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Napa Online Traffic School!

Not many twists and turns in life can kick it out of gear quite like a Napa traffic citation. Besides big fines and beefed up insurance costs, there are many hidden costs to bear such as lost wages for missing work to attend court and even legal fees. Fortunately though, you may be at ease because has come to the rescue. If you want to finish traffic school Napa fast and hassle free, be advised that you have finally arrived!

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Complete Traffic School Napa on

What places us above many other competitor platforms? For starters, we have consistently ranked among the most reputable U.S. traffic schools online since 1999. On top of that, we have ample resources to expedite favorable disposition of your Napa Superior Court traffic case. We believe in e-learning as the best way to facilitate fulfillment of California DMV citation masking rules. Thus, you get best of all possible worlds at most convenient pace instead of fixed physical place and time.

Napa Superior Court Traffic School Eligibility Rules

The Napa Superior Court Clerk usually mails notices to motorists eligible for California traffic school no later than 14 days after citation issuance. Pursuant to Court Rule 4.104, eligibility requires:

  • A valid DL
  • Moving violation during non-commercial vehicle operation
  • Maximum of one (1) prior citation during previous 18 months.

Failure to receive a notice most likely means non-eligibility, while receipt does not mean mandatory enrollment. Non-attendance if eligible, however, is de fact default acceptance of stiff fines and insurance premiums!

How An Online Traffic School Napa Course Operates

Web-Based Classes: All instruction is delivered via the Internet and has full approval as California DMV Licensee #E1990. No extra software is necessary and you may login immediately after registration with a regular browser. We took great pains to ensure easy navigation and multilingual capability to guarantee students of every nationality a good education at

Mini-Exams: You will complete brief practice tests periodically to sink new facts deep into your memory. Low scores do not hurt your final grade but can be of great help on the final exam command performance!

Final Exam: It’s the big one. You must achieve a minimum of 70 percent in order to pass and receive your certificate of completion. If you fall a bit short of that mark the first time around, do not despair or get discouraged. gives everyone a second chance by a free retake of the final exam. A third bite at the apple requires a prerequisite, however. You must register again and start at square one in our online traffic school Napa course.

Certificate of Completion

Final exam passage provides free access into a secure portal to track status of your California DMV and Napa Superior Court approved Traffic School Completion Certificate. Your complimentary entry is gained with a few keystrokes that correspond to your CA driver’s license number and unique password. Within a few seconds, your screen display fills with pertinent data that conveys all details about most recent stage in processing of your Certificate.

Impact of Traffic Citation Points

Accumulating excessive infractions can result in suspension of your California driver’s license. However, is a great equalizer to level the playing field by eliminating points before they build up beyond a point of no return. Do not delay another nanosecond. Enroll in our online traffic school Napa today!


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