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Palo Alto Online Traffic School!

There aren’t many things that are as stressful as getting a traffic ticket in Palo Alto, California. This is because people are charged expensive fines and their insurance rates increased. However, offers a solution to this problem. If an individual in the state of California wishes to enroll in an online traffic course then this online place is definitely the place to be.

  • Approved by Palo Alto Superior Court
  • Fun, fast and also interactive
  • Favorable customer support
  • Certification is offered on a same day
  • No hidden fees
  • Offers money back guarantee

Why choose

The school has appeared on U.S most trusted online traffic schools since 1999 and hence it is a school you can rely on. The traffic course takes a short time and at the same time it is relatively affordable. The course is fully online while at the same time meets all the California DMV requirements to have a ticket masked and for this reason it is very convenient.

Qualifications for Palo Alto Traffic School

More often than not an individual receives a courtesy notice from within a fortnight from the court in California telling them to attend a traffic school Palo Alto. As by the California rule of law; rule 1.104, a person qualifies for the traffic school if they have a valid driver’s license, if they were not driving a commercial vehicle, if their infringement was not a moving offence. An individual is also eligible if they haven’t received more than one citation within one and a half years. It is important to note that if a person does not receive this court notice they are not eligible to attend. A person who receives this notice can choose not to attend but they face the risk of having their insurance increased and also incur costly fines.

How the Online Palo Alto Traffic School Works

The school is 100% online and is also licensed by California DMV (School #E1990). It does not require any additional software and therefore, any person with internet access can easily do the course. The site is user -friendly and is available in many different languages and therefore it will be easy to follow. Hence if a person is looking for an online traffic school then is the place to be.

To make the course easier, information learnt is re-enforced in form of short quizzes. These quizzes do not count in the student’s final score but the help prepare for the final examination. The pass mark for the final exam is 70% but a student who fails to attain this mark is given a chance to re-take the test. If they fail the re-sit however, they will have to start over with the enrollment into the online course.

The Certificate of Completion

After passing the final examination a person will now be able to trace their certificate of completion that is approved by Palo Alto Supreme Court. After entering their license number and password their certificate status will be available. If an individual wants an accelerated delivery, they may be given a tracking number and they can follow up the rest of the journey.

Effects of Traffic Violations and Points

Traffic tickets as a result of traffic violations lead to addition of points to a driver’s driving record which would lead to addition of their insurance. If these points reach a certain number they will have their California license revoked. All these can be easily averted by taking an online traffic school Palo Alto course at


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