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Lancaster Online Traffic School!

If you receive a traffic ticket while driving at Lancaster roads, it can have many harmful consequences. For a first, you will be made to pay a costly fine; then if you get too many of these tickets, you stand the risk of getting your license suspended, or even cancelled; lastly those violation tickets will mean that you will made to pay higher insurance premiums in the future. However, all that can be avoided if you choose to join an online traffic school Lancaster course, completing which will help you mask your ticket.

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Well, since we have been offering this particular online traffic school course way back from 1999, and it is one of the most popular 100% online courses that you are going to find. The course is entirely online, which means no classroom lessons. You can pursue the entire course right from your own home. Our course also meets all California DMV requirements and once you successfully complete the course, you will get rid of that ticket.

Your Eligibility for Attending a Course

If you receive a court notice within two weeks of getting a ticket, it will mean that you are eligible to attend a traffic school course that will help you mask the ticket. Those with no former violation in the last 18 months and with a valid license will pass as eligible as long as they were driving a non-commercial vehicle. If you do not receive a notice, it will mean that you are not eligible to attend any such course.

How Lancaster Online Traffic School Works

The course we offer at is 100% online and as long as you have internet access and a computer, you can start taking the course. There are no additional costs in way of special software, etc., and the course is also offered in multiple languages.

During the course of the lessons, we arrange for a number of quizzes. Good scores in the quizzes will prepare you well for your final examination. At the end of the course, you will be required to sit for a final examination. In order to pass the exam, you will have to score at least 70% of the total marks. If you fail to secure that mark, you will be given another chance to clear the exam. Failing the second attempt will mean that you will have to begin the course again from scratch.

Certificate of Completion

Certification of completion is issued on the very day the court receives the proof of your successful completion of the course. If you request a mail delivery for your certificate, you can also track your certificate from the official website of the court. You can log in to the website by entering your driver license number and your password.

How Lancaster Traffic Violations Affect You

All the traffic tickets you get enter your permanent driving record unless you do something to mask them. As we have already mentioned, this can have many harmful consequences such as expensive fines, higher insurance rates, etc. So, if you get a traffic violation ticket, never ignore it. What you need to do is to make that ticket disappear and one of the easiest and most convenient ways to do so would be to join our online traffic school Lancaster course at


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