we have spent this time perfecting our service and ensuring that it is the fastest and most cost-efficient way to handle your ticket. We keep you out of any stuffy classroom and 100% online. Our program meets California DMV requirements so you do not have to worry about anything later.

Your Eligibility for the Online Traffic School Santa Cruz Course

You should have under most circumstances received some type of courtesy notice after your violation stating if you are eligible for traffic school. However, if you did not receive this you should assume you are not eligible. Even if you are eligible, please strongly consider so that you do not have to risk your license. You must meet the following to be eligible.

  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Had been driving a personal (noncommercial) vehicle
  • Been involved in a moving violation
  • Have no more than a single citation in 18 months

The Way the Online Traffic School Santa Cruz Course Works

Our course is not only 100% online, it is also Santa Cruz Superior Court certified! Our school is listed as #E1990. This also means the California DMV counts us as reliable. We ensure that you will be put into a course that is safe, user-friendly, easy to understand and follow, and available in multiple languages. This makes certain you have the best possible chance to succeed! You only get this at, and we are happy to help you.

You will face several quizzes during the taking of the exam. While these are not counted against your final grade in any way, please be aware that they are helping to prepare you for the final exam.

The final exam will be your chance to get your Certificate of Completion. You must score a 70% or higher on this exam to pass. Not to worry, though, if you fail the first time. You can take it twice! We know that nerves can get the best of people and we offer you two chances to succeed. You do not even have to get a perfect score!

Certificate of Completion

When you pass the final exam, you will receive your certification! This means that you can log onto the site and check it out with your license number and password. If you signed up for expedited service you can track this along its entire journey until it arrives at your door.

How Traffic Violations Affect You

Every time you are involved in any infraction or violation in traffic, you are going to have points weighed against your license. While one or two points here or there may not seem serious, they are in fact building up. It takes time for them to go away themselves. In the meantime, you risk high insurance rates, excessive fines, and possibly losing your license. Let help you out! We want you to be happy on and off the road, so we give you the chance to remove black marks against your driving record, and making it unnecessary to visit the Santa Cruz Superior Court.


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