Missouri Traffic Laws. Odds are, if you're looking for information about Missouri Traffic Laws, then you just got a Missouri speeding ticket. Here's the rundown on Missouri Traffic Laws to help you figure out your next step. First, there are a lot of Missouri Traffic Laws, so we'll cover the basics. If you need more information on Missouri Traffic Laws, head to the Missouri DMV website, where you can find a complete list of Missouri Traffic Laws, from DUI penalties to driving without a license. So here goes: if you're convicted of a moving violation, you'll receive a ticket and points on your Missouri license. The number of points depends on the infraction. For example, in Missouri, excessive speeding will land you 2 points, whereas failure to produce mandatory liability insurance will cost you 4. Driving while Intoxicated is a whopping 8 point offensive, and driving while under suspension is even more--12 points! Those Missouri Traffic Laws are not to be trifled with! So if you've received a ticket, why not take a driver education course with us? We can help you avoid unnecessary points on your Missouri license and keep you on the road. Just slow down, okay? Because Missouri Traffic Laws are tough.