The Florida DMV, otherwise known as the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle, is the place to go if you need to get a Florida driver license for your vehicle or photo identification purposes. You can also register and title your vehicle at the Florida DMV. That includes automobiles, mobile homes, and even boats! In the end, you can pretty much assume that the Florida DMV takes care of anything transportation related, including highway safety and security, drivers education courses in Florida, and forms forms forms. That's right. You can renew your Florida driver license at the Florida DMV or get a Florida identification card. The Florida DMV runs a traffic school completion check, so if you choose to take a driver education course with us, that'll show up on your record at the good ol' Florida DMV. And if you've gotten any points on your Florida license recently, you'll want to take a driver education course or attend traffic school ASAP. Why? Because the Florida DMV also keeps a record of all of your traffic violations, and as those points add up, it'll cost you!