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Fontana Online Traffic School!

There are only a few things that can stress someone out as much in California as a traffic ticket. You are going to face possible fines that are costly, increased insurance premiums, and possibly getting your licensed revoked or suspended. However, please do not worry. Here at we understand the rules of the California DMV. This means we can help you settle your ticket with the Fontana Superior Court easily and quickly.

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Take An Online Traffic School Fontana Course!

Why would you desire to go to Well, we have been in business since 1999! This means that we have one of the most trusted sites for those wishing to take online traffic school classes. We ensure that you have the most cost-efficient and quickest course. We also want you to know it is 100% online so that you never have to deal with any travelling. This also ensures you meet all of the California DMV requirements.

Your Eligibility For An Online Traffic School Fontana Course

Most of the time you will have received some type of notice from the court stating whether you are eligible for traffic school. If you understand rule 4.104, you know that you have to have a valid driver’s license, been involved in a moving violation, have no more than a single citation within 18 months, and were driving a non-commercial vehicle. If you did not receive any notice and were involved in traffic problems, you are probably not eligible. You do not have to attend if you are eligible, but it does help you a lot when it comes to paying fines and seeing increased insurance.

How The Online Traffic School Fontana Course Works.

You need to understand that our courses are 100% online and licensed by the California DMV. You will never have to worry about downloading or purchasing additional software, nor will you need to travel. You simply need to have access to the Internet and a computer in which to take the test. We promise you that our course is user-friendly, comes in multiple languages, and is easy to follow! This means that is your best choice.

The quizzes that you will see throughout the course are not going to be graded. However, they are going to help ensure that you get the best score possible at the end of the exam. This is why you should focus on them and ensure you know everything.

The final for this exam is going to be a bit tougher. You have to be certain that you get at least a 70% on this course. The reason for this is that if you get anything lower you will fail. You do not need a perfect score. However, if you fail the first test you can take one more. Passing this is important! This is because if you fail twice you will have to re-enroll in the entire program.

Certificate of Completion

This means that you passed the course! If you got this far in the program, you will only need your password and license number. This allows you access to your certificate in order to track it. Expedited services are available for faster shipping. This certificate is California and Fontana Superior Court approved.

Traffic Violations and You

Any time you are involved in a traffic problem you will be faced with possibly losing points. This causes you to have to pay fines, see increased insurance, or lose or have your license revoked. We at want to be sure this never happens! This is why we offer these great courses for you to take in hopes that we can wipe that black mark off your record.


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