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About The Final Exam

After you complete all of the chapters, you will take a final exam based on the material you have read.

Traffic School Final Exam requirements vary between states. Check your state below to see its final exam requirements and other information.

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Traffic School Frequently Asked Questions

Is the auto insurance reduction class that offers over the internet very costly?
Not at all!  Although the prices of our defensive driving classes fluctuate depending on which state you live in, we guarantee the lowest prices in our industry.  If you can find a competitor in your state which offers a less expensive price than, just let us know and we will beat that price!
What are the steps involved for taking driver improvement through ?
The two (2) basic types of defensive driving classes that offers are ticket dismissal and insurance reduction.  Simply register on's website and select the course that you wish to take.  Since's classes are offered online, you can take your course on any computer with internet access.  Your work is saved as you move through the course|, so you are free to stop as often as you need to and start up again later (even on a different day) right from where you left off.'s internet point reduction courses are split up into different chapters, with each chapter concluding with a brief summary quiz.  Although these quizzes will not affect the outcome of your final course grade, they will greatly help you prepare for the final exam you will need to take (and pass) at the end of the course. 

After you have passed the final exam, will send your certificate of completion to you by regular mail or, for an additional fee, by Fed-Ex 3rd, 2nd, or Overnight Delivery.
Can I take the defensive driving or traffic school or ticket dismissal or driver improvement course that offers online one part at a time, or do I have to take it all in one fell swoop?
It's your choice!  You can take the whole defensive driving or ticket dismissal or point reduction internet course all at once|in one sitting|in one fell swoop} or you can break it up and do a part of it each day.  Your completed work is automatically saved with so you can just resume working right from where you left off!
How do I know if's online ticket dismissal class will be accepted where I reside?
During registration with, you will be asked to select the state that you {need to take|want to register for defensive driving. will then give you the details you need regarding approval and other relevant information.  If you are still uncertain, you may contact the local traffic court which is handling your case and ask if's class will suffice for getting your ticket dismissed.
Is my citation eligible for dismissal?

It depends on where you received your citation, if and when you have had previous traffic tickets thrown out, and the nature of the traffic violation itself.

When you sign up to take the online defensive driving course offered by, you will be provided with detailed information regarding eligibility/approval for the particular internet point reduction course you wish to take.  To confirm your eligibility however, you may want to contact the local court which is overseeing your case to see if your ticket can be wiped out by enrolling in our internet driver safety course.  That way you will know with certainty.

Please also be aware that major traffic violations could stay on your driving record forever, whether or not you take a defensive driving class.  Such violations may include, but are not limited to, causing an accident in which someone is killed, or leading law enforcement officers on a high-speed chase. 

Do I HAVE to take defensive driving in a classroom? Couldn't I just take it from home with's online course?
Yes, possibly.'s internet traffic school class may be taken in place of a traditional classroom course, but you will need to call your local traffic court to see if's online program is approved in your jurisdiction for ticket dismissal purposes. 

If you are wanting to have your auto insurance reduced, please ask your local auto insurance agent if's internet defensive driving course would suffice.
Could I take's online defensive driving class to have more than one (1) traffic ticket removed?
No.  Except in extremely unusual cases, traffic courts will only permit you to have one (1) ticket removed from your driving record by taking's online defensive driving course.  That's assuming that you haven't had any other tickets dismissed recently.  Most of the states only permit one (1) ticket to be thrown out every 12, 18, or 24 months (and in some states, it's even longer). 

If you have questions about whether any of your recent traffic tickets are eligible for dismissal, you probably should contact the local traffic court which is handling your case to see which, if any, of your recent traffic tickets can be taken off your driving record.
What form of ID will accept? Or do you not require identity verification? will require you to verify your identity only if your local traffic court which is handling your case requires it.  When you register to take's internet defensive driving course, we will let you know if your court requires identity verification.  If so, your court may want you to submit to a limited credit check.  This would only be to verify that you are in fact the person taking's internet driver safety course.
Do I HAVE to have internet access to take a auto insurance reduction class?
If you do not have online access, can offer you several alternative format options.  We offer DVD or workbook or our streaming video formats when you take the auto insurance reduction class.
Does's internet defensive driving course expire really soon?
Most of's internet defensive driving courses do expire, but not until after 180 days after signing up. will send you reminder notices via email if your internet course has been inactive for an extended period of time.