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Santa Ana Online Traffic School!

California boasts having the most diverse landscapes, even though it has the largest population in the United States. Here, you will find all sorts of adventures from roaming across the desert to snowboard competitions with your friends. You can also find time on the beach to relax. Having all this in one state is amazing for both the local population and the tourists. The adventure and fun you will get here is unmatched, but you will not like it much when you are on the wrong side of the law having accumulated traffic tickets.

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Why should you opt for our traffic school Santa Ana course? We are one of the most trusted traffic schools online. The classes we offer are quite quick and friendly to your pocket, enabling you to get what is needed to avoid a ticket. Our course operates online on a full-time basis but still holds the Californian DMV requirements stated by law. You will not find an option as good as this one when it comes to online traffic schools.

Santa Ana Traffic School Eligibility

The court will inform you if you will be eligible for such a course two weeks after the case is presented. A courtesy notice is always sent to you concerning this. According to rule 4.104, there are certain pointers that determine if you are eligible for traffic school. These include if you had a license at the time of the offense, if the vehicle you were handling was non-commercial, if the infraction is categorized as a moving violation, and if the number of citations in your name are not more than one over the past 18 months. If you do not get the notice, you probably are not fit to attend. However, if you receive one, you may or may not attend school. If you decide not to attend on receiving the notification, you may risk expensive fines thrown at you and increased premiums on your auto insurance policy.

How Traffic School in Santa Ana Works

This online traffic school Santa Ana course is entirely done through your computer. It is licensed under the California DMV (School #E1990). You are not required to purchase any additional software in the registration process, meaning that anyone with internet access and a computer can take the program. The technicians running it have made it as user-friendly as it possibly can be, and will be available to you in a number of languages. Therefore, anyone in Santa Ana looking for such a program can utilize

Short quizzes will be given to the people who have enrolled as the learning process continues. The quizzes are not meant to be tallied in your final exams but will make you better equipped in sitting for the final exam. For you to pass the final test, you will need a 70% and above. You will be given another opportunity to retake the test if you do not pass the papers on the first attempt. This however, is your last attempt, and if you do not pass this time round, you will have to reapply and be enrolled all over again.

Completion Certificate

After you pass your exams, you will only have to look for your Santa Ana Superior Court approved completion certificate. This is done online as well, and once your license number and your password are correctly entered, your certificate status will be available. If an expedited delivery system will be used, then you can follow the system and you will get your certificate through the process.

Do Points Matter When It Comes to Traffic Violations?

It is not just a bad picture to get a ticket, but with it come the points that you are bound to acquire. They could lead to an increase in the premiums you will be paying on your insurance. Your California license can also be suspended if the points accumulate. This can be avoided effectively by acquiring a certificate.


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