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Downey Online Traffic School!

Getting a traffic ticket while enjoying the great California atmosphere really throws a dark cloud over the sunshine. Instead of laughing and enjoying yourself, now you have to think about paying fines, and paying more for your car insurance. Well, don’t panic just yet. You still have to help you out. If you are in the market for a quick and easy online traffic school in California, approved by the Downey Superior Court, then you have found it!

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  • Iron-Clad Guaranteed Money-Back
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Take Your Traffic School in Downey on!

There is good reason to select for your online traffic school Downey course needs. We have become among the most trusted of any traffic school online class. We have put a lot of time and effort into this traffic school, and have since 1999. We wanted to provide you with the quickest and easiest way, as well as the most cost-efficient way, to handle your traffic ticket needs. You will not need to get dressed and get a ride down to any brick-and-mortar type building, you can take this class at home in your pajamas. And you will still meet every last requirement of the California DMV. There has never been such an offer as the online traffic school Downey course.

Downey Traffic School Laws & Eligibility Requirements

What happens most of the time is that you’ll receive what they call a ‘courtesy notice’ within a couple of weeks of enrollment, from the California DMV in your mail, regarding your eligibility for the online traffic school Downey course. California has a Rule of Court (rule 4.104) that states these following eligibility requirements must be met:

  • You Cannot Have Had Any Additional Violations in The Past 18 Months
  • The Vehicle in Which You Got Your Ticket Must be a Non-Commercial Vehicle
  • Your Violation Must Have Been a ‘Moving Violation’
  • You Must Possess a Current Valid Driver’s License

Remember that if you didn’t receive the courtesy notice, then you were probably deemed as ineligible. However, if you DID receive one, then the choice is still up to you. This IS NOT Mandatory. However, should you choose the option to not take the course, then you will be risking paying heavy fines, along with seeing an increase in your car insurance. It is so much easier just to take this course.

How The Downey Online Traffic School Works

Online Course - This traffic school is California DMV licensed (School#E1990), and also totally 100% done online. You won’t incur any additional fees or have a need to purchase any additional software. Anyone with a home computer and access to the Internet will be able to take this course immediately. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our course is among the most user-friendly online courses ever. It is very easy to follow, and we’ve put it out in several different languages as well. Anyone searching for an online traffic school in the state of California, cannot do any better than, we are the best thing going.

Quizzes - Throughout the entire course, in strategic spots, there will short little quizzes about what you have learned. These are not for grading or counting against you, but to help reinforce the right information so you have a better chance of passing the final exam.

Final Exam - This is what it’s all about, you final examination. It only takes a 70% to pass, which should be a cakewalk after the quizzes and the strategic design of our program helps you get to this point. Even if you should fail, no need for going into a panic. You will still be allowed to re-take it once more. We make it really hard for anybody to leave without passing. However, if you fail it the second time, then you are back to square one, and will have to go through the entire enrollment process again.

Certificate of Completion

Once you’ve passed your final exam you’ll be able to start tracking your Downey Superior Court Approved (and well earned) Certificate of Completion. You simply type in your driver’s license # and then your chosen password. Then you will be able to check on the status of your Certificate, and watch it as it continues all the way through the process.

Points And Traffic Violations Affect You

Getting the traffic ticket is more than just a bummer. It also leads to having points against your record. These points lead to increased insurance premiums, and if you rack up enough of them, you could even have your license suspended. The good news is that you have the power to avoid it all, by taking this simple online course at and take care of it. Why put it off? Get registered today!


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